US, NATO vs. Russia War Will Be The End Of Humanity

US, NATO vs. Russia War Will Be The End Of Humanity
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The U.S. and its allies’ move to deploy a significant number of troops and heavy military equipment onto Russia’s borders indicates that the West is preparing for a war with Russia, according to an American political analyst and journalist.

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“They [Washington and its allies] are clearly preparing to fight a war with Russia, and they are not only preparing to fight it at the old battle lines, but at Russia’s door, while they talk about Russia provoking,” Don DeBar, the political analyst, said during an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

The analyst’s comments come after the U.S. announced plans to deploy 4,000 troops close to Russia’s borders while Russia conducts its military operations in Syria, bombing U.S.-backed rebels.

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On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that some 4,000 NATO combat troops will be stationed in countries bordering Russia. In Poland and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, there will be roughly 800 to 1,000 soldiers stationed amid the coldest tensions between Moscow and Washington since the end of the Cold War. The move has a high chance to escalate the risk of a war in Europe and a military confrontation between the world’s two largest nuclear powers: the U.S. and Russia.

According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. officials familiar with the deployment of the 4,000 NATO troops close to Russia’s borders say the move is supposed to send Russian President Vladimir Putin a message that NATO’s active presence of military forces is at his country’s door and that NATO troops are watching his every move, ready to respond.

“It is a very bad sign, people do not generally place their army at your door unless they plan to fight a war with you,” DeBar said.

NATO vs. Russia war will be the end of humanity

“The problem is that most people in the country here [the U.S.] have no idea that this is going on,” DeBar noted. The analyst also added that the American media intentionally ignores reports that “there is this army deployed to Russia’s borders with material and manpower.” A war involving NATO, the U.S. and Russia “would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of any possibility of a comfortable future for humanity,” the analyst concluded.

The U.S. and its allies accuse Russia of bombing U.S.-backed rebels in Syria, while Moscow denies the accusations, claiming that the only targets of its airstrikes are ISIS militants operating in Syria and Iraq. There is also a high risk of China joining Russia against the U.S. and its allies in the case of a military confrontation. As ValueWalk reported on Wednesday citing American geostrategists, the U.S. underestimates the power of a China-Russia alliance.

Sweden and Finland’s military team up to counter Putin’s threat

Another alarming report on Thursday indicates that two NATO-backed European countries close to Russia’s borders are combining their military efforts in order to counter the Russian threat in the region. In what is believed to be a yet another provocation, the Swedish government announced on Thursday that it will create a joint naval battle group with Finnish Defense Forces, as reported by Business Insider.

Both of the countries are eager to join NATO. Finland borders Russia to its northeast, while Sweden has experienced what it’s like to have its territory violated by Russian military. A Russian submarine was believed to have been spotted in Swedish waters in October 2014.

The new task force, which is called the Swedish Finnish Naval Task Force (SFNTG), will be a cost-effective way for two countries which aspire to get NATO membership to conduct joint military drills and response operations in the Arctic and the surrounding regions. The SFNTG will include troops trained to operate under the region’s extreme climate conditions, as reported by Defense News. The force will also “conduct sea surveillance, exercises and include combined units,” according to the website. “It would share infrastructure and be able to transfer operational control of units between the Swedish and Finnish navies.”

According to Swedish media, the new battle group will be interacting with NATO units and the military forces of NATO countries, which presents the additional risk of unleashing a war between NATO and Russia since both Sweden and Finland aspire to join NATO. Sweden is also reportedly in talks with Finland and Denmark to be able to station naval units in the countries’ home ports during peacetime.

NATO is conducting its largest military drills in over a decade

Meanwhile, NATO is conducting its largest military exercises in more than a decade, a move that is also seen as a provocation and at the same time a response to Putin’s aggressive moves in Eastern Europe and Syria. All four branches of the U.S. military are participating in the drills.

The drills, which are called the Trident Juncture 2015, include 36,000 personnel from more than 30 nations, including the U.S. The military drills are taking place in Spain, Portugal and Italy but will also include areas in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and in Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. The last time NATO held military drills of that scale was in 2002.

Some 5,000 American troops from all branches of the U.S. armed forces will take part in Trident Juncture 2015. The drills began on Oct. 19 and will run through Nov. 6. NATO already completed the Command Post Exercise drills on Oct. 16 in an attempt to beef up coordination and cooperation among the Alliance’s military leaders.

“Exercises such as these help ensure the agility and readiness to execute real-world missions with other nations at a moment’s notice and as a complex and dynamic global environment may dictate,” said Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Karns, according to Air Force Times. “Trident Juncture 15 provides an opportunity to work with Allies and partners while enhancing collective capabilities. At the same time, it signals a strong and collective commitment to ensuring regional stability.”

The drills will also allow NATO and its allies to prepare for rapid deployment of military troops to counter any crisis in or around Europe, U.S. Ambassador and NATO Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow said at the Trident Juncture’s opening ceremonies.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. The war between Russia and America is eminent the united States has been passive in dealing with Russia for far too long. The “end of the cold was” was the beginning for Russia to start it’s build up against America. America is unprepared for what Russia has been planning for year’s.

  2. Yours was in league with Hitler, so who’s worse? Neither, they did what they thought was right, hindsight tells us they were bastard, real it- greedy

  3. So, where’s the overthrown Ukrainian government? Why did it run away to Russia and is wanted in Ukraine on charges of corruption, murder, and treason?

  4. “How do you think the US would like it if Russia incited a revolution in Canada to install a pro-russian government there? ”

    Oh, you mean like installing a pro-Russian government in Cuba and inciting regime changes in Latin America and around the world to spread their stupid communism?

  5. “The US incited a revolution in Ukraine to overthrow the government to install a pro-western government.”

    Source??? Evidence? Or am I supposed to believe everything a Russian paid troll like yourself tells me?

  6. “what kind of a man Putin really is. He is well know to be EXTREMELY honest…”

    LOL! Is this why the KGB thug lied about the Russian soldiers in Crimea?

  7. Actually I am voting for Rand, he doesn’t seem war but to fix the Fed reserve, audit and fix the government among others. Anyway, as for calling me dumb. Sorry to disappoint your sorry little bitch sensibilities, but we rocket scientists have better things to do than talk to some fung troll person on the internet…Der.

  8. Not surprised, industrial military complex supplies half the planet. I would say do your best to be where they are not…. and stay informed.

  9. OMFG are you really blaming Obama for us not having allies? Remember Bush and his ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq? I’m pretty sure that alienated us from some countries. Geezus…. why are republitards totally unable to put some blame where it was created?



  12. Generals gathered in their masses
    Just like witches at Black Masses
    Evil minds that plot destruction
    Sorcerers of Death’s construction


  13. USA has always started WARS all around the world in the last 200 years or more! All I see is RUSSIA DEFENDING ITSELF from a ISIS backed by USA military and intelligence! nothing more nothing less…

  14. The meaning of the saying is the story of the USSR, which could not stand the arms race with the USA. USSR economy dilapidation was accellerated as a result of the arms race costs for catching up with the USA military power.
    USSR even in it’s late years was far more economically advanced rather than today’s Russia.
    As in one African saying:

  15. rat Boy/ I think John is just hoping for peace,no one trusts 0bama. The USA does not have any Allies really since we got stuck with him.Our Allies do not trust us and our enemies do not fear us. A bad way for a Country to be in.

  16. Sergo Doyle/ I must be dumb or worse. I do not understand the meaning of the Russian saying. I do pray NO WAR, for all the mothers sakes out there, on both sides. ( How can anyone admire Stalin?)

  17. It seems we can’t impeach 0bama for treason and some idiots here WILL vote for BENGHAZI killary. I think that will be true end of the USA as we knew Her.

  18. WorldCommenter/ We here in the USA don’t get what WE want from OUR so called pres. ,what you think they do in Russia?

  19. Yeah “your country saved Europe from hitler” but guess what Ken, “your country” also funded the nazi’s. That’s right. Tanks where sent to Nazi Germany that where built in the good US of A(now it’s the US of C-corporations). And it’s funny you mention Hitler and Germany because that’s exactly what this country has looked like for the past 15 years. Slowly stripping our rights away one by one through the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Becoming a complete Orwellian society. But hey keep on praising America for what they did over 70 years ago. Maybe that will distract you enough to not pay attention to what’s going on today. Good luck with all that

  20. it’s all unbridled media gone wild, fabricating whatever they like to suite their master’s poll numbers or sell more copy… THIS, is the worst element of the internet… it allows far to much unfiltered BS to pass through and inflame the sensibilities especially of the less educated…who invariably beat their chests withoug a clue as to how nations actually communicate beyond the reach of those who make it their job to fabricate truth…YMMV

  21. Time of you to take that low IQ brain of yours and start reading from sources other than western MSM. If yo cannot see who they lie and deceive you – your entire life thats your loss.

  22. blah blah blah, your dumb. for your info, I do not trust your government, my government, or pretty much any moron who believes they are safe. Your safe if you make yourself safe. I am aware of the bullshit my govenment has been doing, like the rest of the world its being ruined by big rich asshats who need a bullet, but as for I am stupid, only for wasting time communicating with a moron like you. My country is the one that saved europe after hitler, or did you forget, and it didnt stop there, after the war, we rebuilt, with its own help, europes destroyed bridges, tunnels, cities, with plunder from hitler and mousolini. I know how dumb I am, and my piers for helping such ungrateful assholes, but I still love you all, as I too used to be an ungrateful asshole, but honestly, now I just sadly look at the rest of you as I prepare for the hell that is to come. You carry on now.

  23. No the problem with America is the uninformed, And the majority of them are democrats. As the example above my original post proves.

  24. There is nothing impossible to do in this life…i have to tell you something my friend .i myself use to live in a country where weapons are oally ilegal to nobody but police or military are allowed to use guns ,and i can tell you i never heard of a shooting or killing in 26 years linving there .it is possible to destroy all weapons or at least control them .i see what you say about a fight with stick or stones .not bad at all compared with blast of nuclear bomb in your town ..remenber japan ww2
    ,do you know how many people died in a blink .thousands !! Can you imagine how powerfull this bombs can be now ,the bad news is that many countries has nuclear bombs and missiles ..i prefer fight with stones and not with missiles ;)

  25. There’s no such thing as a world with no weapons. If all there was were sticks and stones then men would still fight a war with them. If there were no sticks or stones then we would use our hands and feet. Sophisticated weapons of war go hand-in-hand with technology in general. That’s why knowledge is always a double-edged blade.

  26. You are very ignorant. Nobody kidnapped blacks from Kenya. The ones kidnapped all came from west africa. We have no history of oppression except by the Brits and ask them how they left here! And by the way, we have no desire to migrate to your adopted country and learn a little history.

  27. There is another Old-Russian saying:

    If you can not ~hit — do not tire out your hole.
    ( ?? ?????? ????? – ?? ????? ????).

  28. building a shield is illegal. and it would obviously be an act of aggression. if two warriors each have a sword, but have not yet risked attacking one another, if one of them picks up a shield, it gives him a HUGE advantage and indicates the intent to attack.

  29. indeed. as usual, both sides blame the other side for aggressive behavior, while claiming innocence of themselves. the Great Game is still going on: the struggle between the british empire (now NATO) versus the russian empire.

  30. Zach : war lets Obama send more whites to be killed , maimed, disabled – how black gangbangers get drafted or volunteer for service ?

  31. like who cares about Kenya. Even blacks whose ancestors were kidnapped from Kenya don’t want to resettle in their native home land !!!

  32. Sergio — there is nothing wrong with your English and I too believe that most Russians want that same that most Americans want — to live peacefully and happily with their families.

    However, NATO so far is building no fortifications on the border, nor are they sending large numbers of troops. In fact, getting the NATO nations to spend anything on anything is like finding an angel on the head of a pin. NATO is primarily made up of Europeans and Europeans, although nice people with wonderful cuisines, are nearly gutless appeasers as they were during the 1930’s when NAZI Germany was rising.

    The last thing Europeans want is discord between themselves and Russia. Russia is a major trading partner, consumer of European goods, and provider of essential petroleum and natural gas. Whoever is telling you that Europeans are looking for war with Russia is lying to you. That is the last thing the Europeans want. And, quite honestly, the last thing Americans and our Government want.

  33. It is doubly unpleasant to be IMPRISONED,
    feel lonely and be aware that no one cares about
    you except for those who are in charge of the

    Alexander Grin, “Oranges”, 1905.


    Admiral Kolchak, recognized as the “Supreme Ruler
    and Commander-in-Chief of All Russian Land and Sea
    Forces” by the other leaders of the White movement,

  35. I have also reached this conclusion. the human race is unconsciously suicidal. we are making the environment unfit for our continued existence AND we are gearing up for a MASSIVE war which will likely make the environmental difficulties irrelevant. we express our Will to Power by destroying things, and so our ultimate expression of our POWER is to kill each other in massive numbers.

  36. You sound like a great person Robin. Just because I believe in God doesn’t mean I believe in organized religion in any way….they are control freaks that take take take just like the gov’t does, and the greedy rich do. I wrote another comment but it wasn’t allowed. God isn’t the topic of the story though, Russia and war and a very horribly written story are. Have a great day :)

  37. …and he Does love me, but doesn’t need money at all! The greedy control freaks do, and they get a whole lot of it by fooling others into thinking that he say’s it’s alright if they take it for themselves. Yes, sooo many fools!

  38. Robin you sound like a very good person, I’m glad that you responded because your earlier comment and mine were on my mind even today, and I wouldn’t have remembered how to find it again without your comment posting in my email. Comments can be misunderstood because they are written to be short and hopefully to the point, but mine don’t usually end up that way ;) I do believe in God, and I’m glad that I have the love that it makes me feel. I do NOT, however, support organized religions and the judgements and control that they use over so many others. I don’t believe in the guilt trips they use, they way they take other peoples money for their own fancy houses and cars and toys like the government does…the way they make people feel guilty and think they’ll burn in hell for not doing as ‘they’ say…and I could go on forever, but won’t bore you. I was raised in a strict religion paying 10% of every dime I earned and more, going to church at least 3x per wk plus every morn. before school, couldn’t date, worked our butts off for bldng funds (etc), being forced to sell my piano, horses, etc. for ‘the right thing’….it’s crazy!!! I don’t believe in people telling their personal lives to some ‘worthy priesthood holder’, priest, bishop, preacher or anyone else to be ‘right with God’, and I definitely did NOT raise my kids to do those things. I think that all of those people have a huge surprise coming one day, and it won’t be good! I do however believe in God and Jesus. He’s shown me too many things to ever doubt him, and has helped me in too many situations where I could have no doubt. I’m polite to bible-thumpers, but usually feel sorry for them because they are so ignorant. I apologize for sounding judgemental, I didn’t mean it that way. I have a personal love and thankfulness for all that I know and feel inside about who and what is wiser and more loving than we are, and I don’t believe that anyone with that much love could ever believe in some sort of eternal fire that will consume us forever for anything! I love that I feel the way I do, it makes me happy and helps me to Try to be more empathetic of others (and keeps me from killing a dozen people a week at least!! ;) ) I’ve said enough and probably sound more nuts, but that’s ok lol. I’m ok, you’re ok, we’re all ok. Have a great day :)

  39. Every prophecy interpretation has an equal and opposite interpretation. And everybody knows their interpretation is the correct one. But you do not even need to know Bible prophecy to understand that something is up today.

    Here are a few recent articles on Russia:

    Russian calls for Cold War civil defense training to be revived | Reuters
    Russia on a path to confrontation with the West | The Australian
    Russia retreats to autarky as poverty looms – Telegraph
    Here’s how World War Three could start tomorrow – Telegraph
    Vladimir Putin could LASH OUT and attack West as Russia runs out of cash warns top general
    To Prevent Global Catastrophe, Putin Must Go
    How Vladimir Putin’s paranoia could lead to nuclear war

    And China:

    China’s naval chief warns U.S. ‘minor incident’ may spark war in S. China Sea | The Japan Times
    The new nuclear war threat in US-China ties – The Straits Times
    The Tipping Point: Has the U.S.-China Relationship Passed the Point of No Return? | The National Interest
    If US relations with China turn sour, there will probably be war | The Guardian
    Could China’s Economic Troubles Spark a War? | The National Interest
    Dempsey report: Russia, China posing military threat; war with major power probable | The Japan Times

  40. Sorry my dear, you don’t need to read my comment hence, I should go back for English tutorial. I am not English, I am a proud Nigerian IGBO Man, I have not finish tutorial in Yoruba or Hausa language in my country, why English? Borrowed language. go and tell the Russians and Chinese about English. for you, you can have A+ first class in English that’s you, for me I want to read and write ESE, NDEWO, NAGODE.

