Facebook Now Lets You Register As An Organ Donor

Facebook Now Lets You Register As An Organ Donor

Facebook has introduced a new feature which can save lives. Yes, you read it right. Now you can register as an organ donor from your Facebook Timeline. You must have noted the “life event” tab in Timeline, which we all rarely use. These life events are related work, education, relationships, home, health, travel and experiences but now one more option is added to life events and that is “Organ Donor”.

Let’s see in detail how to add organ donor status to Facebook Timeline.

  1. From the Timeline, click on Life Event and then on Health & Wellness.
    Facebook Now Lets You Register As An Organ Donor
  2. The first option is the Organ Donor. Click on it.
  3. You can now add what state or province you belong to, the date when you have registered and also your story behind it. This story is added to the life event so that your friends can read it.

If you are not registered as an organ donor, then you can click on the link that says “sign up here with appropriate registry” and then sign up. This app Donate Life America can help you register as a donor but before doing that, you need to select your location.

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This way you can add your organ donor status to your Facebook Timeline. Let the world know that you are proud to be a donor and save lives of others in need.

Note: This option to register as an organ donor is slowly being rolled out. You may need to wait for sometime before following this method.

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