Wilbur Ross: Very Bullish on Japanese Stocks

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Wilbur Ross: Very Bullish on Japanese StocksWilbur Ross, Chairman of WL Ross & Co, says the Japanese market is the most liquid in the world.

Some quotes:

“While we’re operating more in China and other places, now we think Japan is probably the most attractive of the big markets.”

“If you take the 30 biggest markets in the world, only six are cheaper than Japan and those are very troubled countries—Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Ireland—places like that.”

“We’ve been somewhat active in Japan even in recent years—now we’re going to get very active because so many stocks are ridiculously cheap.”

“The real strength in Japan is technology—Japan makes the best components in the whole world…There are many young technology companies growing very fast in Japan that have been neglected because of the overall market.”

“We’ll be happy to be a white knight to help the companies who defend themselves against a hostile bid.”

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