10 Simple Ways To Save Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 Simple Ways To Save Money [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trying to cut costs? Here are 10 simple tips that can shave a surprising amount off of your spending.

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Not all of these are an option for everyone. Many people live too far away from work to walk. In that case, see if public transportation is a cheaper option.

Here Are Bill Ackman’s Favorite Hedge Funds

Bill AckmanMany of the most well-known hedge fund managers in the world engage in philanthropy, and in doing so, they often reveal their favorite hedge funds through a review of their foundation's public filings. Bill Ackman's Pershing Square Foundation invested in several hedge funds during the fiscal years that ended in September 2019 and September 2020.

Similarly, “turn electrical goods at the plug” is a phrase that might not make sense to most Americans, but in the UK there is a little on/off switch for every outlet. In the same vein, actually powering down things like TVs and games consoles rather than leaving them in standby mode can save you money on your energy bill over the course of the year.

Collecting coins is fun and smart. Emptying your coin purse or pocket into a bucket/cup/jar/pig every evening feels quite satisfying. You can even get a jar with a money counter in the lid that you insert coins through, so you know how much you have without dumping it out and counting it by hand.

When did we start keeping money in porcine porcelain, anyway? Where does the “piggy bank” come from? Hop over to our 10 Fun Facts about Money infographic to find out!

10 Simple Ways To Save Money

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