The Republican Party

The Republican Party by EconMatters

The Republican Party has been hijacked by the right wing Christian conservatives, the gun toting NRA extremists, the Tea Party extremists and the racially and culturally narrow-minded factions across the country. The party is a complete mess, it really has lost its way, and is destined to lose the Presidential Election to Hillary Clinton. The emergence of front runners in the Republican campaigning season of Donald Trump and Ben Carson speaks volumes regarding how far this party has lost its way.

Donald Trump

Pictures of Christian evangelicals putting their hands on Trump`s forehead during prayer make baby kissing look respectable on the campaign trail. Trump obviously got into the race as the attention whore that he is just because there are cameras involved, and this is what he does. The fact that he started polling well probably shocked this branding clown more than anybody, and then he started getting serious in pandering to every worst-case extremist tendency that so aptly defines the Republican party today. He basically has done the Democrat`s job in converting any remaining Republican moderates to the other side. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party should send Donald Trump a large thank you note after the election, he has made their job a lot easier. Donald Trump`s incessant pandering to every extremist group and their requisite views has basically confirmed what the Democrats have been saying and portraying about the Republican party for years. That they are a bunch of racist, homophobic, right-wing, gun-toting, tea-party simple minded extremists.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson could have been a breath of fresh air for the party, but no he had to start opening his mouth on the campaign trail. And he has said some pretty stupid things on the campaign trail. Things I thought a competent neurosurgeon was incapable of thinking or enunciating, let alone speak in public. The guy is basically an incompetent, senile idiot who if the Republican Party had any real platform with legitimate candidates would have been marginalized months ago on the campaign trail. I never realized how specialized competencies can be until this guy opened his mouth, and the incongruence between the thoughts rattling around this man`s brain, and what he did for a profession is astounding. I am not sure how one can make it through basic medical school with such thoughts. He may have early stage Alzheimer’s or dementia of some sort. At any rate just another of the long list of un-electable Republican Party candidates.

Fiscal Conservatism

The Republican Party needs an overhaul, they need to get back to the core values of pro-business and job creation, entrepreneurial beliefs that once made this party a formidable political entity. They need to concentrate on fiscal conservatism as this will be sorely needed in about three years when all the entitlement spending really starts hitting the accounting books of the government. They need to focus on promoting lower taxes, simplifying the tax code, and cutting waste from bloated governmental programs like the military. In short, the government needs to be much more efficient in where and what they spend the taxpayer receipts on. The US has spent so much money supporting the military industrial complex over the last 20 years that the overkill factor is off the charts. I know the importance of having a strong military but the current spending is just comically ridiculous given the juxtaposition of the United States Military capabilities and the next nearest competitor.

Inefficient Capital Allocation

It is obvious that a large portion of this spending needs to be reassigned to more productive and efficient uses in the economy. This is where the Republican Party needs to steal a Democratic idea and really overhaul the healthcare industry. It doesn`t take rocket science to realize the quality of healthcare for the average citizen in the Scandinavian countries versus the United States and what these countries spend on the Military to realize poor capital allocation policies.

There is no reason that every American shouldn`t be able to walk into any healthcare facility at a moment`s notice and have all their medical needs met free of charge given the immense resources of this country. It is obvious that the entire healthcare system needs to be overhauled, costs are out of control and have been for decades; most of this is due to structural inefficiencies and the interplay between drug companies, insurance companies and the government – this relationship structure is broken.

It will require a lot of money and focus but this is going to happen by necessity if for no other reason as the current system will eventually implode. Since this is going to happen eventually, the Republicans might as well adopt this issue from the Democrats now that they have really screwed up the healthcare system with their failed attempt to fix it. Ideas go back and forth between the Party Platforms all the time, the Republicans need to steal this issue back from the Democrats.

The party needs to be much more inclusive from a sexual orientation, cultural values, and ethnicity standpoint. This is a no-brainer, it is an election after all, and sheer numbers count. But the real reason is that wake up Republicans America isn`t like your grandfather`s age, and that era ain`t coming back. Cities are multicultural landscapes with large populations of culturally and ethnically diverse people often with common goals of seeking a higher quality of life. In short, to be simplistic here good capable hard working, smart people come from many diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds – yes even illegal immigrants. Get over it Republicans by giving this issue solely to the Democrats, you are essentially committing political suicide – you have become a stereotype, a caricature of a political party that is destined to lose elections.

Never Going to Attain Unanimity of Thought

Americans have diverse views on many issues, it is hard getting two people to agree on anything these days. All Republicans are not going to agree with each other on all the issues, some may be sympathetic to some issues and vehemently opposed to others. The key is to move to the center and have enough of the issues that are really important to voters to broaden the appeal of the party. Focus on policies promoting economic growth, lower taxes, and spending tax receipts more efficiently and not on one`s sexual orientation in the bedroom. The Republican Party has too many extremist views on far too many issues to be electable right now on the presidential stage. Right now it appears that Hillary Clinton is going to be our next President, and that means another four years of underachieving from a pro-growth business standpoint. And frankly, she is the only candidate I have seen who is even remotely qualified to run for President in this circus show of a campaign.

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The Republican Party

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  • Rhett O Millsaps

    Well fedup, our economic crash is certain, you can not print money for 8 years and not expect it. This is how Obama has survived and once the democrats lose the election, the FED will finish us off,

  • Kareem Of-Wheaties

    So you will vote for Trump and his brown shirt Thugs instead of Hillary?

  • Maccanudo Mac

    Estas hasta la madre de piojos, NO soy argentino y mucho menos comunista y me vale una chingada lo que pase en Argentina y en latinoamerica, el puto de Ted Cruz nunca sera` presidente, eso metetelo en el culo, pendejo. Adios, hijueputa.

  • Andrew Joiner

    Haha! Never been a Republican. Always the lesser of two evils. Interesting that you’re so critical of other people’s photos, when you’re apparently ashamed to post your own. That level of cowardice is commonplace among liberals, and you seem to have more of that trait than most lefties! LOL!

  • Memento Mori

    Try pulling your head out then zippy, the air is better too….

  • Ralph

    Whats that? I cant hear you over the sound of you getting destoryed!!!!

  • Memento Mori

    I *go nothing of the sort child…Is ralphy your first name gauss?

  • Ralph

    Bahaha, you go destroyed!!!!!!

  • Ralph

    “Forced federal registration of US citizens, based on religious identity, is fasicm. Period. Nothing else to call it.” Conservative John Noonan

    It’s pretty funny, your own party admits its members are fascist.

  • Memento Mori

    What a laugh…gauss trying to get the last word in like a spoiled 5 yr old….LOLOLOL! “Go home” he says, just like he did yesterday when his playmates beat him up in his own back yard…What a sad lil boy…Yes he is…

  • USDefender

    A total BS article. Worst collection of political lies and distortions ever published! Shameful, disrespecful,
    bullcrap! Written by a very crude political animal of great foulness…

  • Gauss?


    It makes it so easy to ignore morons when they type like this.

    Go home, you’re done here.

  • Hunter Brooks

    OH LOOK a democrat racist!

  • Hunter Brooks

    The Clinton Foundation Scam:

    This is a textbook case on how you hide foreign money sent to you and repackage it to be use for your own purposes. All tax free.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. You create a separate foreign “charity”. In this case one in Canada.

    2. Foreign oligarchs and governments, many sworn enemies of the United States, then donate to this Canadian charity. In this case, over 1,000 did, contributing mega millions. I’m sure they did this out of the goodness of their hearts, and expected nothing in return. (Imagine Putin’s buddies waking up one morning and just deciding to send untold millions to a Canadian charity).

    3. The Canadian charity then bundles these separate donations and makes a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation.

    4. The Clinton Foundation and the cooperating Canadian charity claim Canadian law prohibits the identification of individual donors. (This is not true.)

    5. The Clinton Foundation then “spends” some of this money for legitimate good works programs. Unfortunately, experts believe this is just 10 to 20% of billions raised. So where does the rest go >>> Much of the balance goes to enrich the Clinton’s Tax FREE, pay salaries to untold numbers of hangers on, and fund lavish travel, etc. Again, virtually all tax free, which means you and I are subsidizing it.

    6. The Clinton Foundation, with access to the world’s best accountants, somehow fails to report much of this on their tax filings. They discover these “clerical errors” and begin the process of re-filing 5 years of tax returns. this Goes back to the time period she was SOS and NO investigations?

    7. Net result – foreign money, much of it from enemies of the US, goes into the Clinton’s pockets tax free and untraceable back to the original donor. This is the textbook definition of money laundering.

    The linkage between these foreign donations, and favors done by the Clintons (including Hillary as Secretary of State) This likely extend to money laundering, into bribery and treason and as being President could be blackmailed.

    Oh, by the way, the Canadian “charity” includes as a principal one Frank Giustra. Google him. He is the guy who was central to the formation of Uranium One, the Canadian company that somehow acquired massive US uranium interests and then sold them to an organization controlled by Russia
    and Putin. This transaction required US State Department approval, and guess who was Secretary of State when the approval was granted, You guessed it Hillary Rotten Clinton. Hmmm a huge donation to CCF and then he gets a huge favor in return, and this inst the first time she done this. How many other favors has she done under the radar? Or should I say put US security at risk?

    2015 In yet another revelation about the shifty financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation, it has been discovered that the “charity organization” ran an unregistered private-equity fund in Colombia. Isn’t Columbia the drug capital of the world? The Washington Free Beacon’s reporting, the $20 million investment firm is “registered in Colombia as a ‘simplified stock corporation,’ which (Colombian) legal experts said precludes it from doing business as a private-equity fund.” The private-equity fund was formed in 2010 by former President Clinton, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim (who owns 17% of the New York Times) and Canadian mining titan Frank Giustra, — > there is that name again.