  41. Maybe we should just let Putin do whatever he wants, take any country he likes. Practice appeasement, like we did with Hitler. Remember how well THAT worked out? This is bullshit Russian propaganda, or the work of an idiot – degree or not. Russians better remember- THEIR ass will get waxed, too. Yea- sure Putin/Russia is trying to avoid war. NOT!! THEY keep invading other areas, and ignoring international law and established treaties. Same shit Hitler pulled. Appeasement only leads to more (and worse) warfare.

  42. The US incited a revolution in Ukraine to overthrow the government to install a pro-western government. It’s a part of the One World Order agenda where Washington DC leads the world. How do you think the US would like it if Russia incited a revolution in Canada to install a pro-russian government there? The US wouldn’t like that at all and would retaliate with rebels in the same manner as Russia.

  43. I am a Ret. Army and I have a great life. Every day I go out and feed 46 dogs & 22 cats that I take care of in my area. I also help at the Veteran center 2 times a week and if I see someone who needs a meal, I will buy it for them. You see I don’t waste my time in church praying, I do something about helping people who need it.

    Religion has convinced people that there’s an invisible man…living in
    the sky, who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And
    the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn’t want you
    to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special
    place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to
    live forever, and suffer and burn and scream until the end of time. But he loves you. He loves you and he needs money…So many fools!

  44. Many willd ie, that much is certain, but extinction, no within our means of destruction, extinction is impossible. We are mammals, not only that but we are more crafty than any other animal(we are animals too). Even when things get really bad, there are going to be survivors. Not even world wide pandemic would kill everyone, there will be that 1 in 1,000,000 that will survive an infection or just be immune some how.

    It would take something beyond our capability to wipe us out entirely, a 5 mile wide asteroid hitting the planet, that pretty much scorches the entire surface of our planet and turns the entire planet into a raging molten fireball in just minutes, something like that.

    An ice age…no, just no, things may get rough and billions of people may die, but an ice age will not kill us all.

  45. Yes they(we) do and they(we) certainly would if the survival rate of the children was not great. If your kids were projected to maybe not even reach the age of 21, you would have many, just in the hopes that even one survives.

    You may think to the contrary, but I am talking about reality.

  46. qd Even if you were right and people survived Nukes on islands or were underground what kind of life would that be? It would be a living nightmare, Radioactive fallout clouds filled with Radiation filling the skies, No thanks that’s not living!

  47. Crazy fricking Sheeiiit, We’re going to wipe out Humanity sooner than I thought and I thought in a 100 years or so, hell we’ll be lucky if WW3 doesn’t come within10 years.

  48. There is more Russian propaganda on this yahoo news than coming out of Russia. Should have built the shield long time ago but thanks to the stupidity of Obama, just one of a number of stupid things that this incompetent president has done.

  49. Crimea VOTED to belong to Russia (as they were in the fairly recent past). There are mostly Russians living there. Putin RELUCTANTLY accepted their vote as he knew that the West would bend this out of shape. You may want to read up on this outside main U.S. “news” sources. There were additional areas which wanted to annex to Russia, but Putin refused. You also may want to research what kind of a man Putin really is. He is well know to be EXTREMELY honest, is totally committed to the well being of Russia and has NEVER broken an agreement. If you think otherwise, I’d like to hear of concrete examples.

  50. The world is too massive even nukes will not destroy it, so go ahead with WW3 to find out how durable humanity is….Humans in isolated and desolate islands will surely survived but the so called civilized nations will not, for sure…go ahead and try it, morons.

  51. “trying their best to avoid the intentions of the brainless neocons of the West (mosty in D.C.)”

    Is this why the Russians illegally annexed Crimea, invaded Eastern Ukraine, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, and are illegally occupying Königsberg and the Kuril Islands?

  52. What in the world are you idiots talking about?? You apparently have not figured out yet that there are NO winners in WW3. The Russians know this obviously and are trying their best to avoid the intentions of the brainless neocons of the West (mosty in D.C.)

  53. “Instead he has out foxed Washington, Berlin and Nato…”

    If by “outfoxing” you mean getting kicked out of G8, receive crippling sanctions, decrease in GDP by around 4%, $150 billion in capital outflow, double digit inflation, then you are right.
    “Outfoxed” them, indeed. Lol

  54. “Ummm….No you simple fascist’s NATO that has been continuing to expand since 1991”

    And how many countries or territories has NATO illegally annexed like Russia did with Crimea? NATO is a defense alliance, countries are free to join or leave it as they please. It’s funny how you don’t mention the fact that countries like Ukraine and Georgia are begging to become members, while others like neutral Sweden and Finland consider Russia an aggressor state and their biggest threat.

  55. Oh, you hurt my feelings. But then I really don’t give a darn what you think you communist toady.

    Ha!!! Always wanted to say that to some clueless cretin.

    Have a wonderful day and God bless you Blackjack.

  56. It appears that Russia gets scared of 4,000 soldiers. Wow, what a country! I’m not surprised though. After all, Putin lied about the Russian soldiers in Crimea, who were so scared that they didn’t even dare wear their insignia like a bunch of Somalian pirates! Lol

  57. “What neighbors has Russia invaded??”

    Right… the “little green men” in Crimea were “American mercenaries” and not Russian soldiers… I’ve heard the Russian propaganda already.

  58. What a completely ignorant article, author is not a journalist but a propaganda spreader. She looks at one side of the equation and doesn’t look objectively at the whole of the situation.

  59. Funny thing is all of this stuff is happening as a result of Putin and Russia’s aggression towards the rest of the world. You lie and attack and stesal other countries land, shoot down passenger planes, lie and sent forces to support another country which uses WMD against its own citizens. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET! What else do you expect, morons.

  60. Yea but you guys realize if one superpower launches all nukes and the other doesn’t retaliate at all, one country will have a slow death and the other a quick death.

    If you understand the effects of nuclear war on environment and atmosphere, youll understand it won’t matter where you stand.

  61. Americans don’t want war either. Nostradamus predicted the end of the world and said it would be the Bear, Eagle, and Crescent moon. Lets hope this is another thing that he will be wrong about.

  62. Yes. An article just last week quoted various believable Russian sources that showed how poorly Russia would have done in preserving any nuclear weapons for a second strike, during the Cold War. An old 10 megaton device would destroy all above ground structures for a 72 mile radius, based on flat land, because of the shock wave. In 1979 maximum US losses if the Russians fired first were estimated at 20 cities maximum, according to bomb damage specialist Stan Nightingale, who did the bomb damage analysis of Imperial Japan during World War II. Stan is now dead. The old Nike ABM systems could stop 80% of the incoming missiles that Russia might be able to launch. Russian bombers were and are considered inadequate, if compared to US fighters that would hunt them. Russian fighter escorts would simply provide a much bigger radar target to spot.
    The most difficult to defend against weapon would be a cruise missile, but the Russian launch vehicle has to survive and get close to the target for the cruise missile to be effective.

  63. They would trade every $ to rid the world of Russia and China. They would the only thing close to a true winner and would be able to do what ever they pleased from here forward.

  64. Well actually Putin did lie about Crimea for weeks and then months later bragged about how they successfully deployed troops and took Crimea with no bloodshed.

    So the plan worked, but now verbal denial on all matters is just theatre,

  65. No it will not, because if you understand what the environmental effects are worldwide if a full scale nuclear exchange were to occur – you’d realize you were lucky if you were right at the spot where the bomb hit.

  66. again this retarded writer strikes.. USA and NATO.. like these two entities are separated. it’s a same thing for crying out loud. Another dumb writer.

  67. “President Putin of Russia has been shameless and aggressive in his moves
    to expand Russian power and influence throughout the world. ”

    Actually “shameless aggression” aptly characterizes USA and its NATO lapdog partner..Start with Vietnam…dumb F…take a stroll down the memory lane of USA regime change bloodbaths over just the last 50 years…

    “Russia clearly is pursuing an expansionist agenda ‘

    Ummm….No you simple fascist’s NATO that has been continuing to expand since 1991

  68. This sounds like the bid diversion of what is Is, Because what is we have two leaderships of two bankrupt countries going all in to show us just how stupid they really are.

  69. ask the iron curtain how they liked it under the soviets and how east germans got shot trying to cross the wall.

    that wasn’t even THAT long ago tbh

  70. The worst that would happen would be a “nuclear winter” that would create famine, wild fires, civil wars, piracy, looting, martial law, mass inflation + currency devaluation, and possibly the end of western civilization as we know it…but even if all the nukes went off at once it would not effect the earth’s gravitational axis and the planet would live on… with or without humans.

  71. Russian writer – brain-washed zombie, pro russian one-sided imperialistic red-communist occupational propaganda again. She should be banned from publishing here and elsewhere…

  72. One reason Sanity, as opposed to NITWIT Wizards of outlandish absurd thinking of a brat of 12 years old thinking and screaming for ATTENTION,, !!!!! A his own people are up in arms over this nitwit, and fat boy in nKorea does not compute, All thru history EVEN in Russian history what happened to the dictator’s they did not make it to the age of retirement.. Point here is as in the above statements, this article should reside in the unified soviet socialist republic, this much like the story of OLE chicken Little, “THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING.. The only thing falling is comprehension…

  73. Useful idiot for how long? You know you do have a choice, just grow a brain, but they might expel you from the Democrat party of barnyard animals.

  74. Now use a tad of logic in your statement, here is the issue with your statement, devil advocate here, if both worlds explode their nuclear bombs at the same time, the EARTH, you know this mudball that is spinning in the universe would go off its axis and travel into the SUN.. WHO WINS .. NO ONE wins, no WORLD. Therefore that statement is purely OUTLANDISH..

  75. Is there a country which invaded others more then US????? USSR invaded none without legal presedent, including Afganistan! And US invaded at the same time…. dozens of countries. Do a least soem research on that matter!

  76. The sociopaths that emerge as world leaders would be OK if everyone on the planet died but they were kept safe in their bunkers. Sadly, they are the ones with the launch codes

  77. So, what are you trying to say, to kill millions of people, and there are milloins USA killed, is OK? And when Russian plane crossed for 15 second into Turkey is… almost a war crime?

  78. Why is there such fear of shooting back if Russia shoots first, when not one square inch of Hiroshima or Nagasaki are radioactive today. All of this nuclear winter and long term radiation is made up fiction. A scientist, Carl Sagan, allowed his pacifistic ideas to drive him to make false scientific claims about nuclear war, because his religion would have had him surrender to Hitler, rather than fight World War II. History has proven that it is weakness in the face of aggression that triggers most wars. Greedy and evil savages do not want to risk a fair fight.

  79. The Russians under Stalin and Putin are very good at spreading lies that idiots spread even further for them. If actual nuclear explosions produced the same contamination as a melted and scattered supply of unburned nuclear fuel, then most of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would still be uninhabitable. Not one single square inch is still dangerous.
    Fear of nuclear weapons is just one tool used by Russia to try to frighten the US population into surrendering to Russia. If you have seen the devastation in Syrian cities caused by conventional weapons, spreading all kinds of dangerous and cancer causing debris, a nuclear war would tend to do much less destruction and end almost immediately.
    Most of the damage from nuclear weapons is caused by the shock wave, which moves outward at the speed of sound, doing much greater damage than any tornado, but over in minutes.
    The US warheads are much smaller now, because we can accurately deliver them to within feet of the target.
    Instead of one massive regional blast, we now use a series of much smaller precisely targeted warheads.

  80. I say if Washington and the Kremlin don’t want to work together then lets see what happens to the world when both powers are gone. The world will go on.

  81. If I was A Finlander I would have allied myself with the Germans against Russia in WWII as well, given that the “allies” had left Finland to fend for herself against the Stalinist hordes during the 1939-40 War.

  82. As a Senator, the great liar Barack Hussein Obama promised the Ukraine territorial protection in return for nuclear disarmament. The US told the world, if you give up nuclear weapons, you will be less likely to be targeted by nuclear powers and the US will defend any nation that gives up nuclear weapons, eliminating any need for the spread of nuclear weapons. Most countries believed this lie, which allowed them to spend tax money on less expensive things than nuclear weapons. Now Putin sees an opportunity to use the betrayal of world peace by the shameful liar Obama as a one time opportunity to restore an Imperial Russian Empire by force of arms, before Obama leaves office.

  83. 1) Yes I did. 2) Radiation more effectively effects those closer to the bomb sites. 3) Although no one is radiation proof, neither is everyone effected by radiation the same way. 4) It depends on how many bombs actually explode, that the whole planet should worry about radiation. 5) Not everyone in Hiroshima at the time of the bombing died. Nor did everyone die from radiation poisoning. And that’s talking about those who were at the bomb site. 6) There would be widespread famine and yes, many would die. But there would still be survivors in those places not effected by the bombing. 7) The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was estimated to be a 50 megaton blast. The dinosaurs died, but other animals lived. With our intelligence, there is no reason for humans not to survive. Besides, when Africans left Africa, they gave us the Humanity we know today. That took some toughness! Nuclear war wold be a tragedy, but civilization would survive.

  84. Many in Germany and imperial Japan opposed the migration from economic hardship to open world war. Many people in the US and Russia want to see a return to peace. While Obama shows weakness in the face of treaty and agreement violations, and acts of war by Russia against Russian neighbors, Putin continues to behave like Joseph Stalin, who Putin claims to admire. Obama’s cowardly foreign policy, inflames the greed of Putin for conquest, who may see the weakness of Obama as the last chance to restore a Putin lead Imperial Russian Empire by force of arms.
    The best and maybe the only hope for Russia is that some Russian hero will execute Putin, just as Beria ended Stalin’s reign of terror.
    Surrender has never lead to peace, only the savage looting of the ones who showed weakness.

  85. We do understand their savagery, but lack the resolve and leadership to crush these savages, before they can trigger an even bigger war.
    The savage morons in Iran think that the Twelfth Mahdi will save them, once they trigger “total chaos”. Unless you believe in the Iranian Twelfth Mahdi Death cult dogma, you can see that these are just violent maniacs, who need to be put down like rabid dogs, just as we were forced to deal with cannibals in some distant jungles.
    “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels, behead them when you catch them.” Qur’an 47:4. With these primitive words of hate in the Islamic book of conquest, current believers are best executed, just as were cannibals that continued to want to cook and eat their neighbors. Not all religions are possible to live in peace.

  86. First of all, the concept of the Big Bang comes from observations tracing the movements of stars and galaxies, which are expanding outwards. If you reverse time, the universe would be contracting, presumably down to a singularity at the beginning of time. These ideas are deduced from observations, not simply “small minded” beliefs. Also, I’m pointing out that the term GOD is so ill defined in terms of what that actually means. Some people hold to a human-looking spirit figure floating in the clouds. Others say God is a spiritual energy permeating everything. Neither term is particularly useful in describing what a supreme entity actually is, whereas science is pretty good at describing a lot of physical phenomena in a way that actually allows people to make predictions about what will happen and what has happened.

    If you say God can do anything and is all powerful, then anyone could say I’m thinking of a God that has all that power and then some. Or one that has a little less power. Also, this idea of using the male pronoun to refer to God, suggests that there is a female counterpart. If there isn’t, then why give God a gender at all? Does God procreate in some manner?

  87. Before reading this article I would’ve been as worried about the end of the world as any normal human being. Now.. Well, after a couple of hours thinking about it, bring it on!! The human race are parasites to this beautiful planet.. nevermind the amount of pure evil in my country alone, which is nothing in comparison to the middle East.. It’s only going one way. Come on God.. Just do it- push that button you know we deserve it. Just feel sorry for the next generation (Tbh only the 1’s I know and love, relatives) every1 else can go f**k anyway. Just make sure you tell your loved ones how much you do love them… Cuz it could happen tonight for all we know. All it WILL take, is one crazy person with he power to do it. Putin is simply one of many. I’ll bet if Hitler had that nuclear button we would’ve been wiped out back at the end of WWII

  88. Many Slavs and decedents of Slavs actually run most of the “Anglo Saxon” world. The only people that considered Slavs as “sub-human” were the fascist, Nazi, German’s under Hitler. In fact Anglo Saxons have may common Scandinavian roots as the Eastern Slavs going back to the 9-th thru 10-th centuries.

  89. This article appears to suggest that allowing Putin to nuke the US and Europe, without fighting back may allow some remnant of humanity to survive. It is this implication that increases the chance that Putin or one of his minions will think they can fight a limited nuclear war, without triggering complete destruction of Russia by the US.
    Actually, the tragically poor command and control of the Russian military makes it extremely unlikely that Russia can coordinate a massive first strike without broadcasting the preparations to the US and others. Once a nuclear war by Putin seems to be inevitable, the US will launch a well planned and effective response that will destroy most if not all of Russia’s nuclear weapons. During the Cold War, less than 10% of Russia’s warheads were expected to survive to be launched. US nuclear weapon’s counter measures have improved greatly since then.

