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Valuewalk’s Ethics, Disclosures And Corrections Policy

Valuewalk is committed to strict ethical standards. We feel an obligation to our readers and the public in presenting stories about the investment industry. Below is a brief summary of what we think readers should be aware of.

  • We strive for accurate reporting, however, humans make mistakes. If you see any error whether factual, spelling, grammar or other please immediately email our editor in chief Michelle Jones at Mjones@wordpress-785388-2679526.cloudwaysapps.com and cc our general inbox at info@wordpress-785388-2679526.cloudwaysapps.com to expatiate the issue. We add a note if an article is updated with a comment about what the mistake was.
  •  Our reporters and staff are required to disclose any securities owned which they are writing about. Additionally, when possible we encourage our staff to not own individual stocks. We avoid writing about companies with small market capitalization (even with disclosures) to avoid any potential profits from moves in their prices. Indeed, our CEO no longer purchases stocks to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest.
  • Whether related to securities or not, our staff is required to disclose any significant conflict of interest before beginning a story and to mention even minor conflict of interests in the text itself.
  • When it comes to exclusive reporting we require extensive validation of the facts. Documents must be ascertained to be accurate and generally at least two reliable independent sources are required.
  • Sources must be vetted to ensure there is no agenda. For example, a disgruntled ex employee can be a good starting point for discovering an issue at a company but is generally not trustworthy as a source of information. In such a case, two additional neutral sources would be required for us to verify the information.
  • While we are always searching for important stories, there are limits to the information we can use. All tips we receive should be done in a legally compliment manner as we discuss further on our tips page.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact our CEO and founder, Jacob Wolinsky at jacob@wordpress-785388-2679526.cloudwaysapps.com

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