Video: Famous Author Roger Lowenstein Discusses Pension Debts

Video: Famous Author Roger Lowenstein Discusses Pension Debts

I just finished reading Roger Lowenstein’s excellent book While America Aged by Roger Lowenstein. I plan on posting a book review shortly.

As a primer for the book review I thought readers might enjoy this 1hr video where Roger Lowenstein discusses the book. Lowenstein basically goes through the entire book which discusses the pension debt problems of the auto industry, New York City and San Diego. Lowenstein states in the video that he picked New York and San Diego which are at opposite ends of the country to show that pension debts are nationwide problem.

I will save my commentary for the book review.

Enjoy the video.

As I will mention in my book review pension debts are a problem we are facing as a nation as a whole. In addition, many companies have underfunded pensions which investors should be on alert for.

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