It is possible to create slow motion videos that will work well on Instagram.

You can do this with the slow motion effect with your iPhone default camera app. Then it can be posted to Instagram just like you would for a standard video.

How To Make Slow-Motion Videos For Instagram From iPhone

If you already have a video done with regular speed then you will need to slow it down which you can do with iMovie for iOS.

First you will have to purchase it which will run you about  $4.99 US.

How to create slo-mo videos for Instagram on your iPhone

Here’s how to do it….

  1. Open the iMovie then choose to create a new Movie project.
  2. Choose the default Simple theme. If you want to add graphics then tap on Create in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the video you are going to use
  4. You need to highlight the timeline by tapping on it and when you do the edit tools will show up.
  5. At the bottom edit menu tap on speed dial
  6. Now you need to slow down your video by moving the slider towards the turtle. Once you do this tap on done. You only have 15 second on Instagram so remember this when you are choosing one of the seven speed options that is available to you.
  7. Now that you have your video in the slo-mo speed that you want and you have save it you need to tap on the share button then choose save video. This now puts it on your camera roll when you can now do a Instagram upload.
  8. Share to Instagram and tweak it if you need to trim it down.

See it’s a lot easier to do than you probably thought.