How to Upload Photos to Facebook With Simple Drag and Drop

Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) implements a simple and quick way to upload photos? Well, this is now possible, all thanks to Facebook’s new photo dragging option that should have been rolled out for all users by now.

With this new method to upload photos, you don’t need to follow lengthy steps or click anywhere on the social networking site. All you need to do is to simply drag and drop the photos into your post. That’s it.

How to Upload Photos to Facebook With Simple Drag and Drop

You can upload photos from multiple folders on your hard drive. Select all photos with Ctrl+A, or select individual photos by pressing Ctrl and then drop them into the status message area of Facebook.

This method works on both the pages – News Feeds and Timeline. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will display instructions once you start dragging the selected photos around. When you are not over the target location, you will see “Drag photos here” and once you are there, it will change to drop photos. Simply drop photos over that area and photos will start uploading. You can add more photos by following the same steps.

Once you upload photos, don’t forget to add a message and also check the visibility of the post before posting it. Share those photos only with people who are you are comfortable with.

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Surely this new method to upload photos adds one more convenient way to share. Try it out.

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