Google Now Informs Why Gmail Messages End Up In Spam Folder

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) offers a feature rich mail app that works great. It has changed the way how we manage emails and it has fully evolved at this stage. One thing that Gmail excels in is that it does a pretty good job at separating legit emails (messages) from the spam messages.

Gmail also offers a button using which we can report the message as spam. The next time the same sender sends a message, it will end up in spam folder. Vice versa if you’re checking spam folder and found a useful message there, you can click on “Not spam” button but this situation would be in very rare cases.

Google has announced that from today onwards, users will start seeing a short explanation on each spam message with the reason why that message is in spam folder. This message will be displayed at the top of each spam message that you receive. Users can learn about potentially harmful content within the message.

Google Now Informs Why Gmail Messages End Up In Spam Folder

From a user point of view, this message would be very useful as now we can know the reason why some email messages are been sent to spam box and not in the inbox. But email marketers and those running an email campaign regularly can also get an idea by sending the email to a selected few persons before mass mailing. If by chance the message is in spam folder of the user, then they can read that message and can take preventive steps to ensure that the message ends up in inbox and not in spam folder.

If you want to test this out, then take a look at your spam folder in your Google mail and you’ll see a nice little red bar displaying warning about that message with a link to read more. No doubt this is a useful addition to Gmail.