Change Your Xbox Gamertag Name From Windows 10: Here’s How

Change Your Xbox Gamertag Name From Windows 10: Here’s How
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If you have switched over to Windows 10 then you must be enjoying your Xbox integration with it as an app. What you may not be enjoying is the thought of changing your Xbox gamertag over that is still linked to your Microsoft account. Don’t worry it’s easy and quick and you will soon be getting back to your gaming enjoyment after completing these few steps.

How to change your Xbox gamertag

If you don’t have access to your Xbox, no problem as you can make the change through the Windows 10 Xbox app.

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Step by step to change your user name via the Xbox app with windows ten:

  • Go to start menu and click on the Xbox App
  • Click on your profile pic in top left corner
  • Click “Customize” just under your profile image
  • Then click on the change gamertag option which you will see under your gamertag name

Hopefully this will work well for you but you just might get a message saying that you have used up your free option for changing your Xbox gamertag. This might be true and you forgot about it or it could be a glitch where you were provided with a default name and this was assumed to be one of your chosen names. In any event you will be instructed to go to to buy a new name for $10.

You can now enter your new gamertag or pick one of the suggestions. Once you do then you will have to purchase it. The cost depends on which country you are in.

If you really don’t want to pay then there is another solution. You can sign in with a different Microsoft account.

  • Go to the Xbox app once again
  • You will see the gear icon in the bottom left corner. Click on this
  • Choose sign out under your user account
  • Now get ready to sign in again
  • This time click on the sign in with a different Microsoft account option.

Now you are going to create a new Microsoft account which will not have had a Xbox gamertag used for it. This new gamertag will now show up in your Xbox app and in the Windows 10 Store App for Xbox services.

Your original Microsoft account still exists and you will use it for your Windows account along with the Windows store plus Windows 10 services.

While using this method means that you didn’t have to pay the price for a new gamertag, it came with the cost of you not having any of the data associated with your original Xbox profile, like your friends and achievements.

There is a price to pay no matter which way you look at so the choice is yours whether it’s going to be currency or lost profile data that you are paying with.

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