  90. it is mindboggling how much lately entire media is saturated with doomsday articles like this one. No one is even trying to suggest that “old worn out thing” called diplomacy mainly because there are no diplomats left in the world today. The “kick a$$” attitude employed by ALL politicians today prevails in almost all political negotiations in the world today. Seems like we have forgotten how the devastation and horrors of war in any form looks like. Nuclear, conventional, chemical … the end result is the same – millions of innocent people will die…
    but yet again maybe that IS the objective here. To make the Earth uninhabitable for the next 300 years because “WE” didn’t like what “THEY” said or did and we have the big stick to back it up… How pathetic…

  91. Sergio; you will have to learn and understand that people around the world want to live in peace just like you are but our politicians (including yours) hate that word we speak of (Peace)
    Peace doesn’t bring politicians money, Peace doesn’t bring them satisfaction of having power.

  92. Well if “red” means suffering for generations under the yoke of Russian oppression and having to surrender your culture, nationality, religion and identity to become “RUSSIAN”; then may be “dead” is better. We are going from the USSR attempt to make the “Soviet man” to Russia’s attempt to make the “Russian man”.

  93. Mariusz Suder; Agreed, if not for Russia the US would never be so nice to Europe or any other nation, it was and is the US interest to be nice and protective of their allies so that they don’t join Russia’s side. Just like in the business world, if McDonalds would be the only company who sell’s burgers it would not cost 4 bucks, it will be 15 bucks and they would be rude to you because you can’t by burger anywhere else.

  94. Russia understood MAD between the West and Russia, that is why Russia conned the USA, Great Britain and Ukraine into disarming the Ukrainian nuclear arsenal and getting rid of the Ukrainian MAD deterrent for Russian aggression. Nuclear weapons gone in come the “little green men”.

  95. ..we owe China too much money and China has too much invested in the US for China
    to want to see us fall into the hands of those who do not owe China as much as we do,
    that would be like them picking their own pocket!

  96. You may not want war and the Russian people may not want war, but your leadership (Putin / Medvedev) are out to recapture all the territories that were once part of the USSR and possibly the Warsaw Pact and these countries WILL NOT just standby and let Russia march in and take over like they did at the end of WWII, in Hungary in 1954 and in Czechoslovakia in 1967.
    If Russians really believe “A bad peace is better than a good war” then tell your leaders to stop trying to intimidate, infiltrate, coerce, invade, occupy and annex many of Russia’s neighboring countries. Two wars in Chechnya so that Chechnya stays in the Russian Federation, no freedom for Chechens. Pro-Russian terrorist activities in Moldova claiming a piece of Moldovan territory as “Transniester”. Pro-Russian terrorist attacks on Georgia provoking a counter attack by Georgia and then the brief Russian / Georgia War. Finally the invasion. occupation and annexation of Crimea. Ukraine and the invasion and occupation of two provinces of eastern Ukraine, Luhansk and Donetsk. ALL THESE ACTIVITES ARE NOT THOSE OF A PEACEFUL NEIGHBOR!

  97. Your leader Putin wants war and wants to force the people of eastern Europe back under a soviet style of life. Maybe most Russian people don’t want war your leaders do !

  98. Stupid article. Don’t dont invade Russia with just 4000 men. That is not enough to invade Latvia or the south side of Chicago. Russia? LMAO


  100. HA nice! Although I am skeptic, I have also seen something in the sky I couldn’t ID so technically UFO. Whether ET or just some new tech that is classsified, idk.

    However there are some strange reports during Cold War times of UFOs messing with nukes in US, Russia and England. Does make you wonder…

    If it does, and I really hope it never does, ever come to nukes being deployed, I really hope you’re right sam! :)


  102. wow John, that is wildly inaccurate. Even with downsizing all the worlds arsenals to half, it’s still enough to flatten.
    Survivalist? Ok maybe, Maybe you have a bunker, fully stocked, but for how long? Year? 2? Chernobyl is still uninhabitable, as is…name escapes me, but Fukishima I think? And those aren’t even bombs, but just reactors.
    You are also familiar with something called EMP correct? All things electronic go bye-bye. Pumps for water and gas for your generator would be decommissioned. Not to argue that yeah maybe there will be survivors, maybe there would be a mutation that would arise an evolutionary gene to make decendents eventually resistant to radiation, but that is not a test I ever wish to test.


  104. I’m from America, and I agree, nobody wants a war between our countries. 4000 troops sounds more like a rotation rather than a buildup tho, and if it is a build up it’s a laughably pathetic one. In the unfortunate event that war was to happen, a measly 4000 extra troops is hardly a true threat to a Country as large as Russia, especially an invasion force. Just need to look back at previous invasion wars to know there is 1 or 2 zeros missing.

    Plus I think I read that these aren’t “combat soldier” soldiers, but the NATO blue helmets, which are peace-keepers. Has this been confirmed?
    Probably has something to do with Ukraine and Syrian actions, though… Hate to say, but your government has been kind of rattling the cages, so to speak. Although that being said, I do applaud the effectiveness in Syria, even tho, the US gov. may not like you guys hitting the US backed guys, but frankly we’ve tried arming and training in that area before, and it almost always, if not always, came back to bite us on the @$$…

    Sergio, from a US citizen to a Russian citizen, I hope we all just get along, heh. I was born in ’85 and always considered it a lucky time for me not to have to live very long in a time of cold war, not that I can really remember at least. I don’t want my potential kids to have to be in a cold war mk.2. And I sure as hell don’t wanna see any nukes.

    Worse case scenario, if we do come to blows/war, I hope both governments are smart enough to keep it conventional. Nobody wins in a nuclear war.

  105. Unfortunately there is some noecons in Washington that believe that the Nuclear war winnable and this will be the end of our country and probably the world.

  106. Wow, are you delusional. Who is it pushing for a military response to everything? Not the “libs.” Stop projecting your stupidity, ignorance, and bigotry on us!

  107. I use the Strong’s Concordance to research the meanings and usages of words from both the Hebrew (Old Testament) and the Greek (New Testament)! Here is something to take into consideration: there is one written book and let’s say there are about 7 billion people who live on this Earth and each one has an exact copy of this same book. Each person then reads the book in its entirety and either writes a critique or gives an oral representation of what they have just read. What happens here is you end up having 1 unchanged written text, but you will have 7 billion different interpretations and perspectives about the same thing. God’s Word doesn’t change unless Man changes it. It is all about perspective.

  108. People or society thinks that they invented or created science and at one time its main principle was to be used in order to disprove the existence of God! The more science and technology advances, the more excavation sites are thoroughly examined under the highest levels of scrutiny and the more that we begin to pay attention to current world new and events gives undoubted proof that God does exist and that the Holy Bible, His living word is authentic and verifiable. What society tends to forget or ignore due to their arrogance and self pride is that it is not us who invented science; it was and has always been God who Created it when He began to Create All Things!

    Ecclesiastes 1King James Version (KJV)

    1 The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.
    2 Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.
    3 What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun?
    4 One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.
    5 The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose.
    6 The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits.
    7 All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again.
    8 All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.
    9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
    10 Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.
    11 There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.
    12 I the Preacher was king over Israel in Jerusalem.
    13 And I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven: this sore travail hath God given to the sons of man to be exercised therewith.
    14 I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.
    15 That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered.
    16 I communed with mine own heart, saying, Lo, I am come to great estate, and have gotten more wisdom than all they that have been before me in Jerusalem: yea, my heart had great experience of wisdom and knowledge.
    17 And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.
    18 For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

    This passage speaks for itself, it talks about our understanding of modern weather patterns, evaporation and precipitation, man’s desire of knowledge and understanding being unfulfilling, Einstein’s equation E=mC^2, laws of thermodynamics (matter nor energy can not be created nor destroyed – “and the Earth abides forever”), when all of these matters are taken into consideration all vanity where it pertains to the Spirit. Last but not least my favorite part “Nothing is new under the sun.” Everything has already been of old!

  109. Seems as though her deductions favor the intent of the author – to provoke people to respond negatively to the US government. She may get some people who won’t think for themselves, but in the first section she flies in the face of normalcy – People place their armies at their borders all the time. This is the norm – without war breaking out. It is when the infiltrate the neighbor, that war can break out.

  110. Just a quick glance at this author’s other articles and you can quickly see that she is hardly objective. Just gleaning off the titles, she tends to overstate the power and capabilities or Russia and understate America’s capabilities and ability to make coolheaded choices. She should be posting this article in russian and in a russian forum, because western readers should know better than to buy into this nonsense.

  111. Now that we’ve failed to use Russia’s corrupt and degenerating economy, subservience to the international banking system, and vulnerability to falling energy prices to pop Vladimir Putin like a zit, we’re going to have sit on our NATO, E.U., and OSCE duffs and take the long view of Russian imperialism.

    Fortunately the long view, while a desolate prospect, is also comforting in its way, if you aren’t a Russian.

    In the sixth century A.D. Russia was the middle of nowhere in the great Eurasian flat spot bounded by fuck-all on the north and east, barbarian hordes and the remains of the Byzantine Empire on the south, and the Dark Ages on the west.

    Wandering around in here, up and down the watershed of the Dnieper River from Novgorod (which hadn’t been built yet) to Kiev (ditto) were disorganized tribes of Slavic pastoral herdsmen herding whatever was available, pastorally. They were harried by Goths, Huns, Khazars, and other people who had the name and nature of outlaw motorcycle gangs long before the motorcycle was invented.

    The original Russian state, “Old Russia,” was established at Novgorod in A.D. 862 by marauding Vikings. They’d set off to discover Iceland, Greenland, and America, took a wrong turn, and wound up with their dragon boat stuck on a mud bar in the Dnieper. (Historians have their own theories, involving trade and colonization, but this sounds more likely.)

    The first ruler of Old Russia was the Viking Prince Ryurik. Imagine being so disorganized that you need marauding Vikings to found your nation—them with their battle axes, crazed pillaging, riotous Meade Hall feasts, and horns on their helmets. (Actually, Vikings didn’t wear horns on their helmets—but they would have if they’d thought of it, just like they would have worn meade helmets if they’d thought of it.) Some government it must have been.

    Viking Prince Ryurik: “Yah, let’s build Novgorod!”

    Viking Chieftain Sven: “Yah, so we can burn it down and loot!”

    The Russians weren’t converted to Christianity until A.D. 988—a thousand years late to “Peace be unto you” party, the basic principles of which still haven’t sunk in. (And maybe never had a chance to. Russia’s conversion came at the hands of St. Vladimir, Grand Prince of Kiev, who was reputed to maintain a harem of 800 concubines.)

    The death of St. Vladimir, and every other ruler of Old Russia, was followed by assassinations, mayhem, civil strife, and the other hallmarks of change in Russian leadership evident to the present day. Oxford historian Ronald Hingley notes that “the first and only Russian ruler to fashion an effective law of succession” was Tsar Paul I (1796-1801). Tsar Paul was assassinated.

    Anyway, things went along pretty well for almost 400 years. (Pretty well by Russian standards—a free peasant was known as a smerd, meaning “stinker.”) Then, in 1237, when the rest of the West was having a High Middle Ages and getting fecund for cultural rebirth, a Tatar horde invaded Russia.

    The Tatars were part of the Mongol Empire founded by Genghis Khan. They had a two-pronged invasion strategy: Kill everybody and steal everything.

    Kiev, Moscow, and most of Russia’s towns were obliterated. Tatar control—part occupation and part suzerainty over impotent, tribute-paying Russian principalities—lasted more than 200 years.

    The Russians have heroic stories about fighting off the Tatars, but in fact it seems like the Tatars gradually lost interest in the place and went off in a horde back to where they came from.

    Professor Hingley says the “Tatar Yoke” left Russia with “a model of extreme authoritarian rule combined with control through terror.” It also left Russia with a model of leadership best summarized by a passage from John Keegan’s A History of Warfare:

    “Genghis Khan, questioning his Mongol comrades-in-arms about life’s sweetest pleasure and being told it lay in falconry, replied, ‘You are mistaken. Man’s greatest good fortune is to chase and defeat his enemy, seize his total possessions, leave his married women weeping and wailing, ride his gelding [and] use the bodies of his women as a nightshirt and support.’”

    Why Putin wants Angela Merkel for a nightshirt is beyond me. But that’s a Russian dictator for you.

    Around the time Europe was getting a New World, Russia was getting tsars. Several were named Ivan, one more terrible than the next until we arrive at Ivan the Terrible in 1533.

    Ivan created a private force of five or six thousand thugs, the oprichnina, who wore black, rode black horses, and carried, as emblems of authority, a dog’s head and a broom. (The hammer and sickle of the day, presumably.)

    Oprichniks were entitled to rob and kill anyone, and did so with a will. Ivan suspected Novgorod of disloyalty, and the oprichnina spent five weeks in the city slaughtering thousands and driving thousands more into exile.

    Ivan presided over and sometimes personally performed the roasting, dismembering, and boiling alive of enemies and people who, left unboiled, might possibly become enemies.

    He killed his own son and heir by whacking him over the head with the monarchal staff in a tsar-ish fit of temper.

    He conducted a 24-year-long war against Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, and the Teutonic Knights, and lost.

    Russia’s economy was destroyed. Drought, famine, and plague beset the country.

    But Ivan put Russia on the map as an international player. He defeated what was left of the Tatars, mostly by conniving with leaders of what was left of the Tatars. He expanded Russian rule into Siberia, his success due to almost nobody being there. And, draw what parallels you will, Ivan the Terrible’s popularity rating was very high among the smerds.

    After his reign, Russia, if you can believe it, got worse. “The Time of Troubles” featured more drought, more famine, more plague, foreign invasions, massacres, the occupation and sacking of Moscow, and tsars with names like False Dmitry I and False Dmitry II. The population of Russia may have been reduced by as much as one-third.

    The remaining two-thirds reacted to increasing anarchy in traditional Russian fashion, by increasing autocracy. The Russians aren’t stupid. We’re talking about a country where chess is a spectator sport. Autocracy is just a Russian bad habit, like smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and drinking a liter of vodka.

    In 1613 the Romanov dynasty was installed, providing Russia with a range of talents from “Great” (Peter I, Catherine II) to “Late” (Ivan VI, Peter III, and Paul I killed in palace intrigues; Alexander II blown to bits by a terrorist bomb, and Nicholas II murdered with his family by the Bolsheviks).

    The Romanovs adhered to what Harvard historian Richard Pipes calls a “patrimonial” doctrine, meaning they owned Russia the way we own our house (except to hell with the mortgage). They owned everything. And everybody. The Romanov tsars imposed rigid serfdom just as that woeful institution was fading almost everywhere else.

    Russia never had a Renaissance, a Protestant Reformation, an Enlightenment, or much of an Industrial Revolution until the Soviet Union. Soviet industrialization produced such benefits to humanity as concrete worker housing built without level or plumb bob, the AK-47, MiG fighter jets, and proliferating nukes. (Although the only people the Soviets ever killed with a nuclear device was themselves at Chernobyl, located, perhaps not coincidentally, in what’s now Ukraine, for the time being at least.)

    Russia was out in the sticks of civilization, in a trailer park without knowledge of how to build a trailer. But Russia kept getting bigger, mostly by killing, oppressing, and annoying Russians.

    Peter the Great (1682-1725) led a military expedition against the Turkish fort of Azov that was a disaster. But Peter came right back and, getting more Russians killed, overwhelmed the Turks. The same thing happened in the Northern War against Sweden. Although it took 21 years after Peter ran away at the battle of Narva, Russia finally got a Baltic coastline. Which Peter didn’t know what to do with, so he built St. Petersburg in a swamp with conscripted serf labor. The number of Russian serfs who died building things in the swamp equaled the number Russian soldiers who died in the Northern War.

    Peter the Great raised taxes, made the Russian nobles shave their beards, and caused the death of his recalcitrant son and heir, like Ivan the Terrible did, but on purpose.

    Catherine the Great (1762-1796) doubled taxes on the Jews and declared they weren’t Russians, as if anyone would want to be. She was the first but not last leader of Russia to annex Crimea. NATO member alert, code red—she won two wars against Turkey and partitioned Poland. (Like Peter the Great on the Baltic, she got the swampy part.)