    It all smells more than fishy. these are not isolated instances of questionable Clinton Foundation practices. Because 181 Clinton Foundation donors lobbied Hillary’s State Department, and “that the Clintons’ family foundation received millions from Qatar, as well as donations from FIFA, the soccer organization now enmeshed in a bribery and corruption scandal of global proportions; that the Clintons have a secret ‘pass-through’ company, WJC, LLC; (and) that
    Hillary’s State Department ‘approved $165 billion worth of commercial
    arms sales to 20 nations >>> whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation,'” according to the International Business Times.

    Last February, the Wall Street Journal identified “at least 60 Companies that lobbied the State Department during (Hillary Clinton’s) tenure (which) donated a total of more than $26 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

    Meanwhile, overall foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and
    the Clinton Health Access Initiative jumped 73% to just over $102
    million from 2013 to 2014, the period when Hillary Clinton was
    prepping her run for the presidency.

    Twenty-two of the 37 corporations nominated for a prestigious State Department award — and six of the eight ultimate winners — while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State were also donors to the Clinton family foundation.

    Silicon Valley giant Cisco was the biggest foundation contributor nominated in 2009, giving the Clinton charity between $1 million and $5 million. The company then won the award in 2010 when eight of the 12 finalists and two of the three winners had donated to the foundation.

    A coincidence or a pattern suggesting misconduct?

    You scratch my back by donating to my tax free foundation – I have the power to grant your wish.

    As an aside, imagine how former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell feels. That poor schlep is in jail because he and his wife took $165,000 in gifts and loans for doing minor favors for a guy promoting a vitamin company. Not legal but not exactly putting U. S. security at risk.

    Sarcasm aside, if you’re still not persuaded this was a cleverly structured way to get unidentified foreign money to the Clintons, THEN ask yourself this:

    Why did these foreign interests funnel money through a Canadian charity?

    Why not donate directly to the Clinton Foundation?

    Better yet, why not donate money directly to the people, organizations, and countries in need?

    This is the essence of money laundering and influence peddling.

    There are many problems with the Clinton charity and ethics. In fact, the Clinton Foundation is so unlike a real charity that even charity watchdog group Charity Navigator refuses to rate the Clinton Foundation because of its
    “atypical business model.”

    One of those problems is the fact that the Clintons put big donors and close pals on the board for reasons that are hard to fathom. In fact, at least four of these “board members” have either been charged or convicted of serious financial irregularities, crimes including bribery and fraud and they help run
    the foundation?. Having a Code of Ethics is not in the Clinton’s
    scandal queens past which proves the Clintons dishonest character.

    The Clinton Foundation has raised more than 3 Billion of TAX FREE Dollars and is “a cash cow” to hide the money the Clintons take in from wall street,
    special interest groups, lobbyist, and even foreign Governments even
    while she was head of state and a NY senator. If you can trust that,
    then there is something very wrong with you.

    Election 2016: Hillary Clinton Demands Probe of Exxon After Oil Giant Stops Funding Clinton Foundation

    Honest and Trustworthy… I THINK NOT! She is owned!!!

    People it is not a party issue, its a character issue. VOTE for someone that YOU CAN TRUST IN!

  • Memento Mori

    What do you have against teenage girls sexist? Nevermind I know, they constantly refuse your shy little boy advances LOLOLOL… What a sad case you are for humanity…

  • Gauss?

    Oh, have you forgotten the party of the first black president?

    Are you really this stupid?

  • Hunter Brooks

    which party has all whites running for pres, and which has different races running including a woman?

  • Gauss?

    “A way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people”

    That sounds exactly like the ideal right wing government. No alcohol for sale on sunday, gay people can’t get married, no gay sex, atheists can’t run for office, no abortion, no birth control.

    Fascist right wingers want to destroy this country.

  • Gauss?


    I see you are a teenage girl. Please refrain from speaking like a teenage girl.

    If you want anybody to take you seriously, respect your words.

  • Memento Mori

    ROFL! I see you are neither broad minded nor are you, open to new and different ideas even though that is the very definition of liberal….You are in denial gauss….By the way, the true definition of fascism is… A way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government…. and that good sir, sounds like a description of your argument today….

  • Gauss?

    You can’t be this stupid.

    Which party is nationalistic? Which party wants to smash immigrants? Which party is the party of the white man?

    Look at the actual definitions of the words.

    Nazism (noun) – Usually characterised as an offshoot of fascism that incorporates scientific racism and antisemitism.

    fas·cism (noun) – An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

    right wing (noun) – The conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system.

    con·serv·a·tive (adjective) – Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

  • David Howell

    After 40 years people are seeing what the Republican are all about.. And its Not for the majority that put them in office..

  • Memento Mori

    Fascism is unquestionably collectivist, which is a characteristic of the Left. The emphasis on the power of the State is the opposite of right-wing. There is little difference in practice, either, between Fascism’s government control of the economy and that of other collectivisms, even communism.
    Leftists do seek to brand the Right as the side of militarism or overt nationalism, and especially racism, but again, these are all slanders that the Right has never actually embraced. Recent discussion of invading Syria is but one example of how either side is militaristic depending on the season.
    And yes, I understand that the Nazis opposed communists in their time, but that doesn’t mean they have to be right-wing.

  • Art Schreck

    Wow. Where to start? The Democrats have taken a beating as a result of gerrymandering. Before jumping on this statement please research the NUMBER of votes for Democrats vs. Republicans in 2012. This is not solely a GOP trait as the Dems will do the same if given the opportunity in 2020. As far as the past two PRESIDENTIAL elections, I believe it was a Democrat that was elected.

  • Art Schreck

    If the polls are to be believed, Bernie is a stronger national candidate at this point than Clinton. I don’t believe the GOP has a snowball’s chance in Hell to win the presidency in 2016 regardless of who they nominate.

  • Art Schreck

    “………and if you dare say that “ALL LIVES MATTER” whether you are white, black, Latino or Asian, why then you are a bigot and racist.” If all lives matter, why is it that the great majority of Governors refusing to allow Syrian immigrants entry to their states are Republicans? If there’s no answer to that simple question your question has been answered.

  • Gauss?

    The funny thing is, you don’t realize Hitler is classified as right wing by nearly every historian.

    Before you scream “But National Socialism!”, think about this, China is called “People’s Republic of China”, but clearly isn’t a republic. North Korea is called “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, but isn’t a democracy or a republic.

  • John

    You never have opened a history book on our founding fathers have you? Take time and read a book, education is a good thing.

  • John

    If Hillary is even the candidate, she will have a hell of a time winning without us independents. Over a million of us have taken the Bernie or Bust pledge, and plan on seeing it through to the end. We believe if we will be govern by a corporatist let it be a republican. We will punish the DNC if Hillary is the candidate. Also after a republican has screwed the people even more, hoping it will wake up enough people to realize that we need a political revolution. Down with the phony two party system that works for the same clients and the people are not them!!!

  • Memento Mori

    Typical liberal response LOL! No wait….Republicans and conservatives, myself included, have to stop calling these people liberals. That’s camouflage for them. You can call them leftists, but, the proper term would be neo-communists or totalitarians. They want to shut down free speech….They don’t like having another point of view in the room that they can’t squash, and the way they try is character assassination, and name calling… They shy away from facts though, facts are their Kryptonite… YOU have a nice day jihmmy

  • fedup

    Dodd-Frank brought us down? Seriously? How so? I guess you like the banks and investment sector having carte blanche to raise interest rates on your credit cards at will. Dodd-Frank was in response to the over de-regulation since Reagan, that culminated in the economic collapse of 2008. Brought us down? Although the economic recovery is much slower than most of us want, we aren’t in danger of going under. The boat floats. Put the GOP back in the White House and watch the new push for once again, deregulation. The Banks and Wall Street will have a field day, again raping, robbing and pillaging or economic system, until the inevitable economic crash follows.

  • fedup

    Sorry, I can’t agree that Obama is worst president since WWII, or even close, historically. You’re forgetting before Obama turned so autocratic in his 2nd term, the GOP had no intention of compromise, either. In fact, Obama’s presidency was DOA before he was even sworn into his first term. Rush Limbaugh echoed the GOP by saying he wanted this president to fail.
    Dick Cheney sounded like a broken record constantly on the offense, claiming Obama couldn’t protect us, yet he got Bin Laden. The GOP would have crowed endlessly, had GWB got him. Instead, they downplayed the significance of that achievement. However, I agree that Obama didn’t take the ISIS threat seriously enough. But, neither did most of the rest of the world, either.
    GWB is far more qualified as possibly the worst president since WWll or ever. He left one hell of an economic and military mess behind. 911 occurred on his watch. He was warned. The totally unnecessary Iraq war made it possible for the emergence of ISIS. We are still in economic recovery.
    Although Obama leaves much to be desired, he deserves credit for at least achieving economic stability and as of yet, no terrorist tragedy on American soil. Although ISIS was and is a serious threat requiring world military action, the world is war weary and hence the slow response.
    You don’t want a “Queen” or a “buffoon” as President, but who else would it be? I don’t know if you mean other democrats or Trump as the buffoon, but, Trump in charge would make it much more likely for us to go to war on multiple fronts, than the Queen Hillary.

  • Jihm

    You couldn’t possibly get any more stupid than you are, Mori. No…wait…yes you could! You are devolving rapidly.

  • Memento Mori

    “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking what is good for society.”

    ~Hillary Clinton~


    “Society’s needs come before the individual’s needs.”

    ~Adolph Hitler~

    It doesn’t get much more transparent than that…..

  • Marauder

    Funny you would say that while the majority of posters here and on most boards during the day are the conservatives. Anything better to do ?

  • Marauder

    typical simple minded rep comment …

  • Marauder

    maybe in the poles where the reps belong but not in the polls !

