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  • Adil

    my facebook five account was hacked please healp me

  • Cindy

    Can’t even get on the web page to Facebook. I tried to make my account private and made it so I can’t do anything.

  • sajad

    Hello…..my facebook account’s email,password & phone number has been changed last night…can you help me bro??

  • shivani

    Hi Team,

    How can I delete my Facebook account if I forgot my email and password? can you please help me out.

  • jen

    My fb was hacked, that fb is my online shop. I’m afraid he or she is going to cheating people’s money, ask my customers to transfer money, I even can’t entered my account. What should I do??? Couple of days someone pretend from facebook team asked me to fill ny email, my password, phone number, date of birth, where I was live when I was 8. I really thought it was from real facebook book team. Then suddenly I can’t log in anymore. Wrong password etc.. I tried to recover my facebook, but 8 digit numbers asked me to send to somebody else email, I guess my email also changed by hacker. What should I do now to get my facebook back. Helppppp me please…..

  • ok

    My facebook was hacked and the only means I’ve to recover it is through my email address but due to inactivity my email was deleted by yahoo, I’ve tried to create a new email with the same id but they say it’s not available.

    What shall I do to regain control of my facebook please?

  • Daniel Tran

    FB account was hacked. Go to Compromised page and click on I can’t not identify my account but FB won’t recognize my full name, email or phone. I guess the hacker already changed my username, email, and password.

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