Warren Buffett on TARP, Economy And Stocks

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Warren Buffett was on Cnbc recently talking to his favorite anchor Becky Quick. I was able to locate two videos of the interview on the internet.

The first video talks about the positive role Government played with the passage of TARP. Buffett joked that if it was not for TARP he would be spending thanksgiving at McDonalds. Buffett believes if it was not for the Government’s passage of TARP there would have been a domino effect which would have destroyed our entire financial system. I was a very big supporter of TARP (but that is for a different article) and agree with Buffett strongly regarding TARP.

In the second video Warren Buffett talks more about the economy, reducing the deficit and the recent proposal to cut the deficit. Buffett explains why he prefers stocks over bonds. I mostly agree and think people buying long term treasuries now will get absolutely crushed. Long term treasuries now offer potential limited upside and massive downside.

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