  • sin_visa_no_hay_paraiso

    ECONMATTERS breaking news – folks pretty please vote for Jeb, we’re for socialism for you lot and captialism for the donors, we’ll just do it slower so you wont notice so much.

  • Angel Gonzalez

    And you are a communist from Argentina that your communist party just got destroyed this past Sunday at the elections there. Ted Cruz was not born in Cuba, he was born in Canada, his mother is American, by birth that makes him an American just like the fraud that we have in the White House, even if he was born in Kenya, his mother was American and that qualified him. Why do you say that Ted Cruz is a fake Christian? Do you have some direct connection to his soul that no one else has? You are the joke, IDIOT!!!

  • Tn troutman

    Very well said!!

  • Tn troutman

    The only ones doing any hijacking is the news media. They try to change folks mind about what is right to what is wrong for America. Do they not know in the end it is their ass that will burn? Trump for President in 2016!!

  • Thomas

    Did you ever wonder why LIBERALS / PROGRESSIVES never seem to but hurt by a sex scandal, a drug scandal or financial scandal? The DEMOCRAT Party is the party that booed God, the party that voted to remove the mention of God from their political platform, the party that votes to protect pedophiles and sexual deviants and the party that makes excuses for a ‘circles the wagons’ around all of the DEMOCRAT Party leaders who have caught on camera doing drugs, refused to pay their taxes and had affairs. The very same LIBERALS / PROGRESSIVES persecute and punish anyone with a different opinion all the while screaming and shouting for “justice”, “tolerance”, and “understanding”. The LIBERALS / PROGRESSIVES are the first to divide us up based on race … always forgetting that the only race that matters is the human race and if you dare say that “ALL LIVES MATTER” whether you are white, black, Latino or Asian, why then you are a bigot and racist. LIBERALS / PROGRESSIVES have the courage to kill an unborn child and sell the body parts for profit, but no taste or courage to defend someone life on a battlefield.

    Now do you wonder why anyone would think some coward hiding behind the name “Econmatters” has any credibility or a LIBERAL / PROGRESSIVE has credibility to lecture anyone else about how they are “extremists” or “racially and culturally narrow-minded”?

  • Maccanudo Mac

    Ted Cruz? the cuba-cana-gringo white wanna be with the boring anglo name, cheap, lousy spanish last name, born in Cuba, raised in Canada and a fake christian? POTUS? hahHAHhahHAHha…what a joke,no $hit…., really?

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    ECONMATTERS—-are anti-God communist Bastards, that think they speak for America, but they are against
    everything the founding Fathers stood for. I feel sorry for these blind faggots..

  • Joe

    Trump’s Campaign Plan:

    Insult Mexicans
    Build a magical border wall
    Make Mexico pay for it
    Round up & deport 11 Million Mexican men, women & children
    Out negotiate the Chinese & any other country on this planet
    Have a secret plan to defeat ISIS in 3 days (but keep it to myself so they can attack Paris & other cities)
    Forget my secret plan, just bomb the shite out of them.
    Create a database & register all Muslims
    Lie about “thousands and thousands
    of Muslims celebrating” collapse of Twin Towers!
    Close down Mosques
    Having his body guard illegally remove a reporter
    Bring back waterboarding

    Trump 2016! Make America HATE Again!!!

  • http://Vassarbushmills.com vassar bushmills

    I tend to agree with you, but as they say, that is an existential issue…and I’m betting the people aren’t in the mood for cultural suicide. Maybe I’m wrong

  • Eric

    Yeah…not really. This is what propaganda is…From a position of supposed “knowledge”, you use trigger words like “hijack” and “extremists” to discredit people with opinions differing from yours. These groups have always been a big part of the republican party. That’s nothing new at all. They, like most republicans, simply have a differing opinion on things, including what an “extremist” actually is. The writer of this article could just as easily be described as an extremist because or their take on Christianity, gun control, and an unwillingness to see things any way but his/her own.

  • TCDave

    Bwahahaha!!! At this point, a Clinton ‘victory’ will be anything less than a five year sentence.

  • roginator

    I agree completely. As a fiscal conservative its been sad to watch the party’s less appealing positions twist grotesquely into the parties core platform. To me it felt like the Republican party lost it when Bush got elected.

    Nothing about the party’s positions represent Christian values, yet Christians flock to it. I’ve never seen the bible talk about hate for your neighbors.

  • Clyde Mccray

    Peter… Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Now you and the other Liberals run outside and play. The adults are trying to have a conversation.

  • Nonconformant

    Wrong. apparently you have not kept up with the polls but several republicans are leading Hillary in National poles

  • Hawgz Wylde

    Lol, with Trumps polling numbers, it doesn’t look like the establishment will have much of a choice…

  • Deasil

    Republicans and Democrats don’t win with their base it’s the independents they have to win over most of which upset with the status quo and have already seen enough of Hillary to last a lifetime. The Republicans just need to nominate a worthwhile candidate that can attract the independent vote. Which is why the Hillary and the Democrats fear Rubio most of all. He’s young and hispanic which would be just enough to eat just into two of the Democrats strong holds hispanics and millennials.

  • Deasil

    Let’s face Hilliary is going be let off the hook by Obama but those would be charges are going to stick with her just like her involvement in Benghazi. And nobody has even touched on the Clinton Foundation and it being nothing more than a Clinton slush fund and not an actual charity.

  • Deasil

    Any democrat would already have 200 locked up it’s the swing states that decide an election and Clinton is not doing well in those against her Republican counterparts even in the ones that lean blue.

  • Deasil

    Anybody who has followed this race will see that Rubio and Cruz are gaining on Trump who’s numbers have been stagnate for awhile now.

    Both Cruz and Rubio have enough insider knowledge as well as outsider credibility to unite the party and obtain enough of the hispanic vote to win.

  • Deasil

    You can argue that the Democrats have been high jacked by big government socialists that are well on their way to bankrupting this country while resorting to vote by race baiting, promoting an imaginary war on women and promoting illegal not legal immigration.

  • Angel Gonzalez

    Value walk? The DemocRATS hijack a name to sound like they have values, family values, moral values. What a joke!!! Then they say Hillary is going to win! Mentally deranged morons. Ted Cruz is going to win in a landslide, these same left wing nuts hated Ronald Reagan and tried to destroy him with lies and bogus articles, in the end he won the election and then the re-election with the largest margins of victory ever. Ted Cruz in 2016!!!

  • jl

    Not going to happen, Rubio hasn’t a snowballs chance in hell.

  • Nathan Burks

    When is Hillary gonna get more Chemo?..Those wigs tell a tale

  • Nathan Burks

    Trump already leads her..46-41…Shes a loser

  • Nathan Burks

    Wow…what a loony lefty article we have here..I hope this nutjob is around election day..Id love to see the look on his face

  • gatos

    Boy, is this leftist lunatic in for a surprise at election time.

  • william boydston

    dondi will not be POTUS. he is, however, a POS.and that’s as close to POTUS he’ll get, junior.

  • Trbig

    Everyone knows that Hillary is a lying crook. The problem is.. they don’t care.

  • Trbig

    But if it was a CNN poll, you’d be all over that, wouldn’t you? Add ignorant hypocrite to your title. The sooner you admit that the dems have taken a total beating due to their unsustainable utopian dream, (Sounds great until you run out of other peoples’ money to spend) the sooner you’ll wake up from your koolaid induced haze.

  • Trbig

    LMAO.. More drooling liberal idiocy as you blame everything that CNN and MSNBC tells you to, like a good lap dog, that doesn’t use any facts or brain cells when coming up with a decision. Especially the Koch comment because lemmings like you refuse to look at the actual truth about who tries to buy and pay for elections… mostly led by Dem supporters. Koches are waaaaaayyy down the list. But, low-informed voters like you never do let actual facts get in the way of your opinions, do you?

  • Dennis Aardvark

    The Butler, still living the fantasy life I see. Your boys are toast and you know it. Rubio won’t make it past the first vetting.

  • Trbig

    “The Republican Party has been hijacked by the right wing Christian conservatives, the gun toting NRA extremists, the Tea Party extremists and the racially and culturally narrow-minded factions across the country. The party is a complete mess, it really has lost its way, and is destined to lose the Presidential Election to Hillary Clinton.”

    Says the simpletons who get their information exclusively from CNN and MSNBC.

  • Quincy Kilby

    Thank for this article because all the thing you listed is what make up the old republican party i know . if the republican adopt all what you listed, i will be voting for the republican hand down.

  • Adam Kadmon

    I love fantasy and scifi, too!

  • tbutler01

    ValueWalk??? Where did these POS democraps come from? Rubio will be our next president and you morons can crawl back into your holes!

  • Adam Kadmon

    And yet, she will win. From what I understand of the Electoral System she already has over 200 votes locked up and its still a year away.

  • ifart$

    yeah and the left wing government tit sucking leeches have taken over the democratic party .They have let the invaders from the south hijack common sense and thrown it out the window. I believe the leftwing nut jobs are Traitors to their own country .They need to be dealt with accordingly have

  • scorpian

    Hillary a pathological liar who can’t handle her own marital affairs allowing Bill to carry on disgusting affairs in the White House. A Wife knows when something is going on! The Clinton appeal to the trash in the world and we’ll always have trash. Hillary with her hysterical laugh that’s when someone is lying. I haven’t got words when it comes to her false counterfeit conduct.

  • Rhett O Millsaps

    I guess your comment is in someway positive? Wake up!

  • Rhett O Millsaps

    An ignorant fool only believes that the rich get tax breaks from liberals, look at today, the rich are getting richer and the poor are on the backs of the middle class which Obama has totally wiped out. More people are out of work today than ever, and your president the lying muslim in the White House, lied about every issue facing us, and you call me fool, Blindness is not foolish, unless you have eyes, and i am afraid you fit your comments about me, you must be doing what democrats do alot, looking into your mirror again, wake up, you nation is going down and these last 8 years are not the republican faults, can you liberals not see the truth?

