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Matthew McLennan, First Eagle, On His Best Investment Idea – “Patience”

A next generation “Great Investor,” First Eagle Global Fund’s Matthew McLennan. First Eagle is known for its value-oriented, margin of safety approach and making preservation of capital its first investment goal. McLennan assumed the role of Portfolio Manager of the First Eagle Global Fund in late 2008 from investment legend, Jean-Marie Eveillard. The now $50 billion plus fund is rated four-star by Morningstar. Over the last five years, with McLennan on board, it is ranked in the top ten percent of its world allocation category. McLennan explains why he is currently finding markets around the world expensive, and why “patience” is his best investment idea.

Matthew McLennan First Eagle Investment Management
Matthew McLennan


  • Time is on your side
  • Don’t be afraid to wait for better opportunities and prices


Fresnillo PLC (FRES) London Stock Exchange Price: GBP 770.00 on 12/10 52-week range: GBP658.00 – GBP1,037.00


Next generation “Great Investor” Matthew McLennan, Head of First Eagle investment Management’s Value Team and co-portfolio manager of the First Eagle Global Fund is an avid student of history and financial history. I asked him what has been reading recently that was of particular interest. His recommendations take us back to two of the financial and economic giants of the 18th century, Irish born, entrepreneur and economist Richard Cantillon and Scottish-born economic theorist and policy-maker John Law.

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