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What Would Donald Trump Have Done?

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Imagine that Donald Trump were still president, while three-quarters of Russia’s armed forces had gathered on the borders of Ukraine, ready to carry out a full–scale invasion. What would President Trump have done differently from what President Joe Biden has done?

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Would Donald Trump Have Rebelled Against Vladimir Putin?

Long described as being Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s “lapdog,” would Trump have rebelled against his master – or would he have continued following his commands? Would he have sent a vast amount of military aid to Ukraine and worked closely with our NATO allies to impose a package of strong economic sanctions on Russia, or would Trump have continued following the appeasement suggestions offered by Tucker Carlson and his colleagues at Fox?

Would Trump, who has been accused of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars for crooked Russian oligarchs – and may well owe them millions more – have been able to turn his back on his long-time business associates? The sanctions that Biden is imposing have targeted these crooked businessmen and Putin himself, who may have stolen more than the rest of them.

During times of crisis when our nation was threatened by a foreign power, our leaders from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy have been able to pull us together to stand up to a common enemy.

Russia under Putin is no friend of America. He is bound and determined to reassemble the components of the old Soviet empire. Ukraine would be the linchpin – the most populous of these nations. But the United States and its NATO allies are inconveniently standing in the way.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, you still are foremost an American. So please ask yourself this question: At this pivotal juncture in our nation’s history, who would you want to be dealing with this crisis?