Zynga Inc To Shut Down Six More Titles In April

Zynga has announced it plans to scrap six games, including Pioneer Trail, (previously known as FrontierVille) by the end of next month. Similar to other Zynga games, Pioneer Trail could not escape from obsolence, and has lost a chunk of monthly active players in recent years.

Zynga Inc To Shut Down Six More Titles In April

Old games leaving, new coming

Announcing the shutdown, the Facebook fan page of the game expressed gratitude to the members of the Pioneer Trail community. The statement further read that Zynga does not take shuttering games “lightly but we made the tough decision to shutdown Pioneer Trail so our team of game makers can put their passion, energy and time into developing new games.” CEGamers was the first to report about the upcoming shutdown of Pioneer Trail on April 30th.

Apart from Pioneer Trail, the social game maker has announced that it will soon scrap five more games including Zynga Slots, Duck Dynasty Slots, Riches of Olympus, Ayakashi: Ghost Guild and FarmVillage (a title launched by Zynga China at the end of Q4 2014).

Earlier in March, Zynga announced it was shutting down CityVille, which will also be taken offline on April 30th. Shutting down these games will let Zynga focus on “six to ten” new games it expects to unveil this year, according to a recent earnings call. The upcoming games includes titles such as Dawn of Titans, from its NaturalMotion studio and Empire & Allies, which is a restructured version of the previously closed Facebook game of the same title.

Analysts not confident on Zynga

Separately, in a research note issued to the investors on Monday, Vetr analysts lowered their rating for Zynga from a Buy to a Hold, and assigned it a price target of $2.82.

Several other analysts have also come out with an opinion on Zynga in recent weeks. Zacks analysts have assigned a Neutral rating to the stock from an Outperform, giving it a price target of $2.70 in a research note to investors February 19th. Piper Jaffray assigned the game maker a price target of $2.50, amd putting up a Hold rating, in a research note to investors on February 13th. Benchmark Co. analysts assigned a Hold rating in a note to the investors on February 13, and lowered their price target to $2.36 from $2.45. Zynga currently has a consensus rating of Hold and an average target price of $3.49.

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  • Sugar

    Yeah, I agree. You don’t really do much in Ayakashi. Same goes for farmville…

  • Big Thunder

    WOW! Ayakashi got f#cking RAMMED. It’s like they decided to take a huge, monstrous, thick, black, veiny, pulsating, throbbing, dripping, disgusting, Africian Mandigo PEN#S and shoved it up the blood-soaked a##hole of everyone who played Ayakashi. A double RAMMING took place in your wide a##hole if you spent money on this game.

    In the end after the ramming, all that remained were bloodied, battered and gaping a##holes strewn across the battlefield that once was Ayakashi Ghost Guild. Many petitions were made, but all were for naught. Those who stood by fought bravely, as they had already wasted too much of their time and money for it to be meaningless. Others were immediately silenced like the little twig-shaped weaboos f#ggots that they were. Only one survivor remained in the chaotic field of destroyed a##holes: Zynga.

    Zynga has r#ped your a##holes and wallets without remorse. I laugh at your destroyed a##holes. Rest in pieces.

  • Jordan Smith

    100% agreed. Excellent analysis. This is probably why Zynga pulled the plug on that cr*ppy game.

  • Jordan Smith

    Best comment. LOL

  • Jordan Smith

    Thank you for saying so. At least some people here aren’t completely hopeless. These 125 lb no lifers that have the body shape of a twig can go die. Try going to the gym instead of playing all these weaboo games.

  • Jordan Smith

    Animu card game does not exist anymore. Waaaaah

  • Jordan Smith

    Enjoy all you want. It’s been wiped off the face of the Earth. Use your magical weaboo tears to save it! Animu power!!!

  • Jordan Smith

    Yes, it actually does. You’re a filthy good for nothing no life weaboo. Zynga told you to f*ck off though. Good for them. Deal with it, because Zynga has already dealt with your kind. Brutal, but efficient.

    Well-played, Zynga.

  • EricR

    Yes, it actually does. You’re a filthy good for nothing no life weaboo. Zynga told you to off though. Good for them.

  • Jordan Smith

    You’re a piece of sh*t. You would play this weaboo game? This is why
    this generation is completely f*cked. I can’t believe our good nation
    would condone such utter sh*t.

  • realsmart987

    “animu” is a derogatory term for anime

  • Mikoto

    Stop being so judgemental of people. We enjoyed the game AGG. We sadly accept it is gone. Quit being an asshole.

  • Mikoto

    You uncultured swine. Just because some of us enjoy the anime art style doesn’t make us no life weeaboos.

  • Richisama

    You, asshole, nerd without a life?? And an invasion of Japanese culture? Shut up your stupid mouth, i would rather play this kind of games before looking after some vegetables to grow up in an imaginary kiddy farm

  • Nothing is for free

    Why? Nothing in this world is truly ‘free’. Zynga would lose even more money by giving away their property for nothing. Who cares about some whiny kids who cry because an online game shut down (the inevitable fate of all online games).

    Shut the f*ck up and buy the rights, or just move on. Why the f*ck are the fans trying to resurrect bullsh*t? I hope Zynga finds out and sues the idiots who are creating ‘fan made versions’ of closed Zynga games. That sh*t is copyrighted. Respect it or get sued.

  • Jon

    What the heck is an “animu” card…?

  • get RAMMED

    hahaha good this game closed.

    some of these idiots who played this game got RAMMED

  • Timothy R. Benett

    Zynga made the correct decision to ditch stupid animu games like Ayakashi. It promotes a stupid mentality for kids in this generation. Why don’t we all just convert to Japanese culture? -____- Death to the Western world!