    Under Catherine, Russian settlements pushed all the way east into Alaska, the most valuable land Russia has occupied. (Annual GDP per capita, Alaska: $61,156. Annual GDP per capita, Russia: $14,037.) But—E.U. shame alert—when Russia was facing financial difficulties and geopolitical conflict, Tsar Alexander II was forced to sell Alaska to the United States in 1867 for 2 cents an acre. Later, as mentioned, Alexander got blown to bits.

    And that’s pretty much it for Russia’s Golden Age. After the 18th century, Russia devoted itself mostly to being big fat loserland, losing pace with the modern world, wars, Alaska, a communist utopia, a million victims of Stalin’s purges, 6 million victims of the famine of 1921, 8 million victims of the famine of 1932-33, a “Kitchen Debate” between Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon, ICBMs in Cuba, the space race, the arms race, the Cold War, and finally, 14 independent countries that were once in the USSR.

    Napoleon actually won the war part of his war with Russia. If “General Winter” and the general tendency of Moscow to be periodically destroyed hadn’t, for once, sided with the Russian people, you’d be able to get a good bottle of Côte de Volga and a baguette in Smolensk today.

    Russia began a series of wars in the Caucasus that it has yet to win.

    In 1825, the Decembrists, a reform-minded group of military officers, staged a demonstration in favor of constitutional monarchy and were hanged for taking the trouble.

    Political oppression, censorship, spying, and secret police activity reached such a level of crime and punishment that Dostoyevsky himself was sentenced to death for belonging to a discussion group. He was standing in front of the firing squad when his sentence was commuted to exile in Siberia. (Whether to thank Tsar Nicolas I depends upon how weighty a summer reading list you’ve been given.

    “Exiled to Siberia” says everything about Russian economic and social development in that land of mountains, lakes, and forests with a climate, in its lower latitudes, no worse than the rest of Russia’s. I’ve been across it on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. If this were America, the route from Irkutsk to Vladivostok would be lined with vacation homes and trendy shops, and “exiled to Siberia” would be translated as “exiled to Aspen.”

    Russia lost the 1853-56 Crimean War. NATO member alert, code green—Russia lost to Britain, France, and Turkey.

    In 1861 Tsar Alexander II freed 50 million serfs. If “freed” is the word that’s wanted. The serfs had no place to go except the land they were already farming, and if they wanted any of that, they had to buy it with the nothing they made as serfs. Later, as mentioned twice already, Alexander got blown to bits.

    Russia lost the Jews. Being robbed, beaten, and killed in pogroms was not a sufficient incentive to stay. More than a million Jews emigrated, taking what common sense the country had with them.

    Russia lost the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War in the best Russian loser fashion at the naval battle of Tsushima.

    Japanese Admiral Togo Heihachiro “crossed the T” of the Russian fleet, a rare execution of a tactic where you get your ships in a horizontal line so that your guns can be aimed at the enemy, whose ships are in a vertical line so that their guns can’t be aimed at you.

    The Russian fleet was demolished. Eight battleships and most of the smaller ships were sunk. More than 5,000 Russian sailors died. Just three of 38 Russian vessels escaped to Vladivostok.

    Russia lost World War I, not an easy thing to do when you’re on the winning side. After the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was too much of a mess to keep fighting Germany. The Soviet government signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk surrendering Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russian Poland, and Ukraine—containing in total a quarter of the population of Imperial Russia—to the Central Powers just eight months before the Central Powers had to surrender to everybody.

    Russia lost both sides of the 1917-22 Russian Civil War. The White Russians were losers. The Reds were total losers. We know how their revolution turned out.

    Russia might as well have lost World War II. Between 18 million and 24 million Russians died. That’s three times as many military and civilian casualties as Germany suffered. There must have been a better way to kill a bunch of Nazis running low on food and ammunition and stuck in frozen mud.

    Now, because of what he’s doing in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has a higher smerd popularity rating than Ivan the Terrible or even Stalin. We certainly should have screwed him over. But Russian history is on our side. He’ll certainly screw himself.

  112. i see a little anti-sentiment here..( country you? ) And every thing you read and hear certainly not gospel truth. Halph truth and opinions mixed.
    It is known that in Ukraine not all are Russian decent.and SOME NOT ALL WANTED to be part of russia…My understanding is that not so much true any more..After Russia Land grab…Do remember Creamia was annexed.
    And United States is not the bully portrayed here… All nato countries and their are many can not be wrong.

  113. Excuse me, but the author either is a complete knucklehead or a Russian nationalist plant.

    The numbers of troops she is citing are minuscule and in no way present a true threat to Russia. As far as I can see, nothing she reports in this article is a meaningful threat to Russia. This is nothing but posturing so far.

    Additionally, the article totally avoids discussion of Russia’s actions in the Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, and elsewhere within the boundaries of the old Soviet Union. President Putin of Russia has been shameless and aggressive in his moves to expand Russian power and influence throughout the world. However, as much damage as Russia could do if it were to go to war, Russia’s military power and capacity has mostly been seriously eroded since the fall of the Soviet Union. Most of Russia’s submarines sit rusting in port, the bulk of their surface fleet also sits rusting. Their land forces are better off, but not up to the standards they once held.

    Russia clearly is pursuing an expansionist agenda and so far the Obama administration has done nothing but give them the green light or ignore the pleas from our allies bordering on Russia for us to live up to our treaty obligations and commitments. So fare, the US has seriously failed to do so. Like all bullies, Putin will continue his attacks until someone stands up to him and punches him in the nose. Unfortunately, only the US and NATO are capable of doing so, and most of NATO and Europe are loath to act.

  114. I’m from Russia, we don’t want war. In Europe the media impose the
    opinions of people that we want to attack them. We are not the USSR we
    have no Imperial pretensions, we just want to live in dignity and that
    our opinion was considered. NATO is building fortifications on the
    border with the us is sending more military. Question if you are in the
    door of the house knocked on the neighbor with the gun what are you
    going to do?!!!

    Sorry for my English we have a saying “a Bad peace better than good war”. Let’s be friends.

  115. First of all, the devil is not as black as he is painted. I think Russia did a good job in Syria. And what about Ukraine ? The territory which Russia has taken were mostly occupied by pro-Russian citizens… Due to the balance of power and the threat of nuclear war between US and Russia we have had 70 years of peace. Russia is not unpredictable or irresponsible because that balance of power lasted for two or even more generations…

  116. We could explode every nuke in existence and humans would still survive….Man doesn’t have the power to end the world………

  117. May be they do, but its not the reason for this confrontation. The reason is KGB/FSB took over Russia, which has many, many talented and forward thinking people unable to fight KGB mafia , now they want to take over parts of the world, and NATO is the only power capable of stopping it.

  118. I wish that the media would just stop it. There is not going to be a war with Russia…stop fanning the flames of they have this jet or we have this sub or we are far under gunned or whatever… you media people make me sick! Go get real jobs and stop doing the bidding of the defense department… all they want is to spend our money on things we don’t need….It would be more interesting to see a report on what’s being done about pothole filling!

  119. I believe that the US has sought to maintain world peace since world war 2 when they saved China from Japan as you recall while China and Russia are extremely jealous of the US World power and eventually seek to overcome the US in order to dominate the world. So your rhetoric is just that, a prelude of excuses to start something with the US.
    Tell me that I am wrong and that your intentions are other than what I just indicated.

  120. anglo saxon elites consider Slavs to be sub human and beneath their contempt.

    they will happily burn the earth to a cinder and kill everyone before they ever accept Slavic people as their social, political or cultural equals.

  121. I love china I get cheap things from
    Chinese people that continue to work for nothing. Everyone here on
    this web site is at each others throat. The hate and contention here
    is off the charts. The intelligence here is not very high either. Its
    not about me a American or you Chinese or whatever race you are. Its
    a RICH and POOR thing. The rich always tries to make you work for
    nothing and they do a good job at it. They send the poor to fight
    wars so they may gain more wealth and resources and they don’t care
    if you die in the war. They achieve this by always keeping the
    populations of the world fighting among themselves over race, creed,
    color, religion and culture. They keep you in a state of fear and
    discontent always keeping you down. media propaganda gives you the
    evil that must be vanquished and what to hate. I guess we are not
    quite as evolved in the human race as we think we are. To be
    perfectly honest with you this will never change we cannot change it
    as long as we are divided. Together we could change the world but
    this will never happen. Ancient civilizations have shown that the
    human race fault a global war maybe even a universal war once before.
    the solar system shows signs of of war everywhere. I believe we just
    keep repeating this loop never learning or evolving above it. I am a
    American I feel your pain, your hatred and your bitterness. I don’t
    hate you neither dose the people in this country hate you. We all
    want peace, we all want to live a good life that is not in poverty.
    There is good and bad in all races. If your country was top dog do
    you really thing those at the top world care about the rest of the
    world? I say no and I believe we are at the end of a cycle that has
    been playing out over and over again through the ages. Peace and
    good will to you.

  122. no he has not dude. Putin is 5’4″ tall bully that thinks he has the upper hand. obviously he got the shit beat out of him as a child most midgets have that problem. Russia is in the way. obviously the united states and NATO are not afraid of Russia. or they would not be provoking things further. this will be a conventional war that Russia will loose. they will not use nukes and Russia nukes are now easily countered if shorty fires one. if shorty fires one it will be the end of the Russian people which i will be sorry for since they have some fine woman. i know the technology that is hidden here and it wont be good for you. please read my earlier post because i do not want you to think i am anti other people. i wish we could all live in peace. so plz read

    I love china I get cheap things from
    Chinese people that continue to work for nothing. Everyone here on
    this web site is at each others throat. The hate and contention here
    is off the charts. The intelligence here is not very high either. Its
    not about me a American or you Chinese or whatever race you are. Its
    a RICH and POOR thing. The rich always tries to make you work for
    nothing and they do a good job at it. They send the poor to fight
    wars so they may gain more wealth and resources and they don’t care
    if you die in the war. They achieve this by always keeping the
    populations of the world fighting among themselves over race, creed,
    color, religion and culture. They keep you in a state of fear and
    discontent always keeping you down. media propaganda gives you the
    evil that must be vanquished and what to hate. I guess we are not
    quite as evolved in the human race as we think we are. To be
    perfectly honest with you this will never change we cannot change it
    as long as we are divided. Together we could change the world but
    this will never happen. Ancient civilizations have shown that the
    human race fault a global war maybe even a universal war once before.
    the solar system shows signs of of war everywhere. I believe we just
    keep repeating this loop never learning or evolving above it. I am a
    American I feel your pain, your hatred and your bitterness. I don’t
    hate you neither dose the people in this country hate you. We all
    want peace, we all want to live a good life that is not in poverty.
    There is good and bad in all races. If your country was top dog do
    you really thing those at the top world care about the rest of the
    world? I say no and I believe we are at the end of a cycle that has
    been playing out over and over again through the ages. Peace and
    good will to you.

  123. Hi Matt, I am under the impression that the vision Daniel saw had to do with the kingdom of his day (Babylon – the Lion with wings), and the future kingdoms that replaced Babylon.. Medo-Persia (the Bear, whom Jeremiah calls “the destroyer”, and of which Isiah 13:18 states: “And their bows will mow down the young men, They will not even have compassion on the fruit of the womb, Nor will their eye pity children.”). After that comes Greece with Alexander the Great (the Leopard with four wings on its back), then comes Rome (a frightening and powerful force with iron teeth).

  124. Political Problem & Issue :

    For Ex : UKRAINE ( RUSSIA ) & USA : Nuclear War Crisis .

    Honestly I only learned the ‘problem @ issue of UKRAiNE ‘ from the political research on this over the Internet & political magazines written by numerous political research scholars .
    Also I have colleagues from RUSSiA & UKRAINE @ USA, who told me it was part of USSR earlier historically. Ukrainians want to be part of Russia . If that’s true it’s there choice of freedom of people’s in democracy political process for the people’s , but certainly none of anyone’s business especially the western civilization namely NATO ( UK ) & USA who are interfering & intervening in there internal political affairs instead of minding there own here within there own lands , streets & roads first.

    I really don’t think RUSSiA & Russians never ever historically or even presently interfering or intervening in other people’s affairs, especially politically without there consent ( For Ex : RUSSiA involving in the Middle East & Syria recently . Historically they never ever did that yet except helping IRAN @ 1970-80 during a decade with IRAQ ).

    For Ex : If America cannot even
    ‘fix there simple pot holes on the streets of it’s lands ‘ ( Which they should focus for it’s people’s of American way of doing business ) why would they go intervene & interfere in fixing other people’s problems & issues around the globe ?

    I think the interference & intervening really strained the political relationships between the Americans & Russians @ Cold War Strategy drawing them towards a war of nuclear crisis developing in the globe.

    Simple Public Service Concept @ Governance & People :

    Simple Definition : A government
    is simply off the people, for the people and by the people.

    If American people’s elected
    USA Gov & President, they should & must focus on the solving there problems & issues first .

  125. I love china I get cheap things from
    Chinese people that continue to work for nothing. Everyone here on
    this web site is at each others throat. The hate and contention here
    is off the charts. The intelligence here is not very high either. Its
    not about me a American or you Chinese or whatever race you are. Its
    a RICH and POOR thing. The rich always tries to make you work for
    nothing and they do a good job at it. They send the poor to fight
    wars so they may gain more wealth and resources and they don’t care
    if you die in the war. They achieve this by always keeping the
    populations of the world fighting among themselves over race, creed,
    color, religion and culture. They keep you in a state of fear and
    discontent always keeping you down. media propaganda gives you the
    evil that must be vanquished and what to hate. I guess we are not
    quite as evolved in the human race as we think we are. To be
    perfectly honest with you this will never change we cannot change it
    as long as we are divided. Together we could change the world but
    this will never happen. Ancient civilizations have shown that the
    human race fault a global war maybe even a universal war once before.
    the solar system shows signs of of war everywhere. I believe we just
    keep repeating this loop never learning or evolving above it. I am a
    American I feel your pain, your hatred and your bitterness. I don’t
    hate you neither dose the people in this country hate you. We all
    want peace, we all want to live a good life that is not in poverty.
    There is good and bad in all races. If your country was top dog do
    you really thing those at the top world care about the rest of the
    world? I say no and I believe we are at the end of a cycle that has
    been playing out over and over again through the ages. Peace and
    good will to you.

  126. i just read some of your other post you are a web troll for sure. a total antagonist. not to mention the fact your views on life are as dumb as a box of rocks. if you are that miserable with life i will give you a rope to hang yourself. trust me you would be doing everyone one around you a favor. what you show here is outward showing of who you truly are inside and how you treat those around you. you have no friends, you are not the favorite in your family and they avoid you when they can. you are not married or its going bad because no one can stand your nasty disposition for long periods. dude do the world a favor leave the plant people like you are a shame to the human race. you would do us all better if you just killed yourself. i am sure very few tears would be shed boy.

  127. Of course the U.S. has ICBMs, I was just pointing out that Russia also has them. Are you not aware of that ? Instead of being childish and calling other posters “Trolls” maybe you could try thinking, I know, that’s hard work.

  128. don’t be a racist use your brain

    I love china I get cheap things from
    Chinese people that continue to work for nothing. Everyone here on
    this web site is at each others throat. The hate and contention here
    is off the charts. The intelligence here is not very high either. Its
    not about me a American or you Chinese or whatever race you are. Its
    a RICH and POOR thing. The rich always tries to make you work for
    nothing and they do a good job at it. They send the poor to fight
    wars so they may gain more wealth and resources and they don’t care
    if you die in the war. They achieve this by always keeping the
    populations of the world fighting among themselves over race, creed,
    color, religion and culture. They keep you in a state of fear and
    discontent always keeping you down. media propaganda gives you the
    evil that must be vanquished and what to hate. I guess we are not
    quite as evolved in the human race as we think we are. To be
    perfectly honest with you this will never change we cannot change it
    as long as we are divided. Together we could change the world but
    this will never happen. Ancient civilizations have shown that the
    human race fault a global war maybe even a universal war once before.
    the solar system shows signs of of war everywhere. I believe we just
    keep repeating this loop never learning or evolving above it. I am a
    American I feel your pain, your hatred and your bitterness. I don’t
    hate you neither dose the people in this country hate you. We all
    want peace, we all want to live a good life that is not in poverty.
    There is good and bad in all races. If your country was top dog do
    you really thing those at the top world care about the rest of the
    world? I say no and I believe we are at the end of a cycle that has
    been playing out over and over again through the ages. Peace and
    good will to you.

