Would You Watch Feature-Length Apple Films?

Would You Watch Feature-Length Apple Films?

The video strategy of the tech giant Apple has by far focused on TV content like morning dramas, documentaries and even sci-fi series. However, is that going to change with feature-length Apple films? The company could be considering enhancing its strategy when it comes to its video plans.

The tech giant is believed to be approaching work on full-length animated movies. Apple is actually talking with the Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon, which is also nominated for an Oscar, according to the report in Bloomberg.

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The animated movie from Cartoon Saloon is still in production, however, and is estimated to come out in “more than a year.” According to Bloomberg’s sources, the movie will likely feature a release in the theaters. However, before we see one of Apple films featured publicly, the company needs to negotiate in order to buy the distribution rights for the U.S. and other countries.

It’s still unclear whether Apple will sell or market the movie, although the release in the theaters is most likely to happen, since it’s important for it to qualify for an Academy Award. Nevertheless, Apple already has successful video content projects behind it. The TV content ranges from documentaries to a sci-fi series, and features a comedy with Kristen Wiig, as well as a drama that was created by “La La Land’s” Damien Chazelle. One project also includes a morning show drama with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

However, the deal with Cartoon Saloon suggests that Apple wants to go a level beyond TV shows with Apple films. Producing the mentioned animated movie would set Apple against new rivals like Netflix, Amazon and Google’s YouTube, which are extremely dominant in the online market.

Nevertheless, while Apple is fighting an uphill battle on the market, it is receiving a lot of cash and attracting a lot of industry attention. Last year, Apple’s Hollywood office was said to be overwhelmed with spec scripts. Although it’s yet for Apple to release its TV content, they need to find which channels will be used for its distribution. Nevertheless, it’s most likely that its TV app will be used.

According to Bloomberg’s report from October, Apple’s first original TV shows could debut in 2019.

On the other hand, Cartoon Saloon, a studio based in Kilkenny, Ireland, is known for Academy Award-Nominated movies like “Secret of Kells,” “The Breadwinner,” and “Song of the Sea.” The studio is also known for producing short movies and TV shows. Its “Puffin Rock” is an Emmy-nominated preschool series, that can be found on Netflix in more than 25 languages.

So, would you watch full-length Apple films? Please let us know!

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