People have been impatiently and desperately waiting for Apple’s next gen smartphone – iPhone 5, and there has been a lot of rumors about iPhone 5 – but no one in reality knows how exactly the next version of iPhone will look like.

However, a designer named Federico Ciccarese has exhibited his imagined version of the next gen iPhone. His version that can be seen in pictures below is inspired by the Apple’s Magic Mouse.

The mock-up of iPhone 5 made by Federico looks absolutely stunning, especially the glowing Apple logo at its back is something that many people would like to have in the real version of Apple’s iPhone 5.

Below are the images of iPhone 5 by Federico and Magic Mouse by Apple. See how similar they both look:

iPhone 5 mock-up by Federico:

Apple’s Magic Mouse:

apple magic mouse

So what do you think about this design, do you want Apple to bring you an iPhone similar to Federico version? Tell us your views in the box below.