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  • Hang Monireth

    Hi! Can u help me hack account icloud?

  • Dave

    Its not alleged its happened last night to me..

  • Dan

    This article should be removed, it is completely misleading, and factually incorrect.

    Firstly, no, it is not possible to retrieve iMessages. iMessages are not stored with iCloud, or stored with Apple at all. And it doesn’t matter what you spoof, the device will not be on the send receive/list, and will not have the public key to decrypt them anyway.

    iCloud’s online storage is solid. These two “hackers” have not hacked anything to do with iCloud, they haven’t received any data they shouldn’t from iCloud.

    “While this may be the first time Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iCloud server has actually been compromised”

    No, it’s not the first time, as it has never happened. This article is completely based on either misinterpretation or click bait. Again, it is absolutely nothing to do with iCloud.

    Process to reproduce in 5 minutes, not 5 months:

    1. Use WireShark to monitor all network traffic.
    2. Legitimately unlock an iPhone’s Activation Lock by turning off Find My iPhone
    3. Look at Apple’s servers response
    4. Repeat step 2-3 to see a pattern, and what response the iPhone expects to turn off the lock.
    5. Edit the local DNS cache of your router. Change Apple’s Activation server’s IP to one of your own.
    6. Make the machine that has your IP always return the successful response identified in 4 when it receives a request
    6. No matter if the password to turn off Find My iPhone is wrong or not, the response the iPhone looks for is returned and unlocked.


    Now please either edit or delete this false article.

  • Guest

    the qre not dutch but dutch moroccans and icloud was breach in derb ghalef since a long time

  • Bill Smells

    Huh? Where in the article does it demonstrate that they hacked iCloud? They never really talk about that.

    The hackers are doing a DNS redirect to have the phones communicate with another server to unlock them. That’s the only thing that’s described in the article. A DNS redirect can be done on the phone or on a LAN, and it isn’t particularly difficult to do.

    Maybe the title of the article is intentionally misleading, but there’s nothing that shows they actually breached iCloud at all.

  • iDefect

    Funny how these stories almost never make it to the North American news and broadcast networks. This is fairly serious, even if nothing was compromised by this group due to their honestly.
    Why are iPhone users not notified of these breaches? If this was Microsoft, an Android manufacturer or BlackBerry it would be front page news.

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