European Stock Short Positions

[ssba] **European Short Positions have been moved to a separate page, follow this link. Short Positions that have been reduced to less than 0.5% are now sorted in Historical Data as soon as they are reduced. Please check Historical Data to see which positions have been covered. The holding will reappear in this list if the position holder raises it to threshold level again**

In late 2012, the EU began to require firms which held a short position in European stocks to disclose the position. The law now requires that firms with a short position equal to or over 0.5% of outstanding shares to publicly list it. The Short Selling Regulation (SSR), Regulation (EU) No 236/2012, introduces a notification and disclosure regime for investors who hold net short stock positions. Unsurprisingly, many large banks, hedge funds, asset managers in both the UK and the USA will appear on this list. All the various countries in the EU list on different sites and it is difficult at times to find the information. We have built a list of all the countries so far which have put up the list. The countries which are now disclosing their short positions include , Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. Some countries have yet to start the process including, Bulgaria, Potugal, Czech, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Luxembourg, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, and Slovakia. When those countries do become available we will post them as well.

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Austria: Stock Short Positions

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Austria Historical Data

Belgium: Stock Short Positions

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Belgium Historical Data

Denmark: Stock Short Positions

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Denmark Historical Data

Finland: Stock Short Positions

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Finland Historical Data

France: Stock Short Positions

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France Historical Data

Germany: Stock Short Positions

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Germany Historical Data

Hungary: Stock Short Positions

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Hungary Historical Data

Ireland: Stock Short Positions

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Ireland Historical Data

Italy: Stock Short Positions

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Italy Historical Data

Netherlands: Stock Short Positions

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Netherlands Historical Data

Poland: Stock Short Positions

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Poland Historical Data

Spain Stock Short Positions

Note: All positions listed below are those disclosed or changed on or later than 11/1/2012.

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Spain Historical Data

Sweden: Stock Short Positions

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Sweden Historical Data

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