Author: Eric Cinnamond

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Would You Rather

Last week I reviewed the investment options in my kids’ 529 plan. Slim pickings was the easy conclusion. Similar to many 401k plans, 529 plans are typically filled with index or index hugging funds, with few if any absolute return […]

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Role-Play Screening

I’m often asked how I screen for small cap stocks. Most of my formal screens are broad-based and only include a market cap and profitability filter. Specifically, I require a $100 million to $5 billion market cap and a 1% […]

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Bottom-Up Economics

What comes after earnings season? More earnings! Many consumer companies, especially retailers, have fiscal years ending in January and typically report a month after earnings season. Several consumer companies on my buy list, along with high-profile market leaders, reported earnings […]

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What’s Happenin’

Over the past three weeks I’ve reviewed approximately two hundred earnings reports and conference calls. While very time consuming and exhausting, my quarterly earnings routine is an essential part of my investment process. With an up-to-date summary of where we […]