  129. Well, anything with linear computer chips that operate at 5 volts will still short out in a large electromagnetic Radiation Burst. Most of the missiles are controlled by computers these days and most aircraft have electronic parts. so we can conclude that many of them will go unable to function after the first 1000 or so nukes they 50 GT of blast then we can calculate by how much area that will cover. 2300-8000 square km^2 then add all the highest population cities counting down, which is around 2.5 to 5.0 Billion. Which is why war between two powers with nuclear weapons is never advised.

    (city 1’s area) * (Population Density of Area 1) + (city 2’s area) * (Population Density of Area 2) + …… > (Number of Warheads)

    Note each one will be between 3.6 and 8 Km^2

    Repeat summing them until you do it for the top 1000 targets if you know where every nation will target which I do not.

  130. Humanity is a threat to world peace, we are not at our best until we have made things the worst. In time some power will size control of the planet and force all to follow its lead, that won’t be the weak pathetic UN.

  131. Actually that’s incorrect. EMP effects are only regional and would not effect any other weapons. EMP only effects the guidance systems which don’t matter once the warhead is on the descent to its target, the triggering systems are mechanical. It would be impractical to invest in weapons systems which would not work after the first volley.

  132. Well bumped heads under some conditiones can be studied like smashed neitrinous so what is an influence of LHC and it’s children on Life here on/in Earth and in Intire Cosmos?

  133. John,

    I assume you will be dead, John. Get used to this idea. No more walks in the park, lovely meals at your favorite restaurant, playing with your kids, etc. And yet all you’re concerned with apparently is whether “mankind” will survive. As you say Russia, the U.S. and Europe will be in flames. So is that your point? “Let’s be exact fellows, some people will survive… thank god.” How about a little anger directed at the war mongers who are starting this senseless war? you don’t need to look any further than D.C.

  134. How do you start a war that will certainly consume you? Either way, ,Puttin or Washington, whoever casts the first stone surely expects stones to rain back!!!!!!!!…….All parties understand the full consequences of their miscalculations or deliberate acts of war.How can such a war be possible!!!!!,a war that decimates humanity??,Warmongers are having a field Day.

  135. Mr Communist of the Chinese: your idea of population reduction through birth control might be a nice idea and commendable, but by sending them to die in warfare is criminal!!

  136. Almost all predictions are that a nuclear war would not be an extinction event. No need to be alarmist. The war most likely would be a disaster only for civilians in Russia and the NATO nations. The author could stir more fear with another set of facts. The intercepts and US nukes being stationed near the Russia borders, the dead hand Russian automated launch system. Yes, the US certainly is preparing for a 1st strike on Russia, and Russia is preparing for it also.

  137. it is not about stupid people electing
    a government. stupid people like you still think there vote counts.
    you are not very informed. we have not elected a government since
    before you or i were born. the mighty dollar has. when out of the top
    100 economies in this world 51 are corporations who do you think runs
    things. it dose not take a rocket scientist to figure this. a study
    was done that showed 15 corporations own and control everything
    important in this world. they may not have the same corporate name
    but they are linked in one way or another. 5 corporation control
    everything you hear, see and read. the sad thing about it is we have
    lost and there is nothing we can do period! unless you want a civil
    war which will convert us into a 3rd world country like
    Syria. so have a little brain power when you speak from the side of your face.

  138. i could challenge you on this and prove differently…i liked you first response however.

    Bottom line its who pull the trigger first …ukraine and the world say be russian…testing their weapons i assume.

    i think you may be a sumerian…..from out there some where.

  139. Since the Russian president assumed office again in 2012 he has proven to the west that he is no ordinary leader or that Russia is a mere regional power per se. Instead he has out foxed Washington, Berlin and Nato repeatedly. The drama unfolding in the Middle East and especially with the Kremlin fixing to control the skies with their deadly S300 the Arab world may soon find itself literally between “the DEVIL and the deep blue sea”.

  140. Are you always deliberately OBTUSE? I am a Vietnam Era veteran. I was a little more naïve then than I am now. I realize now that he politician’s are the ones provoked and this is usually because their OWNERS (not us), have financial interests in wars. The politician’s don’t go to war. WE, the cannon-fodder, go to war and we are told that it is for our freedom’s. I fail to see how trying to FORCE democracy on other nations is fighting for our freedoms. When one actually looks at what this criminal administration is doing and is doing so with a complicit Congress, one realizes that we don’t matter. They have taken OUR money and built shelters so they can survive their doings…..all in the guise of continuity of government. The answer to your question is YES, but I will NOT be doing so alone!

  141. Russia’s had a brain drain, anybody with any smarts and capabilities got out right after the collapse in 91, I know American Russians just like this, they’re ALWAYS sooooooo thankful to be out of Russia, they won’t even take their children back to visit

  142. I must confess, this ONE comment I made as troll bait lol, for the record I do not advocate for MAD, BUT I would put money on the fact that we have SOMETHING the Russians don’t know about regarding missle defense

  143. I agree that it would be the end of humanity, but most of it. Climate change is real. It is part of End Times prophecy and would have happened anyway. But, still, mankind has done its share of contributing to climate change also. Dog eat dog Capitalism, the kind where you can put cancer causing additives in foods to make them last longer in the name of profit. The things factories do that harm our environment. That is certainly not of God.

  144. 1) don’t be too confident. We wouldn’t stop ALL of their bombs. 2) There are still those Russian submarines lurking around. They would definitely get some shots in.

  145. That’s my point too. I wish to add that we see this kind of thinking even in the science fiction movies, that all mankind would perish or civilization as we know it would vanish, were a nuclear war to happen. We seem to forget that there are other continents (South America and the second largest continent on the planet, Africa) that would still be here. They would be bothered by radiation and possibly some of the nuclear winter, but there would still be “civilizations” that will have survived.

  146. The Russian and Chinese governments have provoked World peace for long! Its time they get nipped in the bud. A combined force of Russia and China is paper weight to the mighty US and allies. The Chinese government is ill in all manners, and is aiding illegal poaching (on Rhinos, Elephants and Lions) in Africa by colluding with corrupt African presidents! We call on the US to act with speed and clip the new Eurasian colossus wings in the bud!!

  147. spoken as a true brainwashed sheeple of a great super power. so when do we realize we are all in the same boat, and our politicians are killing all of us and using us as the reason for their own bias

  148. Freedom promotes stupidity. This is what you get when stupid people elect a government to represent them, a truly representative government.

  149. No disrespect Francis, but I once thought this was what the scriptures meant also. I began to do a lot of studying because this greatly disturbed me as early as 12years old. I lived my life thinking why bother trying to accomplish anything if it is all going to end anyway.
    I would advise you to study the history of the bible and the changes it has undergone. Study the original text and the meanings before King James, even before it was written in English. You will quickly discover that people, not God, has given some profound interpretations that create fear rather than hope. Many false statements unfortunately, this is why the East hates the west so much. The west has made many changes that simply are not true. Sad, very sad.
    Again, I mean no disrespect. Just saying what I found when I struggled with this.

  150. interestingly, everyone forgets that Nuclear warheads need satellite guidance. It is very simple, you CANNOT hit your target. Nukes would not be an option and all of the military knows this. There will not ever be a nuclear war. No leader wants to lose the comfort of his life. this is all a game to cast fear. Wake up everyone, there is not going to be a nuclear war, ever. The rich run the world…why would they want a nuclear war that contaminates everything on the planet

  151. I am tired of hearing about “WWIII”. Call it for what it really is…white on white Genocide…for the third time. Its lame, its pointless and quite frankly they are running out of phony reasons to kill one another. First it was over the ruling elite, then hitler was the excuse…then it was communism, well communism is gone. No More stalin, no more wall, no more soviets. The only thing that is left is flat out hatred. Which was really the whole point all along….I invite white people globally to take responsibility for your actions.

  152. Japan will clean the floor with Russia. Y’all better stay with little guys before you talking about fighting the big dogs.

  153. From the one hand, there is supposed to be no winner in WW3. So that we will have no scatter plot of variables like “what would have happened had Russia lost WW3?” because there would have been a single and permanent constant – – no human soul left at all to ask or answer.
    From the other (hand), theoretical What would have happened had Germany won WW2? has at least 8 practical answers.

    1. Homeless Russian veterans of WW2 would have lived on a pension 100 times lower, than minimum living wage in Germany.
    2. Potbellied Russian policemen would have squeezed money out of innocent drivers on the road in broad daylight and dark at night.
    3. Fat Russian Orthodox Christian priests would drive black Mercedes jeeps purchased on contributions of congregation.
    4.Russian civil officials would also have driven black Mercedes jeeps with a flasher violating traffic rules while potbellied policeman turning their blind eyes to it.
    5.Russian civil officials would not have sent their offsprings to war in Afganistan and Chechnia.
    6. Offsprings of Russian civil officials would have studied in Universities of Germany, England, USA, while ordinary people would have not enough money to buy school-books for their children.
    7. The Russian Government would have stolen banking savings of people in 1991, leaving them with no money for future.
    8. The President of Russia would have been a man who speaks better German than Russian, and who made a fortune on smuggling pieces of Hermitage Museum to German black dealers.

    The question is Did Russia won WW2? If Yes, then For whom? Obviously, not for the Russian people.

  154. mikosloper…go drink some more vodka my communist friend as you obviously have no idea what you are talking about….can you say Crimea? can you say Ukraine? Russia sends it bomber into US air space every couple of weeks? forgot about that, or just to stupid to accept. Russia has always been the aggressor, and Putin is the devil


  156. you must be absolutely stupid, the Syrian Leader is the problem, and Russia along with it because it supports him….maybe we drop some barrel bombs over your neighborhood and see how much you agree with the Syrian Leader?

  157. Take a look at the author of this article. A Russian is writing this stuff, of course she will make things bigger than they seem. Besides 4000 troops ain’t nothing when ones considers the scope of things.

  158. perhaps you forgot about the referendum in which crimeans VOTED to re-join Russia. the results have been verified by several independent surveys. crimeans are much happier as part of Russia than they would if they looked like east Ukraine.

  159. Please give me a link *not to RT please, explaining how the “US overthrew” the legally elected government! You don’t sound very familiar with the maiden revolution………dummy

  160. “Taking countries into NATO” Oh you mean when a country applies to be a NATO member all on their own? It would be different if NATO drove into a country (Crimea) with unmarked vehicles, held an illegal vote with guns up to people’s heads and then the next day was like “OH MY GOD!! 99.7% of the country wants to join NATO!”

  161. Yeah its been 70 years since Merkels grandparents generation incinerated all those Jews, no wonder theyre losing sentiment, our brains can’t hold that much info

  162. China’s not gonna support a big drunk angry bear you idiot, they’ll do what makes them the most money, as they always do

  163. Gang of fascists lol, you mean innocent civilians that were sick of yanukovych sniping off protestors? I’v seen all about the maiden revolution, russia can’t blur the truth no matter how hard they try, we have REAL Internet over here

  164. Not a single bomb would touch the US homeland, we have weapons that can even take out HYPERSONIC warheads, after russia launches the first strike and we repel it the whole world will turn on russia for almost starting a nuclear war

  165. This writer is overrating America, why would Russia combine with China to fight America and it’s allies? America and it’s allies are too small for Russia to fight alone, why get China into it? Russia does not need any help to defeat America and Europe put together. The west are just noise makers and the cause of all this wars, perhaps to archive there desire as prophesized by United Nation 2003 saying before 2020 the West will need over 70million Refugees to sustain there economy.

  166. Stole crimea using soldiers with no isignias that later putin admitted they were russian, it’s OK that you ruskies don’t know though, your Internet is censored up the wazoo

  167. Lets talk plainly.
    1. No country ever win from war.( companies and banks do.) Let alone a nuclear war.
    2. The US and NATO are not a bunch of saints. They are as vile as putin.
    3. The information that we as the public recieve is but the tip of the iceburg of whats really going on.
    4. US has caused many regime changes through its CIA. Just look at the declassfied files from half a centuary ago. Its not far fetched to think that this is still occuring.

  168. Try Genesis 1:5 for starters: And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. God made himself a he. He dictated the first five books to Moses. He did all things, guess they could have been with his toes.

  169. if several hundred (let alone a few thousand!) nuclear bombs are exploded, it will disrupt the planet’s weather MUCH more than global warming. “nuclear winter” MIGHT SHUT OUT ALL SUNLIGHT FOR SEVERAL YEARS. and how much radiation would spread around the world after a hundred nuclear explosions?

  170. what has russia done which is provocative? it looks to me like NATO’s expansion over the last two decades is aggressive expansionism, as is US instigation of regime change in ukraine and syria.
    and then there is iraq, yemen, afghanistan as US military expansion zones.
    and a few days ago, the US sent a warship through waters claimed by china in an obviously provocative gesture.
    what has russia done that is in this league?

  171. You must be a naïve feminist! The expression is a figure of speech when referring to God as He! If anyone knows Him; there are 3 Parts to the Trinity; The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit! God said, Let “Us” make mankind in “Our” Image! He refers either to the Father in Heaven our Creator or our Lord and Savior His Son! Her refers to the Holy Spirit or also known to be referred to as Wisdom! The Trinity is also the exact and perfect construct of the structure of a Family! It is very astonishing that people make snide comments without reading and knowing the facts firsthand. Maybe if people began to Listen to each other and pay attention a little more instead of being glued to their smart phones and tablets it would be possible to have an intelligent conversation. We are created in His Image and Likeness, so why wouldn’t he have hands?

  172. Not if they are seeking population reduction and control where conventional wars and diseases are not doing the job fast enough.

  173. Satan seeks to destroy to cause suffering, pain and loss. He seeks to undo God’s Creation. He has his hands in just about every sector of humanity and civilization possible. He has a hand in News Media Outlets, Entertainment, Currency or Banks, Politics and Governments, Food and Drug and even popular organized religions. He is the deceiver of Nations! This was already written to happen as it is now before our very eyes. It is for the most part inevitable; it is not a matter of if, but a great concern of when and where. For those who trust in the Lord need not fear for He will guide us through it!

  174. God warned us that we would not be the leading cause to our own destruction after He had made a covenant with Noah to not destroy His Creation after the flood. He did say that the second destruction would be by fire, but it will not be from His own hands!

  175. Why Americans are backing rebels in another nation? Is this the democracy they ( Americans) are talking about? Americans are the problems in the world, remember that the person you overlook can bring disgrace to you. God is on the side of the Russians because they,re doing the right thing by protecting the Syrian,s leader. Americans and their allies NATO will perished in Jesus name.

  176. Nice article except for the wrong use of the word ‘provocation.’ The writer misapplies the word to make it look like the West and NATO are provoking Russia; but the truth is that NATO and the West appear more to be responding to .Russia’s provocations than trying to provoke Russia. Check your facts against events over the last few years.

  177. It will not be the end of humanity. This is the work of those genius climate scientists who seem only capable of doing linear extrapolation.

    Those who believe in nothing open themselves up to believing in anything. The Bible explicitly tells us that when you see these things, that the end is not yet. And “things” means wars that take out large chunks of the planet – 1/4 or 1/3. And yes, it tells us about a “big war” involving Russia.

    And when might that be?

    A nation with wings suffers from deep cuts in its military – the wings are plucked. As this is happening the nation is transformed to a new way of thinking – a new heart.

    Gee, that sounds like right about now in the US. Then Russia will rise up and devour much flesh. Daniel 7:4-5.

  178. Wow has the time come for the Yankees and NATO crash into pieces if NATO can back anti Assad groups then why can’t Russia back Assad so if North Atlantic Terrorists Organisation is preparing war against Russia and China then we can expect a peaceful world after the organisation crashes good luck terrorist leader Obama

  179. If we love peace so much, why do we always speak of war? Corporations in the business of military hardware are all laughing all the way to the bank.

  180. Why no mention of the increased military exercises by Russia around the Baltic States as from autumn 2013? It was at this point that the Russian economy started to dive. Putin has created imaginery enemies to deflect his public’s attention away from the economy as he has his stolen wealth to protect.

  181. This is a typical former
    Soviet strategy, which is see how much we can get away with! Putin is trying
    his hardest to really the Russian people to see the world as a treat,
    especially after the many sanctions that is killing the Russian economy. Putin
    justification of the takeover of Crimea is reminiscent of the early Soviet
    Occupation of Eastern Europe. Although, I believe that this is all a deflection
    from the corruption, greed and the violations of humanity that is running rampant
    in Russia today. Putin is a very rich man and wants to keep his wealth and his
    power at the cost of bring Russia to total chaos. The one thing Putin has not forgotten
    is that Russians doesn’t put up suppression for too long. He is paranoid to say
    the least, although like all dictators there time of power comes to a close,
    especially these days. If a war was to start between the rest of the world and
    Russia, China would not join Russia’s side because it wouldn’t be economically
    sound, and a war would be costly to a country that is trying to establish itself
    as a super power. Once the sign of war the Russian people will revolt, and Putin
    will be another casualty amongst dictators.

