Several Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Videos


warren buffettSeveral CEOs of companies owned by Berkshire Hathaway speak about their businesses. The businesses include Clayton Homes, Dairy Queens, Shaw Industries, and Acme Brick. I will be posting more videos related to the Berkshire Hathaway meeting in the coming day or two.

I also hope to be posting my monthly market valuation article tomorrow. I will also be posting in the next few days an interesting article on a small cap tele-comm value company. It will likely be published on the Wall Street Journal Blog site. Stay tuned!

Watch below for the videos.

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Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton on the how the company is reviving business post recession.

Watch the latest business video at Dairy Queen CEO John Gainor on the new blizzard size and how the company is expanding oversees. Watch the latest business video at

Shaw Industries Vance Bell CEO on why the carpet company is diversifying into hardwood and Astroturf to remain successful during the recession.

Watch the latest business video at Acme Brick CEO Dennis Knautz on the state of the nation’s housing market and future demand. Watch the latest business video at

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