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Prisma For iPhone Now Works Offline

Prisma, the wildly-popular photo manipulation application, uses neural networks to regenerate users’ otherwise banal photos into the styles of famous artists and paintings. However, using the application has, until now, come with a bit of a catch. Making photos with […]


Apple’s New MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors

As it stands the upcoming arrival of the iPhone 7 is garnering most of the Apple-related attention, but there are also rumblings of a new MacBook Pro in the pipeline. It is thought that Apple will introduce a new flagship laptop […]

GTA 6 To Support Virtual Reality Or Not?

GTA 6 To Support Virtual Reality Or Not?

The Grand Theft Auto series, ever since its inception way back in 1997, has been one of the most well-loved and celebrated video game series, not to mention a cultural phenomenon on its own. The massive success of the franchise […]

GoPro Hero 5 To Offer Voice Controls [Leaks]

GoPro’s upcoming Hero 5 action camera has been in the rumor mill for the last several months. Latest leaks suggest that the next-gen action camera could include voice controls. If true, it will help users capture images, record videos, highlight […]