Yahoo Announces To Roll Out ‘Do Not Track’ Solution

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Yahoo Announces To Roll Out ‘Do Not Track’ Solution
Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO)  internet search engine has announced on Thursday that they will be unveiling its own Do Not Track service by at the earliest early summer. This will allow internet browsers to stay hidden from the ad targeting features that are in different sites.

Yahoo says that they have been working on it for about a year and it has been created to work with the Digital Advertising Alliance. The way users can select to use the DNT system is by using the dashboard’s options to change your ad targeting preferences. Here is what Yahoo said about the new system:

“Yahoo! has been a leader in the DNT discussion and has a proven history of providing enhanced transparency and heightened control to its users. This implementation continues our leadership in user privacy where Yahoo! was among the first to launch an Ad Interest Manager three years ago and the industry AdChoices Icon program two years ago. With this new feature, Yahoo! continues its leadership in privacy innovation while continuing to create the free online services consumers demand that are made possible through advertising” (, Yahoo).

This new system is an answer to the US Federal Trade Commission said that internet companies should use a “Do Not Track” system which they said would protect consumer’s personal information online. The FTC has also advised Congress to pass a privacy legislation that would basically force companies to use a DNT system.

Yahoo is trying to pick itself back up from the brink and any advantage over competitor Google is going to help. The fact that Yahoo jumped very quickly onboard for this new DNT system shows that they are trying to show the government and consumers that they are serious about their recovery and following the rules to protect people online.

Yahoo has faced some tough times over the past few years. After Google took a majority of the search market share, Yahoo began to collapse. An absent minded management has not helped the company either. Management has created nothing of value for its shareholders in years and this could be the first sign that the company is starting to make a turn around. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though. There have been similar situations in the past that did not end up working out. Yahoo needs to get back to a late 1990s mind frame because right now they are a dead man walking.

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