Google Inc (GOOG) Gets Sued Because Of Google Street View Picture

Google Inc (GOOG) Gets Sued Because Of Google Street View Picture

Remember Google being pointed at because of their new privacy policy? Well this time they have a little trouble because of the Google Street View.

While Google Street View helps people to find their way in a certain place with panoramic views and high quality pictures.  Google Inc. (GOOG) updates Google Street View often adding new locations.

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But the people caught on Street View are not always happy with this service, even though their faces are blurred from the pictures. This time a French man is suing Google, because of what he considers invasion of privacy. The man was captured by Google Street View, urinating outside his house in the Maine-et-Loire region in northwestern France. His face was blurred on the picture but, the people on the village is still able recognize him, making him uncomfortable. He claims that the gate of his property was closed.

The man is looking for 10,000 euros in damages, because Google violated his privacy, in his own house, he also want the photo to be removed by Google from Google Street view, this according to Ouest France.

The court in Angers, France in charge of the Street View urination complaint, due date to rule on March 15th.

This is not the first occasion that Google has been sued because of Google Street View, in 2009 a couple in Pittsburgh sued Google for invasion of privacy, because Google acted negligently and trespassed their property, but the case was dismissed.

The French man picture isn’t the only “funny” or “embarrassing” picture on the Google Map’s feature. In 2009 there were other claims in different parts of the world, on pictures like the man emerging from a Soho sex shop and another being sick on the pavement outside an east London pub, or couples kissing, etc.

Google hasn’t declared anything about it.  In two weeks, we’ll see what the result of the complaint is.