    (?????? ????? ??????? ?????, ???? ?? ????.)

    Nikolai Berdyaev,
    Russian religious and political philosopher.

  183. It’s always Provocation when the democratic world stands up against Russia military adventurism, but Russia, the instigator of hostilities is always as pure as the newly fallen snow in these puff pieces.
    This article is nothing but a piece of FSB trolling!

  184. I’d hate to be you….God helps me out all of the time!! If I need something, I ask and makes a way for me to have it. I’d really hate to be you and others like you : You must really be a miserable little person. Good luck with life.

  185. All world powers (US, Russia, China, etc) try to influence world affairs in their favor, period. You say the US is at fault because they did X, Y, and Z, but the Russians have been doing the exact same thing. So because the US is winning “the hearts and minds” of these non-aligned states on Russia’s doorstep, Russia decided its best course of action is to try and bully them with veiled threats of force? Doesn’t seem to be working to well.

  186. What we can see from the West about Russia is just hypocritical, double-standard approach and ridiculously stupid anti-Russian propaganda.
    Look: They say NATO and US ABM defense hear the western border of Ukraine (Poland, Romania) is OK, is normal. Russia must not be worried.
    On the other side Russia’s military forces on her own territory near the eastern border of the same Ukraine is a threat to NATO, and NATO just can not ignore it.
    Swedes and Finns are nuts. The last time when Russia had a war with Sweden was in 1812, with Finns- in 1944. There is no unsolved issues between Russia and these 2 countries.

  187. You forgot to mention they also signed a non-aggression pact with the Japanese in the Pacific basically securing Japan’s western front emboldening it to attack the US at Pearl Harbor.

  188. Wouldn’t bother me at all. 4.000 infantry troops are not going to invade the US. If they are that paranoid and fearful of a 4,000 troops, they need medication. During the Cold War the USSR often had troops and ships in Cuba…….

  189. OMG, this is dangerous. May be Nuke war is inevitable and world war 3 might be started to end the life of this contemporary world. In any case God will save this world.

  190. There is no borders for Russian ICBM or a cruise missiles or they are so ignorant and arogant that they think that with a global strike and missile defense systems on the russian border they can win a war with one decapitated punch? ? If they think that , we are in a big trouble. Russians were preparing for years for that.Rusian official make it official that any attack on russia would have a nuclear retaliation. What about China??WAR with Russia and China? This is insane.

  191. Russia’s aggressive actions was result of US’s covert roles in ex-soviet states.
    US poking into every other nations political system is the root cause of all major political problems, whether it be snooping into European country, Saddam’s WMD which were never there or attempts to sabotage Indian nuclear programme through its NGO’s.
    The fact is that these so called “to be” NATO countries are surrendering to one super power to get save itself from another.

  192. A brief internet search reveals Don Debar is an insurance salesman.

    Don Debar on Linkedin
    PressTV, RT, various
    2011 – Present (4 years)
    Green Party of the United States
    1996 – Present (19 years)
    I have been a political activist my entire life. I have run for office as a Green several times, and have worked on a number of Green campaigns over the past 15 years. I have also worked to develop a Green media support apparatus.
    Title Insurance
    Title Insurance and Real Property Consulting
    July 1972 – Present (43 years 5 months)
    I am a third generation, life-long title insurance and real estate expert with vast knowledge of relevant law and practice, honed by more than 4 decades of active involvement in the industry. Available for consultation on all types of real property, land use and development, and mortgage finance issues.

  193. As far as you know, but that is a very short distance. After I retired the first time I started spending half the year in rural Russia and half the year in the States. Russia is a fun place, but the nearest modern cardiac unit was a hundred miles of rough road away, so I returned to living full time in the States about three years ago.

  194. In the animal kingdom they flex what they have to scare off predators, same thing Putin is doing…because he’s scared….middle east people are meant to be led…they can’t live without a dictator….let them kill each other off and let Allah sort them out….Russia couldn’t take Afghanistan… What does that tell you.

  195. I wonder why Debar doesn’t say WHY countries like Finland are showing interest in joining NATO now after 50+ years. Maybe because it is Russia’s aggressive actions in trying to bully its smaller neighbors is driving these countries to NATO to protect them. No ones fault but baby Napoleon, I mean Putin…..

  196. Debar is an idiot. Putting 4,000 troops is nothing. If the US was planning to fight Russia it would be more like 400,000 troops. it is exactly what they say it is, a message. If US troops are in countries neighboring Russia, it makes the Russian leadership think twice about conducting aggressive maneuvers in the area (i.e. air and sea space violations of neighboring countries) as any miscalculations could end up harming US forces and escalate things.

  197. clearly the answer is to just surrender to murderous criminal dictators such as Putin and Assad .. look how it worked out surrendering to Hitler and Stalin in 1938-1941

  198. right you are .. it is so obvious from all facts .. and the fact that Putin is a certified crook … maybe I could forget it … if he would just admit to stealing millions from St. Petersburg with the East German mafia

  199. In any circumstances Russia tends to look for it’s own “unique” national priorities. For the last centuries it vainly attempts to convince the whole world in “exceptionality of Russian Mission”, which only adds fuel to antipathy from the outside and instigates self-condemnation inside the nation.

    It happened in 1939, when Russia (USSR for hysterical book-worms) felt itself comfortable ally of Germany because at 1939 it seemed profitable for “Russian exceptionally” to annex half of the neighboring country on “legal grounds” of non-aggression pact, and supplying German military clique with nickel and grain, the last trainload of which crossed the border at Brest just 2 hours before the beginning of Great Patriotic War.

    While trying to dominate in geo-political scale, Russia fails to do so on it’s own territory, resulting in everlasting revolts.

    This is why the whole world wants to fence itself off Russia. Except for a few rogue states.

  200. Because we can detect them from satellites.

    You’re proud of Russia? Are you also proud they killed nearly 50 million of their own people?

  201. Obviously you missed the news. Russia has taken over Crimea and is fighting indirectly in Ukraine and has threatened other neighbors who use to be part of the old soviet block..Even though they have signed an agreement not to.

    But you’re right it is America threatening Russia. You must be a democrat.

  202. So I guess it only takes a few hundred U.S. troops to make the Russians wet their pants? And this Debar clown thinks that this “army” is preparing to invade Russia? I guess the vodka must be flowing freely at the Tikhonova house for someone to actually believe that comment and think it’s worth writing about.

  203. In any circumstances Russia tends to look for it’s own “unique” national priorities. For the last centuries it vainly attempts to convince the whole world in “exceptionality of Russian Mission”, which only ads fuel to antipathy from the outside and instigates self-condemnation inside the nation.

    It happened in 1939, when Russia (USSR for hysterical book-worms) felt itself comfortable ally of Germany because at 1939 it seemed profitable for “Russian exceptionally” to annex half of the neighboring country on “legal grounds” of non-aggression pact, and supplying German military clique with nickel and grain, the last trainload of which crossed the border at Brest just 2 hours before the beginning of Great Patriotic War.

    While trying to dominate in geo-political scale, Russia fails to dominate on it’s own territory which results in everlasting revolts.

    This is why the whole world wants to fence itself off Russia. Except for a few rogue states.

  204. NATO is America. NATO is under the Command of US General. THIS ARTICLE AND USA POLICY AGAINST RUSSIA IS INSANITY. First of USA is trying to bait Russia in to conflict. Obama was completely irresponsible in Syria, not lifting a finger to fight ISIS. Forcing Putin to step in and take action like a real world leader. USA has a big mouth. Putin is not stupid enough to speak about starting a war or wanting it. Only current American leadership is this ignorant. John McCain said we should arm rebels so they can shoot down Russian jets who I remind you are fighting US enemy ISIS ISLAMIC STATE. Again I say this is not just bad policy but suicidal insanity. The main reason for the anti-Russian stigma is because Russia is trying to work together with Asian countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea and India to move away from the US dollar as the reserve currency for the world. Which would take away a lot of USA’s power and prestige. Currently you can only buy oil with US dollars. This is unfair to everyone and only beneficial to USA. USA constantly uses money as a means of economic warfare. Russia wants peace. I am from Poland and I feel it is really messed up how USA is not dealing with ISIS terrorists which is committing genocide. It is sick that USA is trying to drag Europe in to a dirty war just so they can become a more powerful Empire. BTW Putin will not go to war because he is rational. However he might cut internet cables under the ocean to spite the USA. Also Obama is a Saudi Arabia/Muslims brother hood puppet. Look at his quotes on Islam and his actions regarding middle east. His agenda is pro-Islamic. The most dangerous incredibly charming liar is President Obama and he is embarrassing on the world stage while still able to full the American public. Ironic that the president that got a peace prize before he finished being president is now putting us in danger.

  205. LOL Jeff. If Putin thinks he will gain the “support and appreciation” of people in the middle east by what he is doing, then he hasn’t been paying very much attention to how much support and appreciation the US has earned by being involved there for the last few decades. Or how much support and appreciation Russia earned in Afghanistan before us. All he is doing is opening up Russia to Muslim extremist attacks (which is somewhat of an issue for them already). The middle east is a quagmire and a tar baby…westerners have no place there until they become sane which won’t be soon. And oil? Russia has lots of it and we don’t need to import from the middle east either if we don’t want to. You are a victim of 20th century thinking.

  206. Point, right or wrong at least the US tries! think about this truth- Every person on this planet who enjoys any kind of freedom owes that freedom to American blood and treasure it has spent to give that freedom !

  207. So you take the word of a book written by man. I don’t think I would call that truth since man wrote it. God did not write it. Hell was also invented by man. Man often creates little hells on earth. I bet you never considered that you are a sheep doing your own “sin” of ignorance. People in power like folks like you who help keep the other sheep scared. I believe you believe in what you are preaching but don’t tread on me. Man does have the ability to choose what is right. We don’t need a book God for that. I believe we humans are not evolved enough to understand the truth. Thus we make up stories to give people some kind of explanation because some of us have to have it. It’s all fear based. No compassionate entity would allow many of the atrocities we see. If so then I want to go to Hell which doesn’t exist. It’s not a god I would follow because the logic/love is severely twisted. Yes I will say this upon my “judgment” before I burn for eternity. That’s a lot to risk don’t you think? It would be so easy for me to just follow the heard.

  208. Nothing is happening, and nothing will happen. War’s have changed, and are not defined so much geographically as politically and economically now. The exception are the wars against 3rd world countries and the middle east. There is nothing to gain by a war with military when nuclear weapons are involved. They would have to be brain dead to do this.

  209. I still don’t understand why Putin/Russia haven’t used the porous US-Mexico border to slip some nukes into the US. If they have already done so, I am really proud of Russia.

  210. LOLOL and yet even your Shirtless leader has stated that Russia has no hope of winning in a war with the US! Are you calling him a liar !!

  211. lets see it was Putin who invited Fascist leaders from around the world to meet with him in Moscow! No Ukrainians were invited ! Democracy what would a Russian know about that word !

  212. She is worried about 400o soldiers when up until the Soviets fell there were many many times that number facing Soviet soldiers ! Russia doesn’t have many friends in the world and the few it has it keeps trying to intimidate or just invades IE Georgia, Ukraine etc . Ukraine a country that Russia along with the US and England signed the Budapest memorandums , an Agreement where Russia promised to respect the Territorial integrity of Ukraine .
    Seems to me if your neighbor keeps breaking its words , attacks and kills its other neighbors that the reasonable and responsible thing to do is strengthen your borders and remind that Aggressive neighbor that you will fight if attacked . But then this author’s loyalty lies with Russia what can we expect

  213. Not all of them will be used, there is no way they will launch all of them, the EMP from the first nuclear weapon will knock out all the other’s ability to fire more from that site, there will only be one wave which will mean only the ones active between the first 2-5 hours will be used in such an event so we will say between 2.5 – 5.0 Billion.

  214. Not all of them will be used, there is no way they will launch all of them, the EMP from the first nuclear weapon will knock out all the other’s ability to fire more from that site, there will only be one wave which will mean only the ones active between the first 2-5 hours will be used in such an event.

  215. Bwahaha…the U.S. doesn’t have to do anything, Russia will collapse under it’s own weight just like the USSR did. Their only products are oil and computer scams, and with the price of oil dropping like a lead weight they’re not going to have a whole lot of money to build this supposedly great military they’re yearning for.

  216. Multi-country? surely you do not think Germany, France and England are countries? They have absolutely no sovereignty, a country that has not sovereignty is either a huge military base or a door mat but not a country.

  217. you are just crazy , america must stay un america , you left europe …stay away from us , stupid gouvernment , there is no sign of russian agression in europe , your media are really shity and unneutral , you just want war

  218. Now Oblabla wants to send troops to Syria, for only one purpose, to use those mules as human shield to protect the terrorists from Russia’s bombing. Got news for them, Putin will not care, and why should he? Next we will read the headlines: Putin to Oblabla “Sorry. but you know you guys call that ‘collateral damage’ right? “

  219. Tell me then why USA is supporting the gang of fascists who came to power in Ukraine? Do you know that they have banned the Communist Party Ukraine from elections? Democracy or what?

  220. That Chinese leader was Mao Zedong, and his assertion then is as true today. But people tend to assume that China today would ally themselves with Russia, but I believe the current regime in China sees Russia as more of a threat, and the US as a hegemonic power that can be reasoned with diplomatically. They’ll side with NATO, especially if we give them Siberia.

  221. The future may be too late. That is the NATO calculus. That is also the Russian calculus. What will plunge us into war is the idea that acting now is the best way to destroy an evolving and persistent threat. All in and go for broke.

  222. A glitch or misreading of a false nuclear launch by any side would be disastrous under the current circumstances. They’d better start negotiating before that even has a likelihood of happening.

  223. id have to say its you that’s the fool. oduma doesn`t get along with even many of our allies. any republican that wins will do a hell of a better job then our current scumbag president

  224. people in UK have started to realize the US has been behind all the trouble spots in the world.

    And sentiment for Israel has nosedived overseas as well.

  225. DC’s politicians will hide in their holes like Saddam Hussein did, only theirs will be fortified concrete bunkers with plenty of food etc for about fifty years.

  226. He get’s it from RT news propaganda. Nothing he speaks is factually correct. The whole Ukraine scenario is made up to make the Russians think the US is out to get them and there are no NATO nuclear weapons on Russia’s borders either (moreso, just the opposite). Instead there are SAM’s there in case of a Russian launch.

  227. You want to go from a corrupt racist community organizer to a vindictive career felon and pathological liar? if this is the choice, then I hate to say—we will get what we deserve..

  228. we have the will to do as we please and because of the bad decisions people and countries make God allows for the those mishaps to happen.. Read the so called ” fictional Bible” and you will find how the prophecies foretold are even now coming to pass… But you won’t because your afraid on what you’ll find…

  229. Who from the US ever mentioned attacking Russia? What’s to be gained by doing so? As a NATO member we are obligated to protect other NATO members if attacked by anyone. Putin’s not stupid enough to miscalculate and be the cause of MAD. It’s simple, Putin needs to avoid trying to annex portions of other countries internationally recognized borders like he did Crimea and stay within his own.

  230. to have peace, one have to prepare for war (quoted from PM Churchill). Tyrants will rule the world if good men are afraid to fight. China and Russia are capitalizing on our fears to further their expansionist agenda.

  231. I have written FACTS that history has confirmed plenty! But, you…? Zero! So you must be a legal ignorant, for your FAILURE to rebut my assertions known publicly for the past 25 years. You need to read some history books to educate yourself, not sitting duck here like a PHANTOM hidden behind a stupid pseudonym and insult the writers!

  232. Had Only followed the advise of the military commanders and left the safety net we had in place in Iraq. None of this would be happening, so now you have to put the safety of this nation, our lives in the hands of anti-American–pro-Muslim Huessen Obama–and the thought of coming out of this alive, then handing our lives to Hilary Benghazi Clinton is total insanity…

  233. this is a war they think they could win–anyone want Obama or Clinton calling the shots when it comes to our security…Had Obama only left those residual troops in Iraq that were the safety net—none of this would even be discussed

  234. War with Russia maybe Obama’s final gift to white, Christian America.

    I hope the Pentagon and Russia have Military leaders of integrity and courage who will not allow politicians to drag our countries into a war !

    Bill C.

  235. I would suggest that if most of the nuclear weapons ont he planet were used, we would see over 5 billion deaths both from the immediate attacks and resulting radiation. It is the nation with the most people that will end up on top in the end after about 200 years when the after affects are pretty much gone save for the ground zero targets.

