Grenade Attack Strikes Near Karachi School

Another Pakistan school was close to the scene of an attack by militants as they threw hand grenades in the vicinity of another school Karachi. Reports from various news outlets in Pakistan indicate that there were no injuries because students were not at the private school when the attack happened.

Grenade Attack Strikes Near Karachi School

The latest on the Karachi grenade attack

A source at the school (whose identity we are keeping secret for safety reasons) tells ValueWalk that the attack occurred just before students began arriving for school. Our source states that the outside walls of the schools were cracked in the blast and that students and teachers alike were frightened by the attack.

Our source also saw parents of some of the students crying at the scene after the attack. Parents and students began arriving for school not long after the attack and witnessed the panic.

According to Express News, at least seven people riding motorcycles threw the grenades in the area of the school, which sits in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal part of Karachi. However, other reports indicate that only two people riding motorcycles threw a grenade. Police arrived on scene immediately after the attack and began collecting evidence, reports The News, which cites police officials as saying only two people carried out the attack.

The officials also reportedly said the grenade attack was not specifically targeting the school that was close to where it happened and that it just happened to take place close to a school.

Militants deliver letter to Karachi schools

The militants reportedly threatened the school’s staff members and residents of the area. They left a letter promising more attacks if their demand is not met before fleeing the scene.

In the letter, the terrorists call for the immediate end of “this series of hangings and fake encounters” of their “Mujahideen brothers in captivity.” They threaten to expand the scope of their attacks and say today’s grenade attack was “merely a trailer” of what is to come if Pakistan’s officials don’t stop. The latest series of hangings has been related to the Dec. 16 Peshawar school massacre, which claimed the lives of more than 100 people, most of whom were children.

Copies of that letter are now making the rounds of Twitter. Throughout Pakistan, people are sharing their comments about the attack in Karachi.

Karachi has been shaken by violence for years as militants continue to target the city by attacking various targets. Recently there were reports of threats on targets in India during U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent visit, although Pakistani officials denied those reports.

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