  • Rhett O Millsaps

    where are you getting your numbers from MegaGorgo, are you being treated for the delusional thinking you have left us with. 13 million new government jobs and millions and millions out of the work force. The Dow is a racket, and the rich get rich get richer and the poor are now on the backs of the middle class who have all but gone, Obama has done nothing to support the USA, he has done everything he can to destroy us and you have to be blind not to see it, He claims to be Christian, yet he supports only Muslims, read his books, it is ok for him to lie to us, and he lied about everything he is doing, you democrats are morally bankrupt and I just don’t understand you whatsoever!

  • Peter Bell

    Great sarcasm

  • Rhett O Millsaps

    What brought us down was the Dodd-Frank Act and never forget it. Democrats are the reason we are in the shape we are in and notice they left office after their act. Both should have been jailed for their actions, but instead, they receive lots of our treasure to live out their sorry lives in comfort,

  • Peter Bell

    Happy Thanksgiving and here’s hoping you don’t run your life on dreams like this.

  • Southernationalist

    Obviously written by a communist, err, I mean Democrat. If the Republicans are going to become a homo loving, communist, let every third world animal in and tear the borders down party, then why not just vote for the Democrats? Hilary excites no one among our enemies, but those of us who despise the Democrats and the creatures that they represent will crawl over broken glass to get to the polls. I believe that Ted Cruz will be the Republican nominee and I am salivating at the prospect of a debate between the young, vigorous mentally acute Cruz taking on an elderly, ugly, senile and lying Hildebeest. All we will need to get Cruz elected is just ONE terrorist act by the so-called refugees from Syria. The Democrats will own letting these dangerous animals into the US lock, stock and smoking barrel. If we can get Cruz and a Republican Congress, we will finally have the means to roll over the ” GOP moderates” and reverse every Yankee communist policy shoved down our throats since Lincoln the Malignant Chimpanzee.

  • Tom Shelhamer

    Then why did the Democrats lose majority in the senate in 2012, a presidential election year.

  • The Carnivore

    Trump is going to destroy Hillary. She won’t even win New York.

  • Tom Shelhamer

    I think you need to read into your history a little closer BC. You will see the economy was going down hill in the last year of Clinton. The only reason he did well was because the GOP had the majority in both houses. He was president during one of the most stimulating times since the industrial revolution. That being the advent of the internet and the dot com industry. That was the real boon to this economy. It would have done just as well with a Republican in office, guaranteed. The first two years of Clinton was stagnant. When the GOP took over both houses Clinton steered himself more moderate and things got done. If you think the last 8 years of Obama and maybe another 4 to 8 years of Clinton will make things better you need to take the blinders off. They are taking this country right down the tubes.

  • Bruce Long

    if anyone actually knows this Ray Thorne guy please do everyone a favor and have him baker acted immed. he is crazier than a loon!

  • Clyde Mccray

    One the FBI formally charges Sir Hillary with all of the various crimes against the United States, to which she is certainly guilty, then the Bernie Sanders traveling comedy show will be the democrat candidate,….. guaranteeing that a Republican will be president, and the United States will once again return to being a great nation, and not the laughing stock of the world. At that point, I will print a copy of this article and put it in the bottom of my hamster’s cage to give it the respect it so deserves.

  • opinioned1

    Howard–Howard–Howard–What you are looking at as a factual poll, is really nothing more than another Fox poll designed to convince the weak minded to pay more attention to the lies being promoted as truth. Every legitimate national poll you can name shows every GOP clown you can name losing to Hillary. The electoral college already has 200 democratic votes tied up with 85 various ways to the 270 needed compared to the GOP`s current 170 with only 57 ways to the 270 mark. Fact — It will be decades before you see a racist,bigoted, moronic frothing at the mouth republican elected again. The RNC, Fox and the fat man lied to you in 2008–2012–and they are doing it again now.

  • Curly Q Link

    Oh no. The liberals are dreaming again. Yea, She was a sure win in 2008. NOT! Over nine hundred seats lost two elections didn’t teach them a thing. The tide has turned. Me Trump will be President. It should be obvious that he can’t be stopped. Like George W BUSH, He came on the scene at the right time. People are sick of the corrupt Clintons long ago. The Clinton emails and getting four Americans killed in Benghazi. Way too much baggage , The dems know it . The dems are in for another azz whipping come Nov 2016. That includes old confused clinton

  • JazzBoneDaddy

    The author, completely marinated in DNC talking points fails to understand that the ‘tea party’ is really just a bunch of normal people, not some crazed group of bigoted Neanderthals. They’re fearful of runaway government, horrified at the growing national debt and disgusted with BOTH parties for their corrupt, profligate ways. And say what you wish about Trump, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, Fiorina, Christie, Paul, etc. Every one of them would be a far, far better president that our current disaster of a president, as well as Hillary!

    And what do the Democrats have to offer in place of the idea rich GOP field?

    Hillary! A congenital liar who can’t even tell the truth about whom she was named for, claiming she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, who became famous 4 YEARS after Hillary! was born. A wooden, disingenuous fraud who, along with her husband, has overseen one of sleaziest political dynasties in US history.

    Bernie:? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A beard-stroking North East elitist snob who hasn’t worked an honest day in his life. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union for Christ’s sake! He still advocates for a Socialist model like the one in Denmark, more than a decade after that country abandoned its experiment because it has failed (as it always does.)

  • Dan13

    The war has already started, Vicki. Haven’t you noticed?

  • Dan13

    EconMatters mailed I in his propaganda analysis…
    Strictly run of the mill talking points based on fallacies…

  • opinioned1

    As of today the GOP has two extremist clowns leading the cavalcade of bagger morons. Trump and Cruz neither are electable in the general. My thanks to the religious bigots, the Fox ditto-head junkies, and the Koch bought and paid for Baggers for insuring no republican will set in the Oval Office for decades.

  • consneverwork

    Oh, yeah, why would we want all of that peace and prosperity in the WH? I have a great idea — let’s get a republican back in the white house where he can bankrupt the country again, get involved in more wars (with only dems fighting in it, of course) and increase the deficit, kill the stock market, increase the unemployment rate and ship our jobs overseas. Oops forgot one: Another tax break for the 1%! Yeah, let’s do that. God you cons are getting dumber and dumber.

  • ben cartright

    You calling me a Christian Conservative, when in fact I am just a man, father tired of supporting your kind, only to have my hand bitten at every turn. You, your kind are mentally challenged, emotionally cripple, non assimilating losers. You keep to your kind, like the negroes, Muslims and hate those of US who have realized the ‘real’ American dream…..in spite of you.

  • consneverwork


  • ben cartright

    Obama is a racist black you know what Muslim lying about being a Christian, you brainwashed, stupid, jealous moron. The majority of we Conservatives, who pay for your lazy butts to be lazy butts, are Christians by birth, though we do not brag, nor ever even speak of this fact. It is the Barack Hussein Obamas/Hillary Clintons of your shallow, petty, emotionally cripple world who do. You liberal losers are the ones always whining about every got damn thing wrong in your miserable, so called, lives…..we simply live ours.
    Trump will be the next legitimate president, so your kind better shove as much free (well we paid for it, you’re just too stupid to care) cake down that flabby gullet of yours while you still can, cause the ‘democrat’ party is just about over…..and out.

  • consneverwork

    Because democrats vote in droves during a presidential election but not in off-year elections. Otherwise, cons would never win. When cons win the off-year elections, they then proceed to gerrymander districts which results in future victories. The Senate will become democratic in 2016, and Hillary will win in 2016 as well in spite of the cons’ efforts to restrict voting in democratic areas of the country since that’s the only way they would win. Try facing reality for once.

  • Stephentheheathen

    Clinton’s not out of the woods yet on her Benghazi and email scandals, and she is currently losing to EVERY GOP candidate. What the writers fail to realize is that Republicans will unite behind whichever candidate comes out of the primary, and we will be HIGHLY motivated to reverse direction in the 2016 primaries.

    What the Democrats should be concerned about is where they will go if Hillary becomes so tarnished that she can’t possibly win. They will then be left with Sanders — more or less by default. Maybe the Democrats ARE united, but uniting behind a candidate as vulnerable as Clinton is a risky move, to say the least.

  • consneverwork

    Talk about dumb. Where do you cons get these lies? Most cons obstruct free speech, try to shove their “values” down our throats, lie, lie and lie. You have obstructed and demeaned Obama since he announced and cry he divides us. You are the stupid party, says failed con governor Bobby Jindal. You think people who want to make a higher wage are communists but are the first to blame people who need food stamps to eat. Your stupidity is only surpassed by your bigotry. BTW, most people on welfare are white cons.

  • seancoyote

    And bankrupting things and being an unapologetic racist and sexist jerk.

  • vicki

    well then we really need another war! and put it on a china credit card. and get ready to send your children to fight a political war that is impossible to win. every republican presidential candidate have said they will go to war if elected on day one! isn’t that special?

  • Robert Eggleston

    “Underachieving” my ass! Republicans won’t admit it, but would LOVE to have the economic and jobs record of this administration!! The ONLY reason this Econmatters group is backing a Republican Party is to benefit themselves when a republican president reverses all regulations for Wall Street and allows all the hedge fund managers to go wild and earn billions, while wrecking havoc on the rest of us at our expense.

  • Howard Frump

    The polls at this time are clearly showing that most of the Republican candidates in a head to head match up with Clinton easily defeat her by substantial margins. Perhaps the authors of this piece would like to check the latest figures.

  • http://tklist.us TKList

    Democrats: Dictatorial, socialistic, economically ignorant, spendaholics.

