Hedge Fund Letters To Investors

Hedge Fund Letters To Investors….  where can you find them? The short answer is that its complicated. The longer answer is that some hedge funds publicly release their letters because they have publicly traded vehicles while some smaller funds release them in an effort to get press not available to funds that size. Many of these funds have great track records but cannot compete with hedge fund managers who can do the rounds on CNBC, Bloomberg etc. whenever they want.

Some funds make it very hard to get their hedge fund letters via security and/or who they send it to. Thankfully, we have reliable sources and readers who help us in this process. While most of the time we cannot post the full letter when we can we do so and when we cannot we do an analysis which would fall under fair use. To make it easy to find hedge fund letters I decided to put together links of some funds I follow and/or receive their info and find their info interesting and/or of value. The links are not an endorsement of the fund and any omission does not mean we look down on the fund. I decided to put together this resource page which I hope to update a lot over the next few weeks and to add to at least annually if not more.

Tips (@) (all inquires are 100% anonymous – we could also do PGP or a different secure way of connecting) without further to do here is our list of good readers for 2015/q4 letters and Q1/Q2 2016.

NOTE: The list is in alphabetical order. To be completely accurate, while most funds listed below are hedge funds some are mutual funds or other (i.e. Berkshire Hathaway). The list is (mostly) in alphabetical order.

Note – to make this easier we have decided to arrange hedge fund letters by quarter – we go by calendar year even if a firm ends their Q4 on March 31st for example it will be considered a Q1 letter.

Also see Q1 letters

Q2 letters

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Hedge Fund Letters To Investors – 2015

  1. Now’s Not The Time To Give Up On Value
  2. Making Use Of Market Inefficiencies To Find Bargains In Distressed Debt
  3. “Catching Knives” Experiences Rare Yearly Loss, Looks Forward
  4.  Value Investing In A Turbulent Market

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