Women In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Women’s achievements in the world of technology have long been swept under the rug. Ada Lovelace is widely recognized as being the first person to write a computer algorithm, but often when her name comes up it is in relation to her writings about Charles Babbage’s computer design theories. There’s even a movie and a book out about Katherine Johnson and the other African American women who made the United States’ space program possible, yet few people have even heard of her. Suffice it to say women have made a much greater impact on the world of computer science than you can imagine, and those contributions are being carried on into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

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Kathryn Haun is a former Federal Prosecutor who now lectures students on the emerging world of blockchain and cryptocurrency crimes. There are lots of people out there who believe that cryptocurrency is unregulated and untouched by the law and therefore it’s totally ok to use it to commit crimes. This bizarre chain of logic has led to things like the Silk Road human trafficking bust several years ago, though most crimes committed with cryptocurrency are not quite as severe. Thanks to educators and innovators like Haun cryptocurrency has a chance at becoming something that is accepted and respected rather than relegated to criminal empires.

Crystal Rose is another innovator in the cryptocurrency space who is seeking to legitimize the technology through governance. Currently one of the things that turns people off the most about this technology is that you never know which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams. Rose sits on the board of the ICO Governance Foundation, which pushes for global standards in Initial Coin Offerings.

Galia Benartzi and Daira Arefieva are both cryptocurrency futurists. In addition to the work they do on the technical side of ICOs and cryptocurrency, both women also spread the word about the latest technologies in order to ease the fears that often surround cryptocurrency and ICOs. Benartzi is a lecturer and writer on the subject who believes that blockchain technology will change the world for the better. Arefieva connects people from all across blockchain, serves in an advisory role at an ICO investing firm, and organizes interactive blockchain events to get potential users excited about the future of this emerging technology.

The women making waves in blockchain and cryptocurrency today have the women of yesteryear to thank for the technological advances that have gotten us to this point. Learn more about women in crypto from this infographic!

Women In Cryptocurrency And Blockchain blockchain and cryptocurrency

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