    Republicans: Authoritarian, religiously obnoxious, economically hypocritical, spendaholics.

  • http://Vassarbushmills.com vassar bushmills

    If you’re posting odds, I can get you all sorts of money. Remember, the Dems are running a felon with blood on he hands.

  • levelhead

    ahh the thought of liberal candidates falling over each other to prove they are the more socialist, liberals voting to give up all their rights, freedom of speech, gun rights, paying higher taxes and bringing more illegals into the country to take what jobs are left, and get handouts, who will pay, why the rich, just not the elite liberal rich, in reality the liberals are so smart they will vote for a far left lunatic and end up with less, but lets mock trump, he wants to lower taxes, have no taxes on people making $50,000 or less and create jobs, he wants to secure the border for our protection, what a nutjob, we dont want that we are liberals we are to smart for that stuff, just tax us more and give anybody who dosnt want to work but will vote for you a handout..

  • Jethro

    The truth hurts.

  • yahooBear

    Totally myopic. I don’t even know where to begin ?

  • J. Hanna

    I honestly think that’s the greatest threat we face. Yes the people in the current race are a bunch of clowns… but who are the morons who are voting them? The unfortunate truth is we have a very uneducated if not ignorant electorate.

  • Richard Kirchner

    you will not vote for Trump because your GOP/TP/RNC will not let you, wake up and smell the coffee, boy

  • Richard Kirchner

    have you ever spent time and MONEY at a Trump property?

  • William Walters


    I’m in my 2nd week of Democrat school. Its darn tough acting as stupid as they want us to be. Next week they teach how to lie, cover up our lies and lie some more. We have to do this with a smug look as if we are edumacted and smart. The week after that they teach us how to fold our tin-foil hats and when were done we get our graduation pictures taken wearing them.

    They said be careful after they dumb-down us, we may start walking into glass doors, but that’s not the worst part….they say we will back up and walk right back into it……..repeatedly

  • Richard Kirchner

    it is refreshing to see christian conservatives remaining so consistent in insults, name calling and making every thing personal, affirming the fact conservatives move from infancy to senility without ever attaining maturity keep up the good work folks

  • William Brewer

    You point out exactly why we’re screwed no matter who gets elected, Richard.
    I won’t deny a single point you made about the GOP.
    Sadly, you people on the left see nothing but angels when you look at your own party, instead of the truth of the matter.
    A party intent on destroying Freedom, and setting up a complete, 100% welfare state, where 50% of the people work and are subjugated by government into supporting the entitled 50% with everything they need.
    Politicians will be exempt from said limitations, of course.
    Its not a power grab…just ask a Democrat…lmao at you fools for not seeing the truth.

  • Rick Crosley

    over half of democratic voters don’t work

  • William Brewer

    Democrats LOVE the ideas of Communism…its not extremist, not moving left, not moving towards anything.
    Nope, when a Democrat wants to become Communist, the entire Country moved away from them, they didn’t move an inch!
    LMAO @ you fools!
    Stalin, communist, executed millions of his own citizens.
    Mao, communist, executed millions of his own citizens.
    But, according to a leftist, ONLY the Fascists were evil people.

    Guess what, America…follow the Democrats blindly, and you can see the end.
    Democrats care about POWER for themselves, by demanding only the Fed Govt actually has any.
    They idolize leftist executioners, while despising the counterparts on the right, the brought us slavery and hope to return us to slavery.

    Freedom to a modern Democrat…you’re FREE to do as we order you to.
    What if I want to keep my hard earned money? NOPE, OUR MONEY, not yours…who WORKED for it doesn’t matter.
    The above is the Democrat platform, in a nutshell.
    Compare it to Communism.
    Listen to Democrats speak.
    “We’re all in this together, Community first, blah blah blah”.
    Anyone of you fools want to guess the root word of Communism?
    Could it possibly be Community?
    Community first…communism.
    Oh, but idiots cant make the connection, and will deny any communist goals or values in the people who make the claims about FREE everything, as if it grows on trees and isn’t being stolen from one person to give to you for free.

  • Rick Crosley

    the propaganda spewed from this article fails to mention the 20 trillion dollar debt

  • Richard Kirchner

    mike, try to be an adult, this is an opinion piece, hardly dividing the country by making observations of your hopefuls. On the other hand your GOP/TP/RNC is doing everything in their power to decimate Trump and your rights in the process. Give up YOUR BIASED whine and address YOUR Republican masters, whining about Democrats will not make Trump your candidate, Good luck

  • Gary

    YOU are a complete AH!!!

  • Mike

    Well, the title of the article is clearly bigoted and biased against people who have a constitutional right to support whomever they wish. Demonize the opposition, and divide the country into thinking that the “world is going to end if a Republican is elected.” Pathetic rhetoric when the issues which face this country should be inclusive, positive, and bring this country together. This type of rhetoric may have meant something in the past but the electorate has wised up to the fact that the Democrats have shown no progress for helping the poor and have bailed out the 1% and big banks.

  • JJonez666

    ben cartright- Deal with it!!! Call her all the names you want. You just proved what kind of people you republicans are. There are a lot of despicable people in this world. Don’t you agree? Anointed her? you mean like the lying Trump who will say anything to get a vote. Anyway you republicans like lairs and fake Christians. You people like to scream and boast how wonderful republicans are and the fact you people are no better. See you just proved it. Hilary 2016.

  • Grace

    How can you said that democrats will win , Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature

    seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. That’s some

    legacy. i don’t wining anthing this election is already conclude the republican will win hand down

  • BC

    You need to look up marxism/fascism. They are not the same and do not describe any Democrat.

  • BC

    I’m still trying to find out why you would be in favor of a party (Republicans) that took the U.S. from a thriving economy, budget surplus and ran it into the biggest economic crash since the great depression. There policies have not changed. They don’t know how to change. Do you want to do it again? Are you in that much of a hurry to destroy our economy again? Are you ready for another war? Trump is a fascist, instilling hate and violence against fellow Americans. Cruz thinks he’s the Christian Ayatollah who wants to force everyone to believe as he believes by law. Carson’s is just not smart enough. If you think they will do anything about the illegals you are deluding yourself. Find yourselves a reasonable, fiscal conservative that is pro the American people and is willing to work with others both domestically and in foreign policy for the next election and you might have a lot better chance at winning an election. You do know the Democrats will take back the Senate in 2016. The Republicans have not done one single thing they promised in 2014. Time to go. Time for the voters to practice term limits.

    By the way, did you read the article about Ryan giving in to the broken House, run by the minority Tea Party, just like Boehner did. Great change.

  • wc soule

    This is spot on the heart of the matter. A glaring problem I see is that Republicans believe their viewpoints are generally the mainstream … given the polarization of media that we selectively get our chosen news from. Both Democrats and Republicans are coudled and clouded by reinforcement of already held beliefs and worse …. our suspicions. This appears far worse in the Repulbican party …. often devoid of any situational reality.

  • mmazzi

    Answers to everyone? Ob? He hates us. He doesn’t care what we want. He does whatever he wants. When has any Pres. given us what we want or answered our needs? That rhetoric is like the news media being scripted by the elites. Trump is working for us already. I’m not going further on this because you have your own visions and I have mine. I know him; you don’t. But that’s ok. We’ll soon see. Thank you for your posts, too. :)

  • Antonio Palisoc

    EconMatters,go to hell with Leader Lucifer Hussein

  • mmazzi

    What do you think he does traveling the world? BS, he knows more than than any loser in govt. about free trade. We need a strong, strong man as Pres. not weaklings like Bush; Graham and Marco and Cruz wanting amnesty. That’s ridiculous. Ob destroyed our free trade already. That’s what Trump does…free trade deals. We’re the only country that doesn’t get a dime from free trade. They all come here free to dump their products and we sell for nothing. Trump wants to charge them. Ob really put us in a hole. Put aside you don’t like his brassiness. They love him overseas. I’m a NYer. My bosses dealt with him. He’s truly loved and respected by all. This govt. is only out for themselves; not us. It’s all about money to them.

  • kimberlyclark

    The point isn’t that they are a complete mess it is that they are racist, sexist, homophobic, throwbacks to the dinosaurs and their breed is dying out. Have isn’t cool in America. Nor productive, This country has been hiding nde ar rock and even the Nazi’s could only hide so lone.

  • Phoenix Quill

    Marxism/Liberalism is Big Government robbing/redistributing the Wealth of the Rich/Middle Class on behalf of the Poor. This is what most Dems VOTERS are.

    Fascism is Big Government in bed with Corporate Wealth (the Rich/Syndicates) &
    essentially telling the Middle/Poor class what they will buy & where they
    will work, etc. This is what most Dem POLITICIANS are because Corporate funding helps win elections.
    Marxists like to say they are the opposite of Fascists, but in reality both
    believe in BIG Government & if we define Left as Big, both Marxism &
    Fascism are Left.
    If Big is Left, then Small is Right, which would be a Government prohibited from both Wealth Redistribution AND excessive control of the Markets. Aka. Free Market Capitalism. This what most Republican VOTERS are.
    ….BUT the political advantage of Corporate sponsorship also tends to push GOP
    Politicians toward Fascism just like it does to Dem Politicians.


  • Mack House

    Fuck DEMOCRACY and the NAZIS who seek it! we ARE A CONSTITUIONAL REPUBLIC, and it protects the ONEs Rights from the MANYS STUPID LIBERAL BULLSHIT DEMANDS!