    I’ve seen kids at the shopping mall running around with these Japanese headbands and doing these weird gang signs with their hands. WTF is the world coming to!? I have to do a ‘wapanese’ check of all games before I give it to my son, which ensures that he does not ruin his life by becoming a nerd with no future.

    Stupid teenagers are becoming weeaboos because they want to marry their 3d pixel animu wives. Games like Ayakashi are the reason for this. What a load of bullsh!t. Thank god Zynga is protecting our children from this brainwashing wapanese garbage.

    It’s complete horsesh!t that they made the game in the first place and it dragged out for so long… but they have redeemed themselves by ridding the world of this stupid game in the end. I will DEFINITELY be supporting Zynga in the future. Farmville is a great game that my son and I can enjoy without the fear of a Japanese invasion of our culture in the future.

    Thank you Zynga.

  • Farmville is #1

    You’re stupid. Farmville is a deep game that is fun for casuals.

    Ayakashi Ghost Guild costs WAY too much money to maintain for little return. That game was full of weeaboos too. What the hell is so fun about looking at anime girls all day and playing a recycled system (this game is similar to games like Monster Paradise, except those games came out first!!! WTF copied other games!).

    It’s a no brainer that they’d close Ayakashi Ghose Guild down. Little risk, high reward. Now they can focus on real games, like Farmville.

    Sorry to break it to you: Farmville is still here, Ayakashi is dead. It’s clear that the players in Farmville have much to look forward to in the future, while Ayakashi sits forgotten in the dust. Haha.

  • Zynga is #1

    No one cares about Ayakashi Loser Guild. It was a bad game anyways. Recycled energy/min method to progress through the game with animu cards. Whatever.

    Just play Word With Friends and Farmville. They are superior games in every way. Oh, what’s that? You disagree with me? Which game is still here and which game is dead? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not that loser guild game that’s still here.

  • Ladybug

    I want my Pioneer Trail!! I’m not going to play any of these NEW GAMES!!! Waist of time to start new games. Keep Pioneer Trail!!!!

  • David

    Farmville is buggy and should be canned. I can’t see anyone playing a game that has no conclusion anyways. What is there to strive for?

  • David

    Zynga should ditch Farmville. That game has drawn out for much too long. It’s no longer exciting or fun.

  • Jon

    I agree with @Hating Zynga. Ayakashi Ghost Guild was a great game – lots of glitches, yes, and just crazy things that should never have gotten past quality control, as it were. But the loyal fans put up with it and even forgave Zynga when they’d compensate us with fairly cruddy items. We forged friendships in our guilds, and it was crazy fun putting together teams and looking forward to each event, building a stronger deck, finally getting your hands on a much-sought after daemon, watching your team grow stronger, leveling up.

    Zynga didn’t say a WORD in the game announcements…everyone waited patiently for updates on the next event and……nothing. We waited and waited, rumors flew around about them closing the game, but also about the Chinese division shutting down and moving all the servers to the US, which was taking a lot of time, and that might be the reason for the lack of updates. Some people held out hope, some jumped ship early. Zynga finally posted the closure on the Ayakashi Facebook page, which I heard was taken down quickly, and finally on their site, still never a word in the game. So we have one month to play around with our teams (for nothing, no gain obviously), and take a bunch of screenshots. People in guilds are looking to find other games to play together to keep the guilds alive and the friendships going.

    How UNPROFESSIONAL to not say one word to the players, not even to give false hope, nothing. The biggest whales in this game spent literally tens of thousands of dollars – we can debate whether or not that’s a sane, rational, smart thing to do or not, but they obviously had the money to do it and wanted to do it. Others spent thousands, still others spent many hundreds. Free players (and low-cashers) may not have spent much, but spent valuable TIME in this game, hours and hours and days and weeks, with the average events being 2 weeks long – 2 weeks of being plugged in CONSTANTLY because slacking off could screw you up big time. Minor events lasted a week or so, and there was always some event going on, pretty much never any down time.

    I don’t think I will every play a Zynga game again, and CERTAINLY will never spend another cent on one. Not a chance. Ayakashi was a great game but they started killing it with the greed, always upping the difficulty of keeping up unless you spent wallet-abusing amounts of money, or at least used up your entire stash of items. Some people never spent and were still formidable opponents, but Zynga continually threw in the temptation to spend with new gimmicks to lure in those free players and low cashers on the fence. By the end, many people (I can’t say MOST players, but certain a large number of them) were spending at least some money. Well played, Z. Well freaking played.

  • Alfonso Sintjago

    Their games are not designed with a long term plan. They should release the code or standalone version of some of them to be run by fans in their own servers.

  • Vincenzo

    yes the new CEO is a peace of sh$t…. why he changed his mind about really poker on line gaming..? he could have made a fortune for the Company and the shereholder.

  • Hating Zynga

    The reason why Pioneer Trail lost so many players is NOT because of the game but because it was buggy, wouldn’t load for some players, had many problems and players got tired of all the crashing, bugs NOT being fixed and NO SUPPORT unless they were paying players to help them with their game or they would have to e-mail to get any kind of support.. Heard it all the time from players and they just stopped playing. Many players love the game and petitions sent around for Zynga to keep the game and fix the dang problems with it!!!!! Players are even going to playing games that Zynga isn’t involved in, so if they think they will get new players for their new games, they are so WRONG! Players put a lot of time (4 years worth), real money and made many friendships with PT and to just lose the game, people aren’t going to put that kind of money and time into another Zynga game. Just read the feeds and see the anger at Zynga.

  • Tron

    How about scrapping the CEO? Guarantee that will make the share price go up. Probably THE worst CEO for any social media stock so far with an insane salary to boot (5x more than Tim Cook!). I can now see why he was fired from the Xbox division. DM needs to take CEO 101, public speaking 101, conf. calls 101, list goes on. Oh, did Looney Tunes save the company yet?