Reminders Come To Google Calendar On Desktop

Reminders Come To Google Calendar On Desktop

Google introduced a new feature on Tuesday for users of Google Calendar allowing them to add reminders from their desktop browsers and follow them around to other Google services. This means that from now on, users will be able to set reminders in other services such as Google Now, Keep and Inbox.

Google makes Reminders more useful

The purpose of reminders is to make sure people do not forget any crucial activity to be done on a particular date and time, and they will follow users around the top of their calendar until completed. This new feature was first added to the Google Calendar mobile apps last year, and now it is making an appearance on desktop as well.

The feature is good for marking down something like “visit the dentist” and then having that reminder follow you across other Google services that you use and on all devices, be it computers, smartphones or tablets. It is possible that more users will be drawn into using the feature.

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“With Reminders alongside your events on the web, Android and iPhone, you now have a single way to manage your day,” read a blog post from the company.

In December, the search giant launched the Reminders feature for the Calendar apps for iOS and Android. At that time, it noted that it was possible for users to keep track of their to-do lists across all of Google’s platforms, including Inbox, Keep, Now, and Calendar.

How the feature will behave now

How the Reminders work on the web has been answered in detail in the breakdown the search giant has provided. The working of the app, which essentially mirrors the working of the feature on mobile devices, is detailed below:

Reminders stick around – the reminder will continue to appear at the top of a user’s calendar if it isn’t completed; Reminders work across Google – reminders that users create in Inbox, Keep, and the app will also show up in the Calendar; Reminders sync with mobile – reminders created on mobile devices show up on the web and vice versa, thus making it possible for users to track reminders from anywhere.

Google’s reminders service has many competitors, including Microsoft-owned Wunderlist and Outlook and Apple’s Reminders app on the Mac and iOS. This new addition holds a lot of importance for Google’s competitive chances against Microsoft Outlook since the latter has built-in support for reminders alongside users’ calendar and email information.

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