Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B), the Sweden based modern medical technology company, has been getting a lot of attention from short sellers around the world. So far twelve firms, mostly hedge funds, have disclosed a short in Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B) to Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finansinspektionen. To know all the firms that hold a short position in Elekta, visit our page with the most updated information about European Short Positions.

Hedge Funds

Morton Holdings just covered their entire position in the company of 2.49 percent on Feb 6. At the same time, a firm named ZBI Equities disclosed a new position with exactly the same number of shares in Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B). Other holders with a negative bet in Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B) include David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital with a 2.26 percent position, Lansdowne Partners with 0.74 percent, Cadian Capital with 3.08 percent. As we reported earlier, Maverick Capital covered their short in Elekta a while ago. The net short interest disclosed so far amounts to 12.2 percent of Elekta’s shares outstanding. From Nov 11 2012 to date, Elekta has gained 7 percent in the Stockholm exchange. The company is set to launch a new radiation technology for cancer treatment in the next month that will supposedly revolutionize the future of cancer care.

Elekta is not the only stock that has attracted a string of shorts, another frequently shorted stock is SSAB AB (STO:SSAB-A) (STO:SSAB-B), a company involved in steel industry. However, most of the short sellers have reduced their positions to below 0.5%.  Presently Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates holds the largest short bet of 2.4 percent with the company. Oriflame Cosmetics SA (STO:ORI-SDB) and JM AB (STO:JM) are also shorting favorites in Sweden. Kynikos Associates and D.E Shaw Group hold a position in JM AB (STO:JM). Oriflame Cosmetics SA (STO:ORI-SDB) is up 22 percent since November 2012 while  JM AB (STO:JM) is up 24 percent since that time. Total short interest in Oriflame Cosmetics SA (STO:ORI-SDB) is now upto 7 percent.

In recent disclosures, Marshall Wace initiated a new short position of 0.5 percent in Securitas AB (STO:SECU-B). AKO Capital disclosed a short position of 1.5 percent in SAS AB (STO:SAS), a Swedish airline company. Lansdowne Partners revealed a short of 0.5 percent in H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (STO:HM-B). York Capital holds a unique short position of 0.4 percent in Ratos AB (STO:RATO-A) (STO:RATO-B).