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    Sunday Link-Fest

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    The vast majority of ValueWalk readers, believe that Ted Weschler will do a good job at Berkshire Hathaway

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    SumZero weekly idea: ITT Corporation (ITT) – Long   If you want access to the 3500+ investment write-ups (and match the criteria listed here) email me, jacob(at)sumzero.com

    This article is very interesting and thought provoking (although I do not agree with all the author’s conclusions), and the article of the week Violence Vanquished. The author of this article is releasing a book titled “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined“, I contacted press department to get a copy and if not plan to but it and write a book review on it.
    The fall of FrontPoint Partners [AR+Alpha]

    Pandora is worth $0 per share; iTunes Genius + iCloud = Pandora Alternative

    This Investment Pays Off 100:1 – The Thesis is Sound, but is the Timing Right?

    Harvard endowment rises 21% on hedge fund gains [Bloomberg]

    Think Twice Before You Buy on the Dips

    Quick Concise Comments on 20 Stocks

    Roger Lowenstein on what the crackdown on insider trading means for investors, hedge funds and the market.  (NYTimes)

    Bruce Berkowitz Sold Portion Of St. Joe Due To Redemptions

    Scientists turning into quants is not a new phemenon.  (Magic Maths Money via @moneyscience)

    How the Boston Red Sox have put into action the lessons of Moneyball.  (SI)

    What does war mean when it is fought by robots?  (New York Review of Books)

    Earning Power: Return On Something

    Redacted Version of the September 2011 FOMC Statement

    Value Investing Paradox – Ben Graham Vs. Joel Greenblatt

    Please Sell Your Treasury Bonds, China

    Why Best Buy Is A Better Purchase Than Amazon

    Advice to a Friend, Again

    Canada’s real estate bubble

    Value investors are buying: Running their high cash balances down but they are also being selective

    Interview with Ron Baron

    Utica Shale Worth Half a Trillion Dollars – CHK CEO

    Whitney Tilson On Netflix’s Fiasco

    The War for Good Jobs

    200 Trillion Feet of Shale Gas Found in England ?

    Mr. Market Bullying Investors

    Marc Faber – Stocks Signal Something Awfully Wrong with Global Economy

    Berkshire Hathaway Is Now At Its Lowest Valuation In Decades

    Sam Zell, an investor who thinks like a businessman

    Magical Growth through Manufacturing Decline

    EU May Speed Permanent Fund to Stem Crisis

    Chipotle’s Ells Was Inspired by Thailand Noodle Binge

    Geithner Urges End to European ‘Cascading Default’ Threat

    Emergence of Eastern Cities

    Tandy Not So Dandy

    Putin to Run for President, Medvedev May Be Premier

    Yahoo Getting Inquiries From ‘Multiple Parties’

    Portfolio Update

    Silver Drops 18%, Worst in Decades

    Dow Falls Most Since October 2008

    Commodities Fall to Nine-Month Low

    Speedy Particles Put Einstein to the Test

    The Day Steve Jobs Saved Apple

    Violence Vanquished

    World Oil Use Seen Surging 27% by 2035

    Thrifty screen is Piotroski with a tangible twist

    10 Ways to Improve Your Investment Process – #9. Be Patient

    A CEO-pay makeover at Helen of Troy…

    Micro Cap Value with annual improving financials and negative one year price returns

    Small Factories Take Root in Africa

    10 Ways to Improve Your Investment Process – #10. Continuously Improve

    Wanting a half-full glass from Lockheed Martin…

    Lone Pine Capital Says Euro is Doomed & China’s Debt Will Lead to a Crisis

    HP: Evaluating Meg Whitman’s Track Record

    Are ETFs the next big financial scandal?

    Merger Arbitrage Mondays – September 19, 2011

    Tyco Does It Again

    It’s peachy at State Bank & Trust, y’all.