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Dead as a Severed Horse’s Head

Dead as a Severed HorseHead =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Six years ago, I reviewed a book The Club No One Wanted To Join. It was a poorly done book written by a bunch of people who were swindled by Bernie Madoff. Now, I […]

How High Are We (Stock Market-Wise)?

How High Are We (Stock Market-Wise)?

I’ve said this before, but I like it when research destroys a preconceived notion of mine.  Today’s post stems from an exchange that I had with Jackdamn (what a name) on Stocktwits, talking about a chart created by dshort. S&P 500 […]

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Pricing Grids: Fair Value Accounting

Before I write this evening, I would like to point out what is going on with Horsehead Holdings [ZINCQ]. There was an article in the New York Times on it recently. It’s an interesting situation where an equity committee exists […]

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Pricing Grids

This post may be a little more complex than most. It will also be more theoretical. For those disinclined to wade through the whole thing, skip to the bottom where the conclusions are (assuming that I have any). ?   […]

Wiped Out: Book Review

Wiped Out: Book Review

Wiped Out: Book Review by David J. Merkel, CFA, FSA Before I start this evening, thanks to Dividend Growth Investor for telling me about this book. This is an obscure little book published in 1966.  The title is direct, simple, […]