  • Lostcustomer

    Keep dreaming; there is less full time jobs at present than since the 1960’s (Labor Dept) Yes, Bush added 4 trillion to the national debt because this country had been invaded and we went to war. Obama has added 10 trillion to the debt, and Obama has not reined in but increased by 400% The US takes in more in taxes today than ever and spends more than it takes in. And the recession, caused by the housing implosion of the banking business, was a result of Clinton wanting everyone to have a home so restraints on mortgages were lifted and the Democrat congress (And Dodd/FranK) passed the bill in 2007 making the taxpayers responsible for the loans of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. GWB warned congress 18 times of this problem from 2001-2008, but the Democrats didn’t listen/care and the crash came. Many Democrats made millions on the crash… but they still blame Bush for the disastrous results just because he happened to be President with policies the Democrats put in place.. Same thing is going to happen to the next President when the ACA folds…

  • thetnrebel

    Bah Bah Bah Bah, I have been hearing this every election since 1968.Really got bad when Reagan ran. There is a reason the democrat party is the manioty party with the republicans having the vast majority of gov and state office holders, the US house and senate. And next year there is going to be a republican elected to the white house.

  • Roger

    What kind of foolishness is this so called EconMatters group trying to promote with this story? It is clear that they live in some kind of an alternative reality totally void of reason and logic. Donald Trump is going all the way. The HildaBeast is yesteryear..

  • Buhwhee

    You’re happily misinformed and very wrong about a lot.
    In 2005, the NYT said Trump inherited about $35 million from his father. His latest
    wealth estimate is pinned at $4 billion.
    YOU are an IDIOT and have surged into an impressive lead over “UglyTruth”
    in race for COMPOUND IDIOT.
    Congratulations and CHEERS!

  • Joe Jackson

    As a conservative, I am going to vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s the Democrats perfect candidate. A socialist that’s as far left as you can get. We need socialism to collapse on a Democrats watch and the Fed has covered Barrack Hussein Obama. We need to lose this race.

  • UglyTruth

    So we’re going to act like Bush didn’t bankrupt the country. Cool…

  • Lostcustomer

    This administration says 100,000 but the UN wants the US to take in 250,000. We are suppose to be a sovereign country, so we the people should vote on this issue in a special election since our Senators are married to the parties instead of doing what the people want…And who is going to pay for all these people?? Middle-class taxpayers, that’s who. And the “refugees” are mostly men between the ages of 17-50, not the women and children this administration is saying. I do not want the UN vetting terrorist coming here; I want my troops vetting them and following up on them, which the government will not do and is not obligated to do after 90 days. These “refugees” can come and go where they please with no rules guiding them or having any organization checking on them. Several have already gone missing. There is a reason that 41% of the people are now classified “independent” instead of belonging to a party. Both parties suck…

  • Leon Barber

    Do not think the conclusion arrived at by this article will fly. This reads like some liberal “think tank” come up with this article. Believe the majority of voters have a different take on this, and that is what counts. The people are well aware now, of what making a mistake, not once but twice can do to their lives. God bless America, she will become great again.

  • Fern Rosenthal

    Buhwhee (to stoop to your level) you moronic twit, brilliant response. What did I say that was incorrect? You seem to have missed something in your “response”, like facts, intelligence, any slight indication showing you had a brain.

    I didn’t even get to the fact that he can’t even TAKE the oath of office if he won. See you have to swear that you will uphold the Constitution of the United States. So far his “platform” violates Article VI and the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, as well as the 1st Amendment, the 4th Amendment and the 14th Amendment.

    If that’s not your real picture, then add racist (like Donald Dump) to your list of character and intelligence failings.

  • Lostcustomer

    Illegals can’t vote and the legal immigrants are against this administration. Obama has shown he has no clue about the security of this country, how to handle foreign affairs, how to negotiate with the GOP, or how to get things done without mandating everything. He is the worst President since WWII, possibly in history. But you are correct; the Democrats will turn out in Presidential elections and it will be interesting. I just don’t want a Queen or a buffoon as President… I will not bow down or go to war…

  • Flannigan

    I’m glad you’re familiar with being “obtuse” when mentioning bankruptcy.
    It is simply a legal business tactic designed to preserve financial viability. This is precisely the experience this country will need at the helm thanks to Obummer’s liberal, irresponsible misleadership and inexperience in managing anything beyond fooling uneducated Democrats by reading a teleprompter.

    P.S. – You are a better “compound idiot” than Fern Rosenthal…congratulations.

  • Lostcustomer

    SmashnGrab…….You must still be living in a junior high society that has no clue about reality. The world hates the Clintons and especially Obama. Even Egypt has an arrest warrant out for his arrest. Putin and Russia has made fools of this administration and we have lost most of our support in Europe because the US appears to be weak and does not back up the rhetoric.. And in the last polls, Trump is leading in every category for he is against the establishment of both parties, even though he is running on the GOP ticket. The Democrats (progressives/Marxist) are the true evil people of the world, having no clue with reality while thinking that you can have utopia if you yell and scream loud enough or just buy people off or intimidate them. The Democrats should be classified as a hate organization for if you disagree with their views, there is no negotiations, and they get very violent and aggressive. They are the racist, most race-baiting, violent, lying, fraudulent organizations in America and they just won’t admit it because it would not support the rhetoric of always blame someone else when things don’t go their way and keep the minorities in the dark voting DNC while making slaves of them all… Sorry, there hasn’t been a true Democrat since JFK, only socialist, progressives and Marxist,, especially those of today who don’t give a damn about America, only their own wealth and power.

  • mmazzi

    @SmashnGrab Critical thinking is not in your bailiwick. Watch the video and read the arrest warrants. No wonder other countries call Americans stupid.

  • Les Williamson

    You’re an idiot to think we’d ever let another Clinton in like her so called husband!!

  • Red Fox

    sounds spot on so far.

  • UglyTruth

    So the Democrats are Fascists I your mind? Did you pay attention in school? Marxism is the direct opposite of Fascism.

    Fascism /?fæ??z?m/ is a form of radicalauthoritarian nationalism[1][2] that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, fascism originated in Italy during World War I, in opposition to liberalism, Marxism, andanarchism. Fascism is usually placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum

  • mmazzi

    What are you drinking? Pass it around to the Dumbocrats, please. lol

  • UglyTruth

    Lol… I like your sarcasm

  • UglyTruth

    Your reasoning for liking Trump could not be more obtuse. The guy got a $1 million from his Dad and became a slum Lord. Big whoop. Did you conviently forget how many of those said business have filed bankruptcy?

  • mmazzi

    She won’t win but if she does the arrest warrants are waiting for her. So calm down and read my posts to SmashnGrab, please. Will make you feel better. lol

  • HighSnides

    But then there are the Democrats who have a serial liar and incompetent who is under constant investigation and has poll numbers for being unlikable twice as high as her likability. She polls terribly among independents. Her nearest opponent is a socialist who puts the word “democrat” in from of it to make it seem better but at the end of the day it is what it is – socialism. He attracts the fringe elements but loses everyone else.

    Liberal journalists are believing what they write instead of facing reality. Obama won because Democrats got a high voter turnout than they usually do. He beat Romney because Republicans did not turn out. The next election, if Hillary is the nominee, is going to have even worse voter turnout for Democrats, but Republicans are fired up and want a change. They will turnout in large numbers along with independents.

    The next election is no sure thing for Hillary. Polls show Marco Rubio would beat her by 6 points if he is the Republican nominee. It still very early and at some point its going to come down to a couple of candidates on the Republican side. That’s when Democrats will realize they are in trouble.

  • Lostcustomer

    You just proved the point that the President was totally unqualified to run. He had accomplished exactly nothing, had not even run a lemon-aid stand and got into Congress on promises and rhetoric. He had accomplished exactly “NOTHING”, but he was elected by the ignorant majority that got him in office and he quadruple the debt, divide the country, have more people unemployed than in the last 59 yrs and have a foreign policy that has endangered this country’s security. I would vote for Trump in a minute if he is the GOP candidate, even over the old, rich, white Democrats that are running…

  • Luke

    The truth is an objective thing not an absolute.

  • mmazzi

    That you get? Here, read about your prize over-sized dumpling and the evil witch she is with a trail of death and corruption following here. First video is of your 70 year old hag not being capable of climbing a boarding ramp.

    Second website prove she has no foreign policy knowledge and how she tried to start a revolution in Egypy. Arrest warrants waiting for her.

    Enjoy!! Just remember why we are here today being overrun with murdering illegals from the ME (that’s acronym for Middle East) because Killary tried to shove democracy down their throats. The dead are Saddam and Khafafi. U.S. sending Killary to do this dirty job made a big mistake. She is the most ignorant; clueless; lethal; murdering; pathological liar and greediest woman ever conceived. Jail is waiting for her. She’ll be happy there cause friends can’t wait for her arrival.

  • Buhwhee

    Until YOU came along, I thought Fern Rosenthal was going to carry the title of “COMPOUND IDIOT” without a challenge. But I can see that You’re in it to win it!

  • Luke

    Thx nostradumbas with two ss on the the end. You know predicting the future is strictly forbidden by the church.

  • John Jett

    I’m a retired soldier, I get the VA care. It is Spartan but keeps me from having to buy Obama-Care. I am also a church board member of my local Unitarian Universalist Congregation. When Obama-Care hit, our pastor’s health insurance doubled. Now we have another increase of around 25% more. This is hitting everyone who works for a living. So do the math. SmashnGrab, how appropriate of a handle. I bet you hang out with Black Lives matter. 200, 000 is the amount Obama pledged to take in to the United States.

  • SmashnGrab

    I’m still not convinced that makes him presidential material. Having seen his tweets and his reality show, I’m pretty sure that he is NOT presidential material and he never will be. Owning companies is much different than running the country. The President can’t run the White House like a biz. He can’t just fire the people he doesn’t want to work with and he doesn’t own us/pay our wages. As president he would actually work for us, not the other way around. I don’t see him capable of understanding this basic concept. The president answers to everyone, not just to the people he wants to. And, he can’t be a big a hole to the leaders of other countries. We depend on trade and good will. He is not a good candidate. People will boycott American products!!

