DTEK50 A ‘Genuine Game-Changer’ For BlackBerry Ltd

BlackBerry’s DTEK50 has been hailed as the most secure smartphone device in existence, and Ingram Micro beat out its rivals to secure an exclusive distribution deal for this newly-launched Android smartphone.

DTEK50 A 'Genuine Game-Changer' For BlackBerry Ltd

Huge interest from customers

Matt Bramwell, Ingram Micro’s head of mobile for the U.K., described the device as a great opportunity for the Canadian firm to win back market share. He further said that Ingram has had to place additional orders quickly to cope with demand. BlackBerry revealed the DTEK50 a month after CEO John Chen gave its hardware arm one year to return to profitability. In an interview with Mobile News, Bramwell said the Android-powered DTEK50 is the most secure Android phone in the world for price-conscious people.

“We’ve had huge interest from our customers. The reaction from the reseller channel has been incredible,” said Bramwell.

According to Bramwell, the new smartphone is a “genuine game-changer” for the Canadian firm, and it is going to elevate BlackBerry firmly into the Android space. Bramwell also noted that it is “a win-win for the customer” with all the added privacy, security, and productivity benefits.

A game-changer for BlackBerry?

BlackBerry’s new device will be available in the coming weeks. With the DTEK50 priced at less than half the launch price of the Priv, the Canadian firm is aiming at the mid-tier of the market. This is BlackBerry’s second smartphone powered by the Android OS. In October 2015, the Waterloo-based company launched the Priv exclusively with Carphone Warehouse.

The DTEK50 runs Android Marshmallow and comes with a 5.2-inch screen with an HD Display (16 million colors), and at 7.4mm, it is BlackBerry’s thinnest smartphone. Also the smartphone features an 8MP front-facing camera, 13 MP rear-facing camera, and 16GB of internal memory, which can be expanded to 2TB by using a microSD card.

Other features of the smartphone include the DTEK by BlackBerry App, which lets users monitor their apps and OS closely for potential risks to security and provides actions to take in case of a breach. Consumers can remotely handle, wipe or lock their device as well if it is lost or being used without permission. Alerts can be sent to the user’s secondary handset or their desktop if someone is using their device, like by turning the microphone on, taking pictures without their permission or knowledge, accessing their contacts or location, or sending a text message.

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  • derek

    lol ipod

  • Rajesh Thakkar

    When coming to INDIA ?? and PRICE POINT??

  • Ski Baron

    Welcome to the party. DEVVV has been doing this for years on every article about Blackberry. He never makes any logical sense. But he is the saviour of Blackberry he says. Apparently he invented the next generation of phones 10 years ago.

  • Ski Baron

    The story was only in his CNN app on his ipod.

  • Alex Boreham

    Again, that’s only because of its place in the alphabet.

  • Alex Boreham

    Ever heard of the alphabet? BlackBerry is only on top because of its place in the alphabet. Nothing more.

  • Bhaskar Dangat

    This guy hates Blackberry so much that, he has commented on all the Blackebrry articles., Looks he is on some kind of Jihad on Blackberry, Chen should be worried of this guy, there is an article where in DEVV is ready to render his services to Blackberry, If I were at the Helm of BB, i will never ever hire a guy who has spewed so much Poison on my Company, he should have some shame in even asking for getting hired at BB.

    not only that the funniest of all is this one,

    on an iPhone and Samsung Article this is what he writes, I mean have some respect to other authors man, he wanted to hijack Ken Bock Article…Jeez DEVV is crazy,

    “The upcoming Apple iPhone 7 Pro will directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    Published By: Ken Bock on August 4, 2016 11:18 am EST”

    DEVVVV • 5 days ago
    why is BlackBerry using a chipset from generations ago on their newly launched phone, are they not competing with Samsung and Apple anymore?

    Really……is it Mary Jane, or Meth??????

  • HumbleButBlunt

    Look at you doing it again… making up information that helps you in your plan to take BBRY down. Caught in your lies once again, DEVVV.


  • Bhaskar Dangat

    hehe….there isn’t one…at least where it says Priv tops the List, he just made it up.

    There isn’t any article which makes Priv the top of any list, barring the most secure android device. This guy is ridiculous…A Janitors job is respectful than to write lies for money…..

  • Bhaskar Dangat

    So have they taken the article down, I don’t see it on CNN, now neither on google Search…

  • Bhaskar Dangat

    There isn’t one, Looked at almost every Blackberry Android article, i didn’t see it, he made it up.

  • Bhaskar Dangat

    DeVV is a big Fat Liar…I have read almost all articles from CNN on Blackberry Android no where was it mentioned that Priv is on the top of the list of any thing, this guy just made it up….He should really think seriously about writing facts and not lies, Lies never help for the long run.

  • Bhaskar Dangat

    Please paste the link….of what you have read. I searched CNN well and i Dont see the article relating to PRIV the way you have mentioned.

  • Bhaskar Dangat

    Seems like he is scared because BB would be doing better. Ridiculous guy, such a shame.

  • Bhaskar Dangat

    Please provide the Source where it says that Priv is on the top of the list, and Marshmallow is not mentioned in the CNN article.

