Apple Inc. CEO: Is Tim Cook Better Than Steve Jobs?


Tim Cook took the reins of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) three years ago on August 24, 2011 as  CEO after working at the company since 1988. Prior to becoming CEO, Cook worked in the capacity of interim CEO while Steve Jobs was fighting cancer. Cook’s ability to take the company forward was a subject of debate when he stepped into the role. However, after three years, his progress report will surely clear up many doubts about his leadership.

Cook deserves a B?

There are various financial metrics on which the performance of Cook can be scaled. According to Morningstar, Apple shares get 3/5 stars, and the iDevice maker has outperformed the industry average in the last three years. Back in June, the stock was split seven for one, and the price of the shares rallied beyond the previous high. Cook’s slight under-performance could be attributed to his lacking flair for innovation, says a report from Cult of Mac.

Industry analyst Horace Dediu told Cult of Mac, “So is Apple making an impact? I’d say they are sustaining their position rather well and if that’s all there was, Tim Cook deserves a B.”  Dediu said that truly impactful new products that make an impression in the universe is due for quite few years from Apple. Going by innovation, Cook still needs to perform.

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More acquisitions by Apple under Cook

Apple has been on an acquisition spree ever since Cook became CEO. That said, acquisitions at the company have ramped up 64% since Cook took over. In August, the iPhone maker acquired Beats Electronics for $3 billion, which is the highest sum paid for any acquisition by Apple. Although some might doubt the decision, acquiring Beats was a bold move by the company, keeping its liquidity intact as it is cash and investment rich. Also the company did not lose its Moody’s Aa1 rating with the acquisition, says the report. According to experts, the acquisition of Beats Music will bring “modest revenue growth opportunities” and a future in wearables and the in-home tech market.

Cook is working on his acqui-innovation strategy under which the company is determined to buy everything from AlgoTrip (data compression) to Topsy (analytics) and Swell (music streaming), which makes market watchers curious about Apple’s next step. Cook argues that there is a strategy behind acquisitions. In 2013, he said that a takeover is done to acquire intellectual property or skills and then is channeled to work on something else.

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