Quantitative Easing II – Very Funny

Quantitative Easing II – Very Funny

I usually do not post satirical videos of economic issues as told by animated animals in computer enhanced voices, but this is a really funny one trashing QEII. Even if you are pro QEII you will still find this very funny I have no doubt.

Just to make this balanced I will post a response video below which is pro QEII, although the first video is much funnier IMHO.


Long Thesis For Exro Technologies

Exro Electrified Mobility 2There's been a mad dash to find the next Tesla in recent years, with billions of dollars being poured into electric vehicle companies. Components have received less attention than complete vehicles, but one ValueWalk subscriber found a component maker he believes would be a good investment. During a recent webinar, subscriber David Schneider shared his Read More

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