Tesla Motors Inc Seeks Approval For Its San Antonio ‘Gallery’

Tesla Motors is awaiting the decision of the city council to open a gallery in San Antonio to mark its presence locally

Tesla Motors is planning to open its first gallery in San Antonio, according to a report from News 4 San Antonio by Emily Baucum. News 4 unearthed a proposal in the city’s planning commission schedule.

Tesla Motors Inc Seeks Approval For Its San Antonio 'Gallery'

Showroom, not a dealership

The Model S maker wants city authorities to re-structure five acres off East Sonterra and Highway 281 for a showroom for its high-performing, high-end electric cars. If the company gets approval for the limited-service showrooms in North Central San Antonio, then customers will only be able to take a look at their favorite car and cannot inquire about the price or take a test drive.

According to Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, the location will be a showroom only and not a dealership. As per Texas law, manufacturers such as Tesla are not allowed to sell cars directly to customers, which means enthusiasts can come and see the car but cannot drive off with the new car.

The Elon Musk-led company is known for its reputation of keeping all major developments largely under the hood as some of the top local leaders were unaware of the plans until News 4 started asking questions.

Tesla’s presence good for the city

Last year the Palo Alto-based company did not choose the city for its so-called gigafactory. Unlike the battery factory, the showroom would not bring many jobs in the town, but it would still be a mark that Tesla is very much available locally.

Judge Wolff believe the showroom holds economic potential for the region. “I think it’s positive to have their showroom in San Antonio,” Judge Wolff says. “Shows that San Antonio is up with technology, blends with other efforts that we’re doing with solar power.”

Wolff further says the opening of the showroom indicates that better things are to come in the future, and recently Tesla’s CEO said that he would like to build a test track for a high speed rail system, most likely in Texas. Judge Wolff tells News 4 that he supports the showroom and expects it as a start from Tesla Motors for a larger presence.

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  • Larry

    Actually.. they are placed online in the showroom as well. Certain sales associates (forgot their title) can earn a little 100 dollar bonus from each car and customer they help and place the down payment online. That’s how I got mines, went to the local showroom, test drove, asked questions.. went online, placed a deposit and.. was basically sold the car heh. Then picked it up at the factory.

  • peter904

    Mr. Jain. FYI, no Tesla Model Ss are sold in any of TM’s showrooms (not in CA, NY and everywhere in between). All sales are placed on line and cars are delivered to the closest Tesla Service Center. The sad thing is not being able to offer test drives. Once you have driven a Model S, everything else is … so 20th Century.