iPhone 5 May Look Like It’s Predecessors

iPhone 5 May Look Like It's Predecessors
via: BGR

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A few weeks ago, rumors were circulating that the iPhone 5 would be made from liquid metal. Now we have a new report that the phone will feature a SIM tray that looks similar to it’s predecessors. Parts vendor website recently listed a “Replacement Sim Card Tray Holder Slot For Apple iPhone 5” and it looks a lot like the SIM trays for iPhone 4 and 4s with only a few key differences. The new card holder indicates the future model may have a flat edge instead of a tapered one and a little more space for the actual card.

At press time, no rumors have been confirmed nor has Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook made an official announcement regarding the iPhone 5.  It is still speculated that the phone will debut in October.

This news may disappoint some Apple fans who were hoping for an iPhone with a liquid metal case.

Killian Bell from Cult of Mac suggested in a recent article that the new device might not feature a miniature nano-SIM card after all. Such a SIM card would allow rival smartphone makers free licensing if their standards were accepted. Currently, they’re trying to reach a compromise with Nokia that meets the standards of the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

While this new product indicates a real possibility of what we could expect from the iPhone 5, we won’t know the real deal until we hear more about it from a reliable source. Next month, Apple will hold their Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Although the main reason for the conference is to talk about the future plans for iOS and OS X systems, we’re hoping Tim Cook will provide more information about what we can expect from iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

For now, we can only speculate the future of  iPhone 5.