The Higher Education Bubble

universityYou have heard of the tech bubble, gold bubble, oil bubble, china bubble real estate bubble etc. What about the higher education bubble? Some investors are suggesting this could be the next big bubble. At a recent Hedge Fund conference called the Ira Sohn Conference, Steven Eisman made this case. Steve Eisman, the outspoken investor whose huge wager against the subprime mortgage market was chronicled by author Michael Lewis in his bestselling book The Big Short, has set sights on a new target: for-profit colleges. Eisman demonstrated a very impressive argument for his case; full of slide shows and data. There is a way to profit from this coming disaster. See Eisman’s presentation below.

Below is the presentation in scribd format. For best viewing view in Fullscreen, and click on the zoomin button.

Eisman-Ira Sohn Conference Slides and Speech-5!26!10