Where To Watch iPhone 6 Unveiling?

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The biggest tech event of this year, and probably one of the most significant of all-time, is finally just one day away. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s huge event in Cupertino, California will take place on September 9, with the conference getting underway at 10am PT.

iPhone 6 unveil

With all of Apple’s hierarchy including CEO Tim Cook present at the event, and Cook expected to give a keynote speech, it is widely anticipated that Apple will unveil a raft of key hardware products at the California event. This will almost certainly include the next generation iPhone 6, while other possibilities include the fabled iWatch and a sequel to the iPad Air tablet.

But what is certain is that with Apple being the world’s most successful consumer electronics company, the event will garner a huge amount of attention. Many Apple fans will want to view the event online, so that they can experience first-hand everything that Apple is intending to release in the near future.

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Thankfully in these days of super-fast Internet connections, Apple of course has the capabilities to stream the event live. Already a handy counter is ticking down the minutes to the Cupertino unveiling, which will only serve to heighten the already frenzied anticipation.

Apple likes to play its cards so close to its chest, so it took quite a long time to actually confirm that it would live stream this event. However, thankfully Apple has now confirmed that there will be a live stream, so fans of Apple products may begin rubbing their hands with glee…

Where To Watch iPhone 6 Unveiling?

When conferences go wrong

While the future of Apple is unquestionably secure, one shouldn’t underestimate the importance of such large media events. Although a huge amount of planning and corporate strategy goes into such carefully staged managed events, things can still go completely wrong.

One rather hilarious example of this was when film director Michael Bay gave a rather disastrous performance during a Samsung conference in which the Korean manufacturer was promoting its range of curved televisions. And the Microsoft unavailing of its Xbox One console has now entered video game folklore due to its epic failure to deliver to its core audience.

Thus, Apple won’t be taking anything for granted going into this event, and will be certain to have an extremely slick and very well thought out presentation to whet the appetite of fans.

The Apple iPhone 6 live stream

So how should one go about viewing this important Apple event? Well, the iPhone 6 launch live stream will be available at the Apple events website. Accessing the website and selecting the appropriate stream from the visible menus should trigger this successfully. It is possible that Apple will in fact restricts this live stream to only existing Apple users; this is something that they have done in the past. This may be irritating the people who don’t currently have an Apple device, but it is presumably undertaken in order to ease a little server pressure. However, it must be emphasized that this has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

It will also be necessary to use a Safari web browser to view the stream, as other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer will not be compatible with Apple’s stream.

Additionally, Apple TV owners will be able to view the iPhone launch event through the device. Naturally this still requires a strong Internet connection. It is also worth bearing in mind that a 3G or 4G connection for this event could prove to be extremely expensive, so if your intention is to view it via iPod or iPhone, it would be advisable to utilize Wi-Fi.

Where To Watch iPhone 6 Unveiling?

More iOS 8 content

Aside from the major hardware announcements that are expected at the event, Apple will also be providing more background information on its latest iOS 8 operating system. This was in fact announced back at its World Wide Developers Conference in June, 2014, during which Apple showed off several new features to attendees. But with the next raft of Apple hardware strongly expected to run off iOS 8, it is highly likely that Apple will showcase even more functionality during this latest event for media and fans.

While Apple likes to keep information under wraps for as long as possible, a release date for iOS 8 is pretty much certain to be revealed during this event. Although iOS 8 has a similar user interface to the much praised iOS 7, Apple has already announced several improvement and features to the software, and these include superior notifications and a multitude of new features in iMessage.

Speculation in recent weeks regarding Apple has centred around the iPhone 6, and precisely when, and indeed whether, the two highly anticipated models of this smartphone will be released. Apple’s tendency is to be so secretive about its products that it has refused to even acknowledge the existence of the iPhone 6, but with the media dubbing this Cupertino conference an ‘iPhone 6 event’, we’ve probably only got 24 hours to wait to see the latest iPhone.

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