  • UglyTruth

    What the fuck does that have to do with anything? AL Sharpton owns corporations why not vote for him while you’re at it…

  • mmazzi

    @SmashnGrab JOBS; JOBS; JOBS; JOBS 57 companies Trump has. He PROVIDES JOBS. GOT IT???

  • SmashnGrab

    Reading comprehension is not your strong suit sweetie.

  • mmazzi

    Spot on, Prolly. Ms. SmashnGrab thinks bowling alleys are what category Trump is in like her grandmother. Lord help us. No wonder other countries call Americans stupid. LOLOLOL

  • SmashnGrab

    Lovely. And what can your grandma do? She still giving gummy blowjobs to all the bingo players down at the community center?

  • mmazzi

    57 businesses all over the world – this is not about bowling alleys. Man is entrepreneur and wheeler-dealer. NYer here and proud of our billionaires – especially the “truthful ones.” He’s also got plenty of successful people behind him guiding and paving the way. He’s not only brilliant in running an empire; he more than qualified to get us things we need that not one candidate has ever done. Our non-qualified leader didn’t do this for Kate Steinle, 24, stabbed in the back by a 5X returning illegal immigrant in a Sanctuary city in CA. Trump did and he’s just a presidential candidate. The Trump Act passed http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/house-just-passed-donald-trump-act-sends-big-message-to-obama/

    So put away your bowling alley mom and pop business. Trump’s big time everything!

  • SmashnGrab

    ??our global image?? The world loves Obama and the Clinton’s. They HATE Trump and the Bushes and the right wing pro-gun, pro-life conservatives. Republican candidates pretty much represent everything people hate about Americans. What are you talking about?

  • Buhwhee

    Your grandma couldn’t run a country, but she could run a bowling alley & wipe your as scrap.

  • http://analytic.tripod.com Robert Kopp

    The Republicans could well waste so much effort on an attempt to “contain” Trump that it gives the Democrats a decisive advantage.

  • Phoenix Quill

    Only 2 ‘cultures’ matter here. You are either ascribe to the Capitalists credo “Do what you have agreed to do & respect the property of others” or you think it’s OK for the Government to rob one man on behalf of another.
    Because Dems can’t admit they’ve sold out to Marxism/Fascism they like to accuse anyone who objects to wealth redistribution as a hater of whoever is getting the handout. Shifting ethnic demographics are irrelevant to Social Physics. Marxism & Fascism create horrific societies regardless of race. The LGBT community is irrelevant because they are generally checking out of the gene pool. Winning the vote is irrelevant if you don’t understand the Physics.

  • UglyTruth

    I’m guessing your avi is pure coincidence and “you have Black friends”. Can you guys be any more transparent

  • fedup

    Right. Just what we need. Fascist Trump, Ben Carson, or Ted Cruz? Great leadership potential. The GOP hasn’t a single candidate that won’t lead us off the edge of a cliff, when we return to what brought us down in 2008.

  • Tom J

    Democrats need to just stay home on voting day. You’ve done enough damage to this country and our global image. Plus *ANYBODY* voting for Hillary is beyond insane.

  • Buhwhee

    They aren’t running for president because they’re yellow cowards. DUH!

  • SmashnGrab

    You are sorely misled. You don’t understand the true potential and abilities. We already have the $$. We just need the government to stop giving it away by allowing the medical industry to continue on its unregulated raping of our population.

  • UglyTruth

    How has Obama Care hurt you specifically?

  • UglyTruth

    So why not vote for Warren Buffet or Bill Gates if your criteria for President is owning a business? At least those were self made made and not Silver Spoon Fed Trust Fund Babies…

  • ben cartright

    You want to talk parties that have lost their way, you left wing bomb throwing scumbags…Clinton is a lying, murdering, despicable excuse for a human being….and you idiots anointed her, your pick to replace her black counterpart, Barack Insane Obama….so suck it!

  • Buhwhee

    Wow. Thanks for showing the world that YOU are, without a doubt,…a COMPOUND IDIOT!

  • fedup

    True. Plus, more democrats will turn out for the general election. But, I still think so much is up for grabs and to an extent, will be a knee-jerk reaction to current events. The fear of terrorism has played out well for Trump, so far. But, at some point, you’d think Trumps outrageous views will catch up with him. Also, you’d think the Hispanic and other ethnic groups would be turning out in droves to vote democratic. But so many feel powerless to change anything and won’t vote, despite some very good reasons this election.

  • MegaGorgo

    Rhett, your ignorance shines like the sun through the hole in your head. Destroyed? The conservatives took America into the deepest recession ever. Every single GOP President ever, has plunged us into a recession. Bush took a balanced budget and DOUBLED annual spending, which, under Obama, has been reined in. Bush failed to create any net new jobs. The Dow was at 7000 when he left. Now the Dow has been up 10,000 points and we have about 13 million new jobs.

  • disqus_7lEAhytOR7

    This author is a total c**t.

  • SmashnGrab

    Lol, 200,000? Where did you get that number?!?

  • SmashnGrab

    Ted Cruz is an unbalanced knob head right wing fascist cunt.

  • Fern Rosenthal

    First, Prolly, that’s a lie. His record in the job creation field is to A. Bring in 1,100 foreign workers to staff his newest hotel, without offering the jobs to Americans, because he can pay them less and provide less in benefits. B. 4 Bankruptcies. Want to see a picture of the Trump hotel and casino in Atlantic City? C. He “created” the majority of his wealth by inheriting it from his dad. Hard not to be rich when dad left him $400 Million as a starting point. Kicked off 5 Board of Directors, and bought the balance of his wealth producing from already existing profitable companies. Second he says he’s going to bring back US jobs. How? He’s shipped jobs overseas, how come he didn’t bring them back?

  • SmashnGrab

    True. Democrats, Get Out The Vote!!

  • SmashnGrab

    Wtf, he has no public record. He has a record of running a business enterprise. He has no record on holding office and contributing to policies regarding our economy or any of the national issues you listed. A small businessman has done those three things, doesn’t make him ready to be president. My grandma did that when she owned a bowling alley, believe me she wasn’t presidential material. All candidates have created wealth. All candidates have been self employed (not really sure what your #2 really means??). And, number 1, well, building things. Really? We need a man who has “built stuff” to ‘get ‘ER done’ up in the White House? Wow. Really?

  • casual observer

    Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what point an ignorant fool is trying to make with an uneducated rant. I’d much prefer some sort of reasoned argument about how we have been “destroyed” given President Obama’s pulling Bush’s chestnuts out of the fire. There is a good argument for fiscal conservatism, but I much prefer solidifying and expanding social gains over trying to save money by giving a tax break to the 0.1%.

  • Connie Fuller Wright

    You know what you’re too ignorant to understand? Read your comment again and you’ll see why Trump will be the President in 2016…..Majority of Americans are realizing that the current Dem Party is filled almost entirely with immature, classless low-lifes such as yourself. Going to kick even more of the Dems to the gutter than in 2012 & 2014 and you just keep on posting your low-life kwap….Seriously, keep writing.
    PS: You’re so ugly you’re afraid to post your picture….

  • Hank Wilson

    If this correct then we are all doomed. The Clintons only care about making money for themselves, not this country.

  • Cory Hinman

    Man, you didn’t present anything of substance.

  • SmashnGrab

    I pretty much agree but then I look at all the republicans in office and I realize that they are winning!! I almost feel like the GOP presidential candidates for 2016 are some kind of confidence game (con artist ploy). Republicans win when democrats don’t vote. Right now we might be over confident because the leaders are so ridiculously non-presidential. But, the sad fact is that Republicans are the House majority and they are the majority in most state offices. So, despite how it seems we have a clear pah to the Oval Office, dear fellow dems, please don’t be too confident. We need to be extra cautious that the bad guys don’t win this time!

  • Cory Hinman


  • Cory Hinman

    the Republicans got the Senate back last cycle because the math was against the Dems. This cycle the reverse is true. The Dems will probably regain control of the Senate. Last cycle Dems won about one million more votes than Republicans in the House, but truly outrageous gerrymandering allowed the Republicans to retain control. But it seems states are taking the initiative to contain and even undo these obvious, cynical Republican ploys.

  • casual observer

    Ted Cruz is a self-serving opportunist.

  • MegaGorgo


  • An_Independent_Viewer


  • John Rose

    Especially if Candy Crowely shows up.

  • Prolly Talmbout Choo

    Singling out Trump & Carson proves this EcomMatters hit piece is propaganda for the “establishment” GOP.
    Why bash Trump? He’s the only candidate with a track record of:
    1) Building things
    2) Providing self sustaining jobs
    3) Creating wealth

  • fedup

    Although I agree with authors premise that the GOP indeed, has lost its way, I don’t agree that the election is virtually assured for the democrats. Discontent with Obama put record control of the House and control of the Senate, with the GOP, despite it’s dysfuntionality. It wasn’t a ringing endorsement of the GOP, it was an anti Obama message. Trumps rise despite the circus clown act, is highly indicative of public disgust with both parties.
    Voters aren’t all that deep of thinkers and don’t usually see the big picture ahead. They have a knee-jerk reaction to events and often vote accordingly. It’s an either or, voting mentality. Why else would the GOP who had us on the brink of another Great Depression, who lost in big in 2008, come roaring back to where it is today? Despite the country being in relatively good shape today, compared to 2008, it doesn’t take much to turn the voters against the ruling party. Just Barack Obama.
    If another major ISIS attack happens, particularly in the U.S. the GOP will win it all in 2016. If ISIS is contained well ahead of election day, the democrats might eek out a White House victory. The House will still have an overwhelming GOP majority, but the Senate may change hands, but not by that many votes.
    The average voter couldn’t care less how dysfunctional and far-right the GOP have become since Reagan. Although I agree with much of what the message is from this insightful article, the public at large will vote knee-jerk style come next November. It’s really anybody’s guess on who will prevail on election day. There are too many unknowns and unpredictable events to predict who will win 1 year out.

