Wait For The First Quarter Announcements

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In his Daily Market Notes report to investors, while commenting on the first quarter announcements, Louis Navellier wrote:

Buy Energy

This week is all about inflationChina announced on Monday that its consumer prices soared 1.5% in March.  Specifically, China’s National Bureau of Statistics reported that fresh vegetable prices rose 17% in March, while fruit prices rose 4.3% and flour prices rose 4.6%.  Wholesale prices rose 1.1% in March, up from 0.5% in February.  China is experiencing more bottlenecks as its Shanghai province remains closed due to Covid-19.  In fact, electric vehicle manufacturer, NIO, had to follow Tesla and shut down its production.

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If you do want to buy energy, especially crude oil, today's a great day to do so. Natural gas prices I should add are still rising because of strong LNG exports.

Crude oil prices are now at six-week lows due to fears of slumping global demand due to China’s Covid-19 shutdown as well as a recession enveloping Europe.  There are also frustrated voters in many countries, such as in France where President Emmanuel Macron will have a runoff election with nationalist Marine Le Pen.  More countries are reverting to nationalistic tendencies as globalization fails due to supply chain woes.

What Rattles Investors

Treasury yields continue to rise as the Fed unwinds its quantitative easing.  The 10-year Treasury bond yield rose above 2.75% to its highest level in three years.  However, soaring intermediate yields and the threat of more yield curve inversions is what really rattles investors.

This week’s first-quarter announcements by many financial institutions are expected to shed further light on whether or not an inverted yield curve will squeeze financial stocks’ operating margins. Some of them will have to have some write-downs because of their exposure to Russia. But by and large, their earnings are going to be very good because of very low consumer default rates.

Wait For The First Quarter Announcements

Despite some profit-taking in technology stocks as Treasury yields rise, it is important to remind investors that interest rates have very little, if anything, to do with technology stocks.  Wall Street loves to try to shake investors out of growth stocks before their quarterly earnings announcements.

It is important to remind all investors to wait for the first quarter announcements that will commence next week for our powerful growth stocks.

Coffee Beans

Four out of the eight best-selling cars in the United States in 2021 fall short of the current fuel economy standard of 24 miles per gallon for 2022 models.  Two of the worst offenders, the Chevrolet Silverado range with an average of 17.5 miles per gallon across all models and the Ram 1500 line with 20 miles per gallon on average, are among the top 3 cars in terms of sales numbers in the U.S. With the new requirements (40 miles per gallon) set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for all 2026 models, even the current model with the best average fuel efficiency at 32 miles per gallon, the Honda CR-V, wouldn't be able to pass. Source: Statista. See the full story here.