Author: Eric Cinnamond

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Earnings Season Approaches

I recently reviewed UniFirst’s (UNF) quarterly results. I thought it was a good summary of what I’m expecting this earnings season. Furthermore, while I have no idea what tomorrow’s job report will show, the uniform companies aren’t a bad place […]

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CEOs – The Mullet Discount

I’m often asked if I meet with management of the companies I analyze. I typically do not. Given the large number of stocks I follow (300 name possible buy list), traveling the country visiting corporate headquarters simply isn’t practical. However, […]

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Do Something Do Nothing

There are many things absolute return investors have in common. For instance, most absolute return investors prefer avoiding crowds, as crowds and value rarely coexist. Theme parks are a good example. Have you been to Disney lately? Along with the […]

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Perception Risk

A friend emailed me a Bloomberg article last week regarding the next “big short” in retail-backed mortgage securities. The article stated, “Wall Street speculators are zeroing in on the next U.S. credit crisis: the mall.” It was a good article […]