Julian Robertson ‘If Obama Had Been Romney’s VP For Two Terms He’d Make A Really Good President’ and on Why Hedge Funds are Failing

Hedge fund heavyweight Julian Robertson, the founder of Tiger Management Co., told CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning that the industry will always be challenging. “It’s a tough business to be in and it always will be,” he said.

The retired hedge fund manager, who employed, mentored and seeded a bunch of “Tiger Cubs,” added the business will only get tougher as more funds form.

“Romney of all the people I’ve ever met is intellectually, morally and physically fit to be president more than anybody I’ve ever known.”
“I’m crushed about the remark the other day.”
“They may hate one-percenters, but he’s the one one-percenter we’d be darn lucky to have running the country.”
“”I think with the problems that we have, if we had someone like Romney we could solve.”
“I think they are management illiterates.  How can this man be expected to fix this country?  he’s never managed anything before.”
“I think if Obama had been Romney’s Vice President for two terms he’d make a really good president.”
The overriding aspect of the markets right now is the ability of central bankers to print money, says Julian Robertson, Tiger Global Management. He offers advice for buying the best companies and shorting the worst.

Insight on why printing money is not the way to solve global debt problems, according to Julian Robertson, Tiger Global Management, who says Mitt Romney has the right economic plan to lead the nation.

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