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  • Pooky

    You need to download all the patches (go to IE, click on TOOLS and choose WINDOWS UPDATE). Then go to the metro page, click on STORE icon and it will be there.

  • Dion

    I have a Windows 8 box which is impossible to upgrade to 8.1 though I have tried everything M$ has said to do. But now I’ll be stuck buying an upgrade? Well, Bill needs more money….

  • simple khan

    ahaaa so the windows 8 was bad because it was a strategy to by the next windows like this they’ll always sell

  • bruce ortiz

    As long as you can get rid of Metro/Modern UI, Windows 9 would be a big improvement. To be honest, Windows XP still works just fine and their has been no Xpocalpse.

  • Larry Morris Shelton

    my man you hit it on the head !!!! I like how u described it.

  • John

    it seems every other windows release is awesome, the releases in between suck. Windows 3.x rocked, windows 95 sucked, windows 98 rocked, windows ME sucked, windows 2000/xp rocked, vista sucked, 7 rocked, 8 sucks, so if the pattern holds windows 9 will be awesome.

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