Goldman Sachs P.R. Chief’s Interview That He May Have Not Wanted To Go Public

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Backlight-director Alexander Oey speaks Lucas van Praag, Head of Communications at Goldman Sachs. The interview lasts 37 minutes.


In this section include: The currency swaps with Greece, the risk of such transactions, investments in the future.


This section of interview include: The risk of derivatives, the call for regulation, why is GoldmanSachs ‘bogeyman’ of the economic world? And: should investment banks as “too big to fail”?


This section of interview include: What interest does a bank like Goldman Sachs to market regulation? Has the post-war market deregulation led to instability? And: the prelude to the crisis and the current bubble.


This section of interview include: The business ‘culture of greed’ and how this is to reduce, the ‘conflict of interest’ by Goldman Sachs to act against interests of customers (such as during the hearing in Congress was suggested), the Greek ruin.


This section of interview include: The future – how can the banking sector be more stable and less risky? According to Van Praag, over-regulation, however, cause the next economic bubble.

The description of the videos are translated through Google translator.

via: DealBook NYTimes

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