iPhone 6 Concepts With Dual Display, Razor-Thin Design

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is expected to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 6 later this year. The tech giant never reveals anything about its next-gen iPhones. But fans occasionally come up with gorgeous concept designs. Two new iPhone 6 concepts (via iTechNow) imagine a bigger screen, razor-thin design, and virtually invisible bezels. These concepts are radically different from anything Apple has launched so far. Both new concepts seem to be inspired by reports that the Cupertino-based company will launch iPhones with a larger display this year.

iPhone 6 with ‘ultra Retina display’

The concept design by SCA Vids imagines the smartphone with 3GB RAM and a 4K ‘ultra Retina display.’ The RAM is higher than 2GB that we see in most of today’s high-end smartphones. The iPhone 6 runs on an upgraded A8 processor, and is just 5.23mm thick. Just like the iPhone 5C, the new smartphone would come in multiple colors.

This concept has a 5-inch display. It also features a dual-display, which means there will be a second screen that would simply slide out from the smartphone’s slim body. What’s more, this conceptual device automatically goes into auto wireless charging mode when the battery runs low.

iPhone 6 wallpaper with real-life environment

Another iPhone 6 concept by ConceptsiPhone shows an almost identical body to the concept by SCAVids. This iPhone 6 design boasts an extremely thin body in multiple colors. Its body has an angular design. This smartphone will be made with aluminum, including the area around the Lightning port and accents such as the speaker grills.

The biggest highlight of this iPhone 6 concept is its wallpaper. It has a transparent wallpaper with your real-life environment rather than the traditional home screen background. The concept shows an app-sharing feature that allows users to literally share their screen with another iPhone owner.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares were up 0.69% to $527.08 at 1:08 PM EDT on Wednesday.

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