Zynga Inc Releases First Look At Fantasy Game “Dawn of Titans”

Zynga Inc Releases First Look At Fantasy Game “Dawn of Titans”

Zynga released an early look at its first game in the pipeline for 2015, titled Dawn of Titans. The game is also the first in the mobile action-strategy category from NaturalMotion, who merged with Zynga in 2014.

Worldwide release later this year

NaturalMotion loves making games, and the latest release Dawn of Titans is classic an example of their work. The company wants the players to get nothing less than a ‘wow’ experience, says a blog post. “We pride ourselves on doing the hard things – the things that do not seem possible,” read the blog, adding that similar to games like Clumsy Ninja and CSR Racing, Dawn of Titans “began with us asking what was possible to deliver on a mobile device.”

Talking about the game, the blog says that Dawn of Titans provides players with a chance to enjoy a breathtaking, high fantasy world as they lead Titans and thousands of soldiers into epic battles. During the game, players have to create and build their kingdoms, raise Titans and their army along with fighting battles to expand their territory.

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As per the blog, the new game will enter various geo-lock phases in the coming weeks. The game maker will slowly ramp up the testing process by launching the game across geographies and devices. Zynga expects the worldwide release of Dawn of Titans on mobile by later this year, and the firm is urging players to continue giving their feedback.

Challenges faced by Zynga, NaturalMotion

Creating a full-featured action-strategy game for mobile was a challenge for the company, and they had to find answers to several questions to make it happen. The first and the most important question was if the company could create a game where everything could be controlled at the fingertips. Creating believable, epic battles with several thousand units fighting in real-time was not easy.

Another challenge was to make use of a technology that has been in existence for a decade now, and has been used in notable theatrical blockbusters, as well as in console games. The good news is that Zynga and NaturalMotion have been successful in meeting the various challenges.

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