    From the Article( The bug affects any phone using Android software made in the last five years, according to Zimperium. That includes devices running Android’s Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop iterations (Google names its Android versions alphabetically after desserts).)

    Where do you see Marshmallow there. Both the phones from BB are on Marshmallow, what is wrong with you. Dont give crappy statement stop making up things, just because you dont like Blackberry.

  • Universe-Aliens-Gods

    Could you please provide the Source, where it actually says Priv is at the top of the list. I have gone thru few CNN articles and didnt see Priv mentioned there, but Android. (Priv not Mentioned here) (Priv not Mentioned here)

    and Samuel Burgess continuously mentions only android and not apple, that clearly shows that he was paid to say that.

  • Bhaskar Dangat

    Totally Agree…

  • Nate650

    So you can’t provide a link?

  • onstrike112

    It’s also only a problem if you go outside of the Play Store.

  • onstrike112

    The bug only affects devices if you’re retarded enough to turn off the protection afforded by the Play Store, and NOT going outside of it.

  • Chuck

    And the iPod app is so lame that it won’t let you share a link here? Dude, get a Passport. Here is the story you’re talking about.

  • Ski Baron

    It is a story about an Android bug, not a story about Blackberry. You take anything that has the word Blackberry and twist it into some big lie. You are spreading made up fiction. CNN is looking for you for slander.

  • Ski Baron

    Android has not been hacked they found a security flaw. Priv is not at the top of any list, it just happens to be Android. Your logic is ridiculous, Chen said he was making the most secure “Android” phones. I see no lie? You are the only one working under false pretenses. We caught you with your pants down. I can’t believe you write such crazy stuff.

  • Ski Baron

    All Androids have the same bug period. Blackberry isn’t at the top of the list or hit worse. (In fact nobody was “hit”). They have the vulnerability in Android. Most likely it is slightly less of a concern on a Blackberry because there is more security tools. You don’t understand anything about security or Operating Systems. Just because there is a bug doesn’t mean anyone knows how to exploit it, it just means someone found a bug. How do you know Blackberry is no more secure that Iphone? There is security threats of all kinds all the time on all platforms, you are merely making a big deal because Blackberry is on the list. Where were you during the last 700 Android security bugs or the countless IOS bugs over the years. Still you cannot compare Android to IOS because Android is open source and IOS is closed source. So if there is bugs in IOS there is less chance you will hear about it is all. Android being open sourced and having 10 times the users of IOS, it gets more press. It is an Android bug not an iphone bug so I am not clear why you keep going on about it.

  • Ski Baron

    So? Android gets security bugs just like Windows and just like anything connected to a network. Even BB10 and BB07 were known to get security bugs. However most of these bugs are not know until they are discovered in technologies beyond the manufacturers control. When discovered they are patched. All Androids are affected. Did you every thing Blackberry was at the top of the list because their Name starts with “B”? This is part of the Android problem Blackberry is trying to solve quick security patches and updates, un-reliant on the carriers. An unlocked phone purchased from Blackberry will most likely get updates faster than any phone on the market. Plus the DTEK50 appears to be only sold from Blackberry so you won’t have to wait for carrier updates. It is the carriers that are slow to update and having a Blackberry means there is a good chance you will be secured and updated first.

  • Ski Baron

    Actually this is not touted as the most secure smartphone in the world. It is marketed as the most secure Android device in the world. Blackberry 10 devices hold the prize for most secure smartphone period.


    I saw it on my ipod on the CNN app just this morning

  • Nate650

    Can you point us to the CNN article?


    John why don’t you read the CNN story or are they also a embarrassment?


    Nate, Re: “Only one out of the four recently-discovered vulnerabilities affects the Priv and DTEK50.” nothing was mentioned about the DTEK because it’s not fully launched as of yet. The BlackBerry Priv being on the top of the list, is a indicator it got hit the worst or at least the same. BlackBerry is no more secure than Iphone. However I am having second thoughts as Iphone did not suffer a security threat as it appears to be isolated to Android.

  • John Bernard

    Get a life Dave! Your an embarrassment!!!!

  • Helena Handbasket

    Do they have a booth at Selfridges?

  • Nate650

    Only one out of the four recently-discovered vulnerabilities affects the Priv and DTEK50. All four vulnerabilities affect other Android smartphones. That sounds like a positive to me and supports the company’s “most secure Android smartphone” claim. “Most secure” doesn’t mean impenetrable.


    Brooklyn, nevertheless Chen stated he would not switch to Android until he secured Android. So he then switched using the Priv and now Android has been hacked and the Priv was at the top of the list. So did we or did we not catch Chen in a lie? He is trying to get investors interested in a misleading way. I have nothing against BlackBerry except when they lie under false pretenses.

  • BrooklynTheFurry

    And like blackberry has done since the priv launched they will have it fixed in a few days. Besides this article is not about the priv. Don’t you have anything better to do then bash blackberry constantly, like a job maybe.


    Aman, are you aware of the news article released by CNN this morning? CNN says that Android is affected with a security bug, and the BlackBerry Priv is at the top of the list.