  • Rhett O Millsaps

    And this response is your average response to the truth, talk about the lack of proper grammar, {total mental illness) and leaving nothing of substance on the comment, it really shows what I meant, thank you Pi Demps, you are a typical liberal democrat who needs some down time with your doctors, I am sure they have mirrors in their offices.

  • Barry

    Ted Cruz is the balanced, completely competent one who will be the nominee once the current circus has left town.

  • Pi Demps

    For anybody who wants to tell the difference between the two parties look no further than this comment. Here we have your average conservative comment lacking proper grammar and punctuation skills while teeming with ignorant vitriol of anything that they disagree with. Stay classy, my uneducated friend.

  • John Jett

    Yes, the Republican party is a huge mess. So, how is it they’ve managed so many gains in the past two year election cycles? Obama-Care has hurt a lot of Americans and that will go a long way towards dumping the Democratic party. The Democrats are trying to bring in two hundred thousand Syrian refugees the majority of which are military aged men. That ought to go over well with the American people. The Illegal Aliens are a huge problem and the majority of the American people are opposed to their presence here. So that should be helpful to the Republican front runner. You Democrats don’t have enough dead people to vote for a winner this time.

  • Ray Thorne

    From the article : “The Republican Party has been hijacked by the right wing Christian conservatives, the gun toting NRA extremists, the Tea Party extremists and the racially and culturally narrow-minded factions across the country. The party is a complete mess, it really has lost its way, and is destined to lose the Presidential Election to Hillary Clinton.”
    Total B$.

    I predict that Hillary is gonna be indicted on charges of having violated at least 15 federal laws, including :
    * Title 18 U.S.C. §
    1924– “Unauthorized removal and retention of classified
    documents or material;”
    * Title 18 U.S.C. § 793– “Gathering, transmitting, or losing defense information.”,
    * Title 18 U.S.C. 2071– “Concealment, removal, or mutilation (of federal records),
    * “Federal Records Act of 1950”;
    * the Espionage Act,
    * obstruction of justice, &
    * at least 10 other
    federal statutes.

    [The FBI announced just recently that it’s “broadening its investigation”, which they say they’ll wrap up around the end of the year. By “broadening”, what they say they mean is that they’re now investigating her LIES. (Can anyone say, “obstruction of justice?”) If the FBI is investigating her ;ies, then she’s TOAST. Hillary is 1 of the most complete INEPT iars of modern times. And this should completely END the nonsense that the FBI isn’t investigating HER– just her inanimate piece of equipment. But a computer server doesn’t TELL lies.) Here’s a hint, guys. The FBI doesn’t “broaden its investigation” right before giving someone a clean bill of health. No. The FBI pretty much only “broadens its investigation” right before recommending INDICTMENT.]

    […& violating the Espionage Act only requires just 2 things. The information has to be related to the nat’l. defense (it does NOT have to be classified) & there needs to have been gross negligence in handling it. 2 Inspectors General have already determined that Hillary had sensitive nat’l. defense information on her server– satellite imagery from the KH-11 satellite & from the NRO Talent Satellite, including photographic imagery of N. Korean nuclear facilities. Although not required, that information is also classified at the highest TS/SCI level. (This
    kind of stuff is “born classified”, so it wasn’t classified later by some gov’t. agency.)

    This isn’t even in DISPUTE– so the 1st requirement is met. In spades.]

    [2d, receiving information of this nature on a private server along with the fact that she acted
    negligently in not taking measures to protect it after receiving it, plus acting in a GROSSLY negligent fashion by giving the server with this information on it to 2 different cyber companies that had NO STAFF with natl. security clearances, confirms gross negligence.]
    Poll after pool has shown that Americans don’t trust her, don’t believe her, & don’t like her. And after she’s indicted & her campaign collapses, there’s no way the uncommitted swing voters are gonna line up behind Bernie Sanders. The Dem Party will probably try to draft Biden, which will probably succeed, but Biden will be too closely associated with the idiocies of the Obama Administration, it’ll be too late for him to overcome this, & his campaign will flounder.

    On the GOP side, if they nominate Trump or Cruz then it’ll be a close run vs Biden. There are enough evangelicals, older white males, business owners, & military personnel– all GOP demographics– to make it competitive if the GOP nominates a competitive candidate. Carson of Bush probably wouldn’t do as well, but Rubio might do better. Particularly since his Hispanic heritage may offset recent GOP missteps in that area.

    Furthermore, Obama has presided over the most devastating LOSS by his Party of governorships, state legislative seats, & Congressional seats in U.S. history. This demonstrates that the nation as a whole in undergoing a profound conservative, anti-Obama shift, the full effects of which will be felt in the 2015 presidential election.

    In short, I think that a close analysis of likely developments in the campaign strongly suggests a GOP win. Especially since the track record of either party holding onto the presidency following a 2-term president is so weak.

  • 2behonest

    Yo blackie plantation again for you

  • 2behonest

    And her face is sinking!

  • georgeIIII

    Nice try fools !

  • Rhett O Millsaps

    You better pray a conservative wins the white house, your liberal nuts have just about destroyed us, and regardless of what you believe, believing in nothing or yourself as god, liberals need mental help.

  • Stuart

    I thought it was a well written article that captured Trump and especially Carson for the losers they are. On the other hand, Clinton is nothing to write home about either.

  • BigEd

    The truth hurts, huh? Do you guys really think any of these GOP candidates are worth a damn? They are EMBARASSING!!

  • BigEd

    And you don’t see it, silly Contard fool.

  • Stanley Westfall

    Want to bet an email server and FBI investigation on that claim?

  • Rodger

    1. I voted Democrat because I believe oil companies’ profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t.

    2. I voted Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the
    money I earn than I would.

    3. I voted Democrat because Freedom of Speech is fine as long as nobody is offended by it.

    4. I voted Democrat because I’m way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know that my local police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves.

    5. I voted Democrat because I believe that people who can’t tell us if it will rain on Friday can tell us that the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Prius.

    6. I voted Democrat because I believe in global conservation and drink 6 Krups coffee pods a day.

    7. I voted Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies being aborted so long as we keep all death row inmates alive.

    8. I voted Democrat because I think illegal aliens have a right to free health care, education, and Social Security benefits.

    9. I voted Democrat because I believe that business should not be allowed to make profits for themselves. They need to break even and give the rest away to the government for redistribution as the Democrats
    see fit.

    10. I voted Democrat because I believe liberal judges need to rewrite the Constitution every few days to suit some fringe kooks who would never get their agendas past the voters.

    11. I voted Democrat because I believe sodomy is a crime but same sex marriage is okay.

    12. I voted Democrat because I think that it’s better to pay billions to people who hate us for their oil, but not drill our own because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

    13. I voted Democrat because while we live in the greatest, most wonderful country in the world, I was promised “HOPE AND CHANGE”.

    14. I voted Democrat because my head is so firmly planted up my #$%$, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever have another point of view.

  • BigEd

    Great spot on article. The GOP CrAzY TrAiN has gone off the rails. A heavily baggaged Clinton should have an easy time winning the presidency against these ignorant, out-of-touch loons.

  • skeptical_inquirer

    What liberal media? The media is fawning all over Trump and not pointing out that most of what he say is inflammatory and/or untrue.

  • skeptical_inquirer

    You do realize other developed countries have better care for cheaper, don’t you? Do you glory in being ripped off by big corporations who do all sorts of sneaky shit so they don’t pay taxes? Do you enjoy paying more for medicines than our neighbors Canada and Mexico? I sure don’t.

  • TexasRules1

    “There is no reason that every American shouldn`t be able to walk into any healthcare facility at a moment`s notice and have all their medical needs met free of charge given the immense resources of this country.” Wow! Does this happen anywhere on the planet?

    And there is no reason, given the immense resources of this nation, that the gubmint should not meet my need for a new car every 2 years.

  • Chris A

    You mean like the Trump, Carson and Cruz supporters???

  • sharon

    Down goes the ignorant fools that stand behind that traitor and liar Obama.

  • benz4ever

    Stupid article written by idiot liberals high on meth

  • sharon

    Hillary lies so much the witch can’t keep her panties up, or her stories straight anymore.

  • sharon

    total lies of the left wing progressive communists of the Democrat party and Obama.

  • You Idiot

    Is that you in the picture? You’re ugly as a dog, no wonder why you’re a Republicunt.

  • You Idiot

    Lol yet you read the article. I don’t tend to read articles that don’t “matter”.

  • Erik Eriksen

    if it weren’t for the idiots at “econmatters” I’d laugh a lot less….

    thanks econIDIOTS !

  • tristram

    I’m a full-fledged ‘librul,’ but if there are many of us who think like the authors of this article, Hillary doesn’t stand a chance.

  • jojo

    If the white male goes down, down goes the spawn of sub- human slaves! (no one to leech onto)

  • jr61020

    Ahhhh the liberal media in all it’s bias glory wants people to vote for a criminal or a socialist wacko…..LOL

  • Matt Michaels

    Does this mean we can disregard the “electability” argument against Bernie Sanders?

  • The Black Ninja

    Down goes the angry white male! Down goes the angry white male! Down goes the angry white male!

  • jojo

    Who the hell are these idiots, EconoMatters?

  • Andrew Joiner

    Wow! Yahoo is really slumming with these liberal faux news articles! Too funny!

  • Clark Kent

    Never, ever, believe the liberal media in any matters whatsoever. Outfits like EconMatters have ZERO credibility.

  • TexasRules1

    So this is what the GOP looks like to those who reside inside the oxygen deprived liberal bubble.