Aynur_zakirov / Pixabay

Busted Moon Could Put Rings Around Mars

Early Mars may have had rings like Saturn, and might have them again, according to a new model. The research suggests that debris, pushed into space from an asteroid or other body, slammed into the red planet around 4.3 billion years […]

sasint / Pixabay

These Chimpanzees In Uganda Enjoy Really Long Lives

Under the right ecological conditions, some of our close primate relatives can lead surprisingly long lives in the wild, according to a 20-year demographic study of a large chimpanzee community in Uganda’s Kibale National Park. In its sample of 306 […]

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Robb Wolf: Wired To Eat

Health and nutrition expert, Robb Wolf, returns to the program this week to discuss the findings contained in his new book Wired To Eat. As human animals, our genetic programming pushes us to optimize caloric intake while minimizing the effort […]