  236. Europe will need more refugees to wake up and break up with the US. Somebody need to remind the Europeans that their layback lazy life is about to end and their homes will be reduced to rubbles if they continue going down this path. A British tourist here recently told me people in UK have started to realize the US has been behind all the trouble spots in the world. That is why we are seeing the changes of Britain’s foreign policy and its willingness to publicly go against what the US government advocates.

  237. The United States, for some silly reason, has become so engaged all over the world, that there appears to be little, or no hope for rebuilding America. Americans are going crazy like a pack of Zombies. I agree, Nukes will destroy the cesspool.

  238. My outlook is mroe realistic then gloomy, we have nuclear weapons and some time in the future somebody might use them. Just as we prepare for earthquakes here in California, so to should we expect that nuclear war is possible int he future. If the situation in Russia was as dire as you suggest then how can they have moved into two nations in Eurasia and land so many troops in the Middle East as well? They may be going “all in” to use poker parlance but this gamble might pay off. They are in a position to take control of the Middle Eastern oil fields and already have the support and appreciation of many of the people in the Middle East. Putin is old Soviet KGB, guys who are dedicated not just to a party but to an ideology of Soviet supremacy over the world. It is well know that Putin grits his teeth that the Soviet Union fell and I suspect he is trying to bring it back and set in motion tools to keep it going and growing.

  239. Marsh Man, you like many are blind to the truth.
    If you as many think the Universe just happen from a big bang you are small minded. Why don’t you try and enplane where all the stuff came from that was in that little so called big bang.
    GOD made all thing and has given you the choice to believe in Him or not, you can follow sin or follow GOD.
    I pray you don’t do like many and end up in Hell, but GOD gave the same choice to make, everlasting life or death in Hell.

  240. Ohh yeah, were coming to get you! with all 4000 of our troops in the EU (There on the way we swear!)
    Because the USA really wants to occupy… Russia…you got us.

  241. Attacks on Crimea and Ukraine caused alarm that Putin may desire a return of former Soviet empire. Many of these countries are now members of NATO. Nothing sinister or mysterious here. Putin is being put on notice that NATO will defend its own. It’s the reason NATO exists. Has little to do with Obama.

  242. So a war with Russia is forecasted to be “the end of humanity”. That could only mean one thing; the average leftwingnutjob is shaking in his/her boots and would surrender before putting up a fight. Just watch. That’s just what Putin is counting on . . . . . . . and probably what Obama meant when he told him he will have “much more flexibility after his reelection”.

  243. Russia is betting on it’s vast territory, which is a complete fail. It was working well in time of the cavalry. With just a few bridges, power lines and oil-gas pipes cut, the country will be disintegrated.

  244. US Military is the only one with Decades of experience. Russia fighting in Georgia doesn’t really count as WAR…..Chechnia….lol…..Ukraine is close. US/NATO are only responding to Russian military drills on the Border with Ukraine in case Putin wants to take Kiev. I don’t think anyone’s going to jump and launch a Nuke even if a skirmish should happen. Ms. Polina really wishes to be more relevant, maybe covering other topics she’s better suited for. I believe there’s a SALE at Nordstrom.

  245. You have a pretty gloomy outlook Jeff. I won’t say nuclear war could never happen, but I see it as highly unlikely. And Russia playing the music? From my point of view they are bluffing from a position of weakness having nearly lost two vassal states and having to invest money and troops to keep from losing them entirely. And if Obama has reduced our exposure to the middle east I applaud that. It is a region in turmoil….Muslim on Muslim for the most part. I have no desire to be involved in their family fight and if Russia wants to butt in, I predict they will wish they hadn’t….just like we wish we hadn’t.

  246. The destruction of humanity? Or just the destruction of selected targets which ICBMs were made
    for. Now Iran is building ICBMs thanks to the “no deal” negotiated by this administration.

  247. The difference now is that Russia has a large military presence on the ground there, whereas we only have “advisors” and some operatives. If we didn’t waste our time and manpower there, Russia would control it all and the oil Europe needs to survive.

  248. With all due respect Ms. Tikhonova, your article is written as if the US is the provocateur, but it is only responding to Russian provocations which if unanswered would invite more. Your article is not honest in its impled fault of the US for the tension.

  249. Obama unless a Russian bomb hits DC is not about to fight. Putin will be in a full court press to accomplish all he can before Obama leaves office.

  250. You mean the same God who was not there for his 6 million so called Jews who all died in the Holocaust, the same God who never helped anyone on this earth! So how is this God going to know anything about the end times…

  251. Russia wont do anything to start a war with us or nato. Russia would get there butts whooped and a better govt put in place. putin doesn’t want that. lol

  252. Is Obama a lion in sheep’s clothing? We expected to have a world peace under hi reign but it seems he has gone stupid.t be playing dangerous games like this. He should know himself and also know that should he start a third world war, he will have no place to hide. Is this a retaliation because Russia is bombing our rebels in Syria? There is no need for that because we have been in Syria bombing for almost two years without any significant results. A silly move to show the world that our country is strong is nothing but carelessness and irresponsible miscalculation. We cannot even rid North Korea of its nuclear bomb let alone attack Russia that has thousands of war heads. Begin to think with your head Mr. President.

  253. W Mc I think that Putin pulling on 0bamas tie is a pretty clear sign of disrespect for ANYthing WE c an do. It it very clear also that Americans will bend over and TAKE ANYTHING , even knowing it will destroy their own Country and kill their children, for anothers assinine religeon. It is not the 0 OR Putins Fault, it is OUR FAULT! WE ENABLED 0bama AND the BITCH of BENGHZI and their minions. and DID NOTHING!( and ALL the WORLD KNOWS)

  254. This Artical written by the Russian propergandist Polina Tikhonova is right out of Comrade Putins play book to put fear into all Western Countries including the USA. Frankly it is all Bull sheetjust to scare and promote the Russian agenda. Value walk just proved they are nothing but a Russian Properganda lying news outlet doing Comrade Putins bidding.

  255. Putin ain’t going to war. He’s owned by the Russian oligarchy and actual war (past the point of selling weapons) is bad for business. The politicians here, on the other hand will love it. Finally, a chance to be with Jesus!

  256. I’ve no suicide wish, but objectively, good riddance to a horribly failed species. The universe will applaud, breathe a sigh of relief that the vermin here won’t be spreading their disease. Then they’ll go back to the business of not giving a s%^t. Other than that, have a great day!

  257. rich w/// we were on the road to the end when that pos got re elected to OUR HOUSE and turned it into a gay rainbow House. If Mitchell “his” “wife” had “her” way, it would be painted orange tomorrow! I bet a 100 dollars that the newly redecorated Air Force 1 Is Orange inside!

  258. Dan Unfortunatly they will all be black or “hispanic” ( whatever THAT means. White people do not procreate like cockroaches.

  259. Given that God is defined (typically) as a “supernatural” entity, that places it (or him) outside the realm of reality. In other words, God is unreal, and can’t possibly be defined or understood in the context of reality as we know it. So, any assumption or attribution made to God is purely speculation or fantasy; we can’t actually assert what a supernatural entity knows or doesn’t know, it’s completely hypothetical.

    One thing we can consider is the astonishing issues of scale, and how God as knowing and intervening seems implausible. If the visible universe 14 billion lightyears in radius, were scaled down to the size of the Earth, then the Milky Way galaxy would be roughly 10-15 yards wide. A light year would be the size of a small grain of sand. Our solar system would be 1/1000 the size of that grain of sand, and the Earth and all its inhabitants would be infinitesimally smaller. So, given the sheer scope of the universe, does it make sense that any entity supernatural or not, would possibly monitor the universe and all its inhabitants, including each member of the human race? It would be like you or men monitoring an individual atom looking through a pair of eyeglasses. It’s really non-sensical.

  260. W F/// OH Knock it off. Every Democrat ever in office , we have gone to WAR! ( of one kind or another) some called the War in Korea everything BUT a WAR.

  261. dei God helps those who help themselves. HE brought drought, plague, famine to the enemies of the Jews and told them that Jeruselum was THEIRS to TAKE. It was not a GIFT. They are still fighting to keep it. Gird your Loins to fight in Gods Army, does not mean be helpless or defencless against the insane.

  262. So it is Don DeBar’s opinion that we in the West should roll over and play dead to the agression of V.V. Putin’s administration?

  263. WiseTM/ Don’t be so sure of yourself. You , WE, are dealing with megalomaniac here and we do not really know what Putin is behind the scenes. This has a lot to do with ego. False on one side and too real on the other.

  264. Wrong… he is helping his old ally Syria – who has never been a US ally, and will never be a US ally – even if ol Bashar gets tossed out. We shouldn’t be wasting our time and manpower there… We have enough issues in Iraq. Deal with ISIS in Iraq, let Russia do what they feel they need to do in Syria.

  265. The pretty sad thing is that there are still madmen like putin, the north korean dictator and a few others allowed to mess around with the rest of the world that wants to live in peace.

  266. I assume you think only russkia has nukes, that they’re operative and that america has no defense against them and no way to retaliate…by the way, shouldn’t you go by snapTroll?

  267. I remember years ago in the Nixon days. Nixon was with a China leader, and they both was taking Questions. The China leader referred to China, as the greatest super power of the 3 nations. A reporter asked him what facts he based his comment on. He replied. If Russia and America went to war. Which ever side China chose to back, would be the winner. Therefore they was the greatest power to be respected by the other super powers.

  268. johnnie be good/ If the 0 had not whispered what amounted to treason, in Putins EAR-IN PUBLIC thereby allowing Putin to see that if the 0 did get re elected ( as he seemed to KNOW he WOULD) another story- and that if did become President he would someday be permitted IN PUBLIC, as the 0 tried to speak to him- that it was o.k. to PULL THE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA by his TIE-and get away with that bitch slap to ALL of us by so doing. We have shown weakness, b ad idea.

  269. Well, putin and his delusions of a great mother russkia playing a role in the world is a threat to world peace and must be stopped whatever it takes. That fact just lead us to wonder ourselves where’s all this fuss with the NATO troops closer to russkian borders’ coming from. If a war has to be fought the closer to their borders the better. Of course nothing will happen if he abandons his delusions and stops playing silly games he has no military power nor the economic power to back up at all.

  270. – US overthrows legally elected government of Ukraine to install it’s own regime on Russia’s border
    – Russia intervenes to not let US have it’s way
    – NATO put’s it’s military including nuclear bombs on Russia’s border
    Russia is “evil”

  271. If the Russians are wondering why each of their neighbors was desperate to join NATO, they only need to look at their own history over the last 100 years to understand why.
    Hell, make that the last 1000 years.

  272. All of this could of have been avoided if Nazi Germany would of had destroyed the USSR back in WWII,even though we would of had to deal with them (Germany) after, But Russia would of not have the same capability it has today. Hey,if they (Putin and company) ask for it,then lets give it to them.

  273. Russia isn’t doing anything except defending herself from the very dark side that is usurping the U.S. and other nations, and, has been for decades. Those dark powers being the global elite sponsoring in the “New World Order”..or, at least attempting to.

    In short, Russia isn’t doing anything different than any other sovereign country would do to protect themselves.

    If anyone provokes a war, it will be us (The U.S.) and, if there’s anything we need to do as a free people, it’s to learn what’s really been taking place and put an end to it.

  274. All you fellows are living in the past— that silly ole Cold War has ended. Obomber ended it with that wonderful reset button. He has the Russians on their Knees with crippling sanctions — Dido for Iran. And China at his feet. Don’t Forget the war on terror is won. Can’t your eyes believe what the media has told you in the 2012 election.

  275. No need to dramatically overstate the issue, over 200 nuclear devices, some as large as ten megatons were detonated above ground in the middle of the 20th century. There is little evidence of those detonations now. If 3000 were detonated, merely fifteen times more, there might be fifteen times more damage then that seen by 1960, but 50 years later there will likely be very little overall effect.

  276. If only, but what if this is one of those situation where millions (billions?) die horribly, with many more suffering only to be enslaved and see their loved ones killed horribly outright or murdered in front of their eyes? In a sense everything is prophecy, but it may not be Biblical but self-fufilling. Perhaps the writers of the Bible knew human nature better then we could ever guess; maybe they knew when people turn against God and unto themselves the ultimate results is disaster for humanity as a whole.

  277. In the propaganda War — ISIS was told their bible actually said, instead of 100 virgins– they will be given Hillary for eternity. many have fled the front lines.

  278. The U.S. has NATO on the Russian border, problem is, with ICBMs we can’t count on watching the next war on TV. If we want to start another war we had better stick to small countries that do not have the capability of hitting back.

  279. Humankind would not be destroyed, merely decimated. China has enough of a population to handle major losses to the attacks and radiation, most other nations do not. Given a few hundred years after a full nuclear attack worldwide, China could have enough healthy people to colonize the other nations of the world. Putin has acted aggresively and speaks in a war like way but Obama has undermined the US so much that we are not in a position anymore to do anything against him. Best we let him take control of the oil there as that seems to be his plan, which will put him in a position to dictate to Europe his demands. There is an international game of musical chairs going on right now with Russia playing the music, if we are not careful the US will be left without a chair when the music stops. There may be no hope but Obama has certainly brought about change, he has halved American influence in the international community which according to his book he implied would be best.

  280. It’s pretty sad there’s even this sort of talk, one would think that with the thousands of years humans have been on the earth and fighting amongst themselves, that they would have learned to get along.
    What a sad species we are.

  281. Brainwashed sheep, US overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine to install it’s own regime, and then Russia it’s neighbor and ex-Soviet state intervened to not allow US have it’s way just like they already have in countless nations.

    You want to talk about invading countries and killing people? Who illegally invaded a country and killed 1.2 MILLION people 10 years ago? That’s right, US in Iraq, in an illegal war without UN approval over false pretenses that later were proven to be fake.

    And Russia is the aggressor?

  282. Reading this thread, I see an awful lot of posts by Russians masquerading as Americans, or Americans masquerading as Russians. And reading the article itself, I see nothing but a piece by Putin’s propaganda machine. Anybody who thinks that the US and NATO are the “aggressors” for moving troops in tiny numbers to the eastern borders of NATO itself should visit Russia and see how little freedom there is in that gulag-ridden country. The only difference between Putin and Hitler is that Putin – as yet – does not want to rid the world of Jews. If we don’t stand up to this bastard, we will be remembered as the Neville Chamberlains of the 21st century, even if “standing up” means war.

  283. Paulina is a trained Russian propagandist doing her masters bidding. Any crossing into NATO borders will be defended vigorously and they know it. If Trump is elected he will be antagonizing the Russian leadership with his loud rhetoric and tell Putin to put up or shut up.

  284. you can’t even articulate in a tongue– that can be understood– look at your post. Who is stupid ?? a bar of soap in your mouth would be a vast improvement.

  285. The US and NATO would not be shoring up defenses at Russian borders were it not for Putin’s aggressive actions and war-like talk. In fact, NATO was well on it’s way to being a paper tiger until Putin started doing things like invading Crimea. That said, I don’t think he is any more suicidal than the leaders of the Soviet Union before him, so I really have very little worry at the moment about a nuclear war that will destroy humankind.

  286. you are one of the few that are totally correct. most are from people living in the past. Still thinking of the poor ignorant Chinese. They fail to notice– that China has a lean on America, and we can’t even make interest payments. They total make all electronics in the world. providing these foot soldiers you mentioned– with the most advance gadgets, is easy for them. After Bill Clinton gave them missile technology for campaign funds. They developed a cruise missile that can take out a super carrier from 450 miles away. They also have some ole subs that follow us around for weeks– UNDETECTED. We still hold the edge in fighter planes– but that alone can’t even stop ISIS.

  287. Ultimately once all the birds fly (if and when), China will have a large enough surviving population that they can move into the areas where the rest of us once lived. In the middle 20th century many countries tested over 200 nuclear weapons above ground with no visable effect on most of the planet. If 2000 or even 20000 were used, it might take longer for the planet to recover but it will and those surviving will inheret the planet unchallenged, based on sheer numbers that is China at 1.2 billion people and climbing (one child restriction rescinded, their population will likely explode to 2 billion by mid century).

  288. The armies are already in the middle east , as fore told in the Bible Revelations, nations gathering for the battle of Armageddon, Gods Word playing itself out as man turned away from the almighty to seek pleasures of the flesh.

  289. Guess you have been living in a cave and missed all the events current and past. Obama forced the US to fund the rebels in Syria, a part of whom was Al Qaeda and the splinter group ISIS. ISIS took funding and weapons from that which Obama provided and began to increase their reach while Obama was pulling troops out of the Middle East. Without any controls, ISIS exploded in power to control large swaths of the Middle East with influence reaching into other nations. Putin goes in allied with Syria and starts decimating ISIS to where many in the Middle East see him as a hero and the US as a slug. If you don’t get it, search the net for the pictures of Middle Eastern women kissing pictures of Putin in a loving way.

  290. Stupid, this has nothing to do with Obama, this has to do the Fking habit the U.S has of Fking with other nations, only becuase they will not bow to the US.

  291. This is just Obama’s way of trying to take back some credit once he forced the US away from being a strong force in the Middle East thus allowing daesh to rise threatening stability there. Russia moves in then and starts dealing with them harshly ultimately coming out as the “heroes” people of the Middle East were looking for, leaving America in the dust. The sad part is that Obama’s bruised ego at being one upped by Putin could cost the world. Better for Obama to salve his pride, suck it up and back off; Russia is in too superior of a position for the US to try to start throwing what little’s left of it’s weight around.

  292. And NATO and US wants to go attack Russia because….. why exactly? because they are fighting ISIS in Syria? or is it because they are fighting US armed and trained terrorists in Syria?

  293. CSDP and ESDCand EAG and EAC and EATC and EMF and MCCE and OCCAR are organizations outside of NATO, which align Europe in protection not aggression, vs Russia. they have capabilities that can match or exceed russias, in numbers and hardware. EU can muster 430,000 troops immediately, all trained. and has three aircraft carriers not one. they have almost as many nukes as the usa, with their nuclear sharing pact in the EU. so Russia may say with china we can match capabilities, and I say no, not with hardware. they may state that the Chinese can take over usa hardware, and I say I do not see a significant presence so I would only urge Russia to use diplomacy. other words the usa may try to cause Russia to push too hard, feel it necessary to ask china for assistance when they may have other options than absolute force, but tht could be be usa s spies to infiltrate Ukraine as Russians, only to start further warfare. the posturing that they both do,as percy aka rick cohen, putin who is joe pesci, and others who I know decided attempt to start this war. and will try to run a holocaust on the other billionaires, and then millionaire andthen 100k bars as the threat posed by the mlionaires isapparent. then they inted on building mor e robots

  294. He’s a freaking Russian troll or at least a wannabe,,my guess is a wannabe,,,anybody that hates this country as much as him most likely don’t even live here,,,anyway,,I find it amusing to listen to him.

  295. so Obomber is showing Putin who is boss– and he is challenging China in the sea— sending troupes to Syria. These are all spoon feed articles, by the WH. just to change opinions about the Bomber, and his image. Lets just hope, he don’t do anything stupid— like draw a red line.

  296. U.S. looks it’s trying to profit the last year they can freely print US dollars to finance (and lose) all kind of foolish war dreams of «domination», be it in the mountains of Tibet, the mountains of Afghanistan, the desert in the Middle East, the waters of South China or in the vicinity of Russia. Next year when the Yuan will be included in the basket of international currencies will signal the end of the game and U.S. like Europe will become more conscious about military spending. But for the time being, all foolishness is possible.

  297. Russia can blame no one but itself. Putin has bullied and attacked and sending his cronies into other countries stirring troubles, and constantly tell them he will attack SO what did he think they are constantly backing down? They have gotten tired and are telling Russia to stop or they will fight.

  298. What mess in Crimea? The citizens voted for secession and seceded. The latest polls from non-Russian countries show that 85% of them are still happy with their decision. Doesn’t sound like much of a mess.

    The Ukraine was destabilized by us. We spent $5 billion dollars to buy a regime change and made our usual mess. You do remember that it was McCain and Nuland in the Maidan egging on the rioters with the promise of American help. Putin and Lavrov were nowhere in sight. The rebellion there would have been over in a few months if we hadn’t stared pumping in money and supplies for the militias. From the start, we have paid for every salary, every meal, every bandage, every gallon of gas and every uniform the Ukrainian armed forces uses. Now we also supply Humvees, Armored personnel carriers, body armor, sophisticated radar, drones, night vision gear, complete field hospitals, artillery aiming systems, training and advanced communications to the Ukrainians, all done while we accuse Russia of helping its side. Poroshenko never made a move toward peace because he knew we’d keep paying the bills.

    Russia’s “meddling in the Ukraine” has mainly consisted of sending sixty columns of food, diapers, medical supplies and building supplies to Donbas – which did interfere with Poroshenko’s publicly stated plan to starve the people of Donbas into submission. They have also let volunteers who want to fight go to Ukraine for a few months at a time, but being that Russia is a free country, its people have a right to go where they want and fight where they want.

    How is Putin “destabilizing the Balkins and Scandinavia”? We are piling in equipment and men every day to threaten Russia, but I don’t remember Russia doing any threatening. A couple of low level Russian diplomats have reminded NATO that if they start a war, Russia will shoot back, but that is hardly a threat of nuclear destruction.

    So, how is the genius Putin destabilizing the Balkins and keeping it secret?
    I forget nothing, but you seem to know nothing.


  300. Just my own political opinions :

    I don’t think RUSSiA grabbed the lands of Ukrainians . Some of the Ukranuans told me that they want to be part of Russia as they were before @ USSR . It is people’s choice of freedom.

    USA & NATO should mind it’s own business, the same way RUSSiA minding by not interfering in the USA & NATO affairs .

    Whatever my word simple one : For goodness to the global life systems .


  301. putin amassed up to 50,000 troops along the Ukraine border. the Ukraine has mobilized about 75,000 or more troops, and it is visible, including usa operatives. EU has mobilized 36,000 ina training excersize in the the math is there. Russia has 400,000 troops, but the EU can match it and with the usa quickly outmatched.

  302. Someone close to Putin needs to see that Putin wants war and because of this Putin needs to be put down like a mad dog. Also reading a comment below by squqwneye its unbelievable how some here are completely ridicules in their hatred for Obama and Clinton, blaming them for Putin’s escalation of world tensions.

  303. If u understand the history UKRAINE was part of USSR. If the UKRAINE people’s want to be part of RUSSiA it’s there choice of freedom @ Democratic world . USA & EUROPAS should mind there own business politically as RUSSiA & Putin never interfered in the USA & EUROPAS political problems & issues .

    Whatever the problem & issue and for the goodness of the current @ future legacies of the species , they should solve it with peace or conventional wars but certainly not of nuclear wars of mess of global extinction like other planets at Solar Systems @ Past.

    My independent opinion :

    One Simple Word :


  304. the war with China will be the end, the standing Army of China is equal to the population of the USA and our military continues this downward spiral, nukes will be the only answer we have

  305. China will notttt fight with Russia lmao, we’re too closely intertwined
    with them. We see more movies with Chinese and Japanese characters here
    in America, than we do Russian, Same goes for their country, we love and
    hate each other, but everybody just hates punk Russia xD I’ll pass on

  306. Obama is not going to wage war on anyone. He’s a weak dolt which is why Putin is aggressively projecting military strength. What the hell are you smoking?

  307. “Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation,” rather put your trust in God and Jesus, who will by His hand put an end to the dominion of darkness once and for all. What does the kings of the dominion of darkness offer you time without number? Nothing but wars and shedding of blood in diverse places. Yet in Christ, there is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. If you know Jesus, if you ever confess Him into your life: you will be at peace and fear nothing about nuclear war be it NATO vs Russia or continent vs continent. Jesus said, I Am come that you may have life, and have it to the full; in other words, your life will be transformed into the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and you will experience peace from within.

    I see great revivals: I see miracles taking place around the world, I see nations of people
    discovering Christ; people of all background and designations, I see leaders, governors, Prime ministers, Presidents, rich and poor all turning to God. oh boy! I hear great songs of salvation echoing in every nook and cranny of this Blessed be the name of the Lord God Almighty!

  308. I didn’t bother reading the entire article, but all this saber rattling is not a smart idea. I think our leaders should be fighting for war, not asking for one.

  309. Unfortunately we have mad idiots as our leaders. Everything could happened. Although Americans are against any new war, but they could be easily fooled, as G. Bush did with Iraq, that we don’t have any other choice, but to bomb Russia.

  310. you have forgotten the mess in crimea very quickly. he is also meddling in ukraine and trying to destabilize the balkans and parts of scandinavia

  311. Putin has done nothing wrong, it is the gutless cowardly chit for brains the failed US who is afraid of losing it farcical superiority which is bullchit as it has never existed.The only war the US has ever one was by the cowardly act of nuking Japan because Japan was kicking US arse that’s why the US won the war the gutless way, and to top it off, because they were getting their sorry arces kicked in Vietnam, they were going to nuke Vietnam,what a sorry pathetic wimpish nation the US is,and as for NATO, a troop of boy scouts would destroy the gay boys of NATO.The US is a nothing nation always was always will be NUKE the world good for humanity…As Carl Sagan said “there will never be another human”

  312. You are kidding right Russia has no debt large oil supply new and modernized military.
    They are not a communist.
    It is sad to say but our country has supported terrorists.
    Our country has been the aggressor first in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq,Afghanistan.
    Now in Syria 500 million to train 10 terrorists now 100 million more to fund them.
    They are the cause of the millions of refugees and illegals flooding so many boarders.
    They put 50 of our troops in Syria to be shields for the terrorists that Russia was kicking there butts out of Syria.

  313. Is this writer that stupid? US armed forces have always had “contingency” plans to go to war with almost everybody! (Including with or without our “allies” . . . ) And we have always known that an all out or even limited nuclear exchange would be catastrophic for this planet, let alone our civilization. So why does this author think this is news? This is all SOP.
    Apparently from her bona fides, she has spent too much of her time working on the wrong side of the rusty curtain. Though I will admit that from what some of the “chicken hawks” are saying here in the US, and with the memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki quickly fading, it wouldn’t take too much stupidity from either side to think that they might just be able to get away with something.

  314. 4,000 troops over a few countries is nothing. In WW2, divisions were hundreds of thousands of troops and armored units. That’s an army. 4,000 troops is a barely a statement at all.

  315. Well…you may SPECULATE, but remember, you and I (now over 65 years of age), were not even born in 1945 when that WWII ended! My father (now deceased at 91 years of age), never told me some things interested from that ugly war. I had to “learn” all these facts from our history manuals in our General school education. However the history is persuasive in that regard, namely, that the communism-dictatorship was clearly a Russian-driven dictatorship enforced from Kremlin–not Prague, Bucharest, Kiev or Budapest or DDR!!! So now in 2015, we see again, the Russian-driven dictatorship manifesting in forms we did not suspect decades ago during the cold war! And finally, your statement about “Red Army” is of no historical significance, because all Eastern European nations JOINED the Red Army to drive the Nazi regiments from their land…but only the Red Army gets the “credit” for such a historical bravado! It’s like saying about the “Allied Forces”–the Americans beat the daylights out of German nazi armies…yet the Allied Forces comprised many nations! And the credit is divided correctly in this case–yet in the case of the “Red Army” a heavy bias still hangs over the “allied forces” who joined the Red Army who played a decisive role in the obliteration of the invading German armies in Eastern Europe!

  316. Your doubt and two bucks will buy you a cheap cup of coffee. Whenever you are obviously wrong and have nothing intelligent to say, you fall back on the stupid “You’re no American because ALL Americans agree with me” cr@p.
    Rather than the lame cr@ppola, just tell us when Russia has threatened us, or NATO or the EU. Or, just compare the number of countries Russia has invaded in the last 20 years with the number we have invaded, attacked or obliterated. (Hint: Our count is 15 countries invaded and destroyed, or attacked with drones, cruise missiles, air strikes and special forces teams).

  317. “On The Beach” is a fiction that was made into a movie. Are you also waiting for the Terminator machines to start arriving from the future?

  318. Let me rephrase that. NATO will end humanity in its vain attempt to be the only political power. It is quite obvious from the last 25 years that Russia is now defending itself against the world’s worst kind of people.

  319. NATO v Russia. The US has no support back home. Half the nation will be attempting to remove the traitors who have committed so many war crimes in our name.

    The other two powers will most likely end humanity in their vain quest to be the only political power on the planet.

    Then we hunt for their bunkers.

    Then we can be human again.

  320. This is a no brainer. The US & Russia have a combined total of over 16,000 nuclear
    warheads. Russia or the US could simply detonate around 3000 warheads
    anywhere (a desert, Siberia) and render the planet uninhabitable due to
    the years of nuclear winter and lethal radioactive fallout that would
    ensue. Add to that dozens of Chernobyl-style meltdowns from
    damaged/improperly maintained nuclear reactors and it gets even messier.
    Plus, keep in mind that the US & Russia each have subs capable of
    carrying anywhere from 200-288 nuclear warheads each, which they can
    launch at a distance of over 6000 miles to their targets (no need to
    park at the target’s shoreline). Any notion of some kind of post-apocalyptic Fallout game or “prepper” survival lifestyle after a real nuclear war, in this day and age, is pure
    fantasy. Every nation on Earth will lose.

  321. Forgiveness doesn’t work with the Globalist elite they want us dead. Nobody believes the NWO agenda because the indoctrinated have been taught by their ever loving Gov. that’s it’s all a conspiracy. Too bad so sad. Reality is this plan for the US has all been engineered.

  322. I hope our leaders are smart enough to know that the American people insist

    they be on the front lines.
    No more leading from the rear or from a bunker.
    Drop our leaders on them that will destroy there economy.

  323. There is a time for everything, even war, as long as you aren’t the aggressor. The Allied nations were not evil for opposing Germany, Japan and Italy in WW2. The trick is knowing when to fight and when to turn the other cheek. I would fight to protect my family and friends, because evil is real, and sometimes it must be opposed.

  324. if humans and our leaders are so damn stupid to threaten the end of human life on this planet may God bless us all and ask for forgiveness today for tomo we all could be history….sick world we live in to have this threat over our headfs literally!! great job Obama u nitwit and Putin is the anti Christ!!

  325. Don’t bet on humanity surviving. Read a book titled On the Beach written about 50 years ago about us all dying slowly after WWIII.

  326. If Putin is a lunatic leader then your insinuation Ms. Writer may come true but Putin in analysis at my vantage point isn’t so he’ll back down sans losing face via employing the squid tactic as did by his predecessors in the cold war

  327. And when the nuclear apocalypses comes, those who might be left alive, although I feel none will be left alive, and if they happen to be from NATO countries, Europe or America, the remnants are going to blame it on Putin. Not on the actual instigators, but Putin.
    I wonder when America will be ready to call a spade a spade? Although, I don’t think the inevitable will be happening anytime soon, for congress is stupid, real stupid, but until and if they can all go into a bunker that can protect them from the inevitable radiation, and blast, they won’t allow a president to be that stupid. If their commercial sponsors and if, a big if, they come out alive, who is going to give them millions to continue living la vida loca?
    I’m sure, hell will freeze over first. If America is having 2nd thoughts about challenging China in the South seas, who could be this stupid and crazy with the guys-get a load of this-that annihilated the Nazis?
    Remember, the Nazis then used to think that Russia was no match for them, and look it here, even the word Nazi is illegal in the mother lode of Nazism.
    We better don’t put all our eggs in one basket thinking how easy would be to “defeat” Russia. Stop this mad, mad, mad world, I want to get off.

  328. NATO – Russia war with nukes would be a disaster for all. Yet 4,000 US troops in the Baltics against 400,000 Russian troops and thousands of Russian tanks, armor-vehicles and artillery are hardly a deterrent if Putin decides to invade.

  329. Obviously Russia is fighting an UNOFFICIAL war, by sending masked “combatants” without the Russian flag to do the fighting. If that’s the way they want it, then NATO should play it that way, i.e. fight an UNOFFICIAL war with them. You can’t play by the rules with countries that don’t play by the rules. vote Trump!

  330. The less you talk the better. You have exposed your ignorant with the lengthy jargons you just vomited. Ignorant is really a disease. Please try to visit some libraries for an antidote.

  331. Yes, we 200 millions of human beings were oppressed behind the Russian-driven communism-dictatorship Iron Curtain for more than 40 years! No LIBERTY and No Sovereignty, and No personal freedoms, as we have them now in Eastern Europe liberated nations of Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Chehia, Slovakia, DDR, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and others! Thousands and thousands of us have been thrown in Russian-driven communist dictatorship forced-labor camps, beaten, grossly mistreated and abused, and many killed! We do NOT WANT again another Russian-driven dictatorship invading our dear free nations! That’s why we are glad that America and NATO are with us to protect us from lustful Russian-driven dictatorship and national oppression!

  332. YOU ARE SPEAKING VERY CLEARLY AND AUTHORITATIVELY!!!! Yes, we 200 millions of human beings were oppressed behind the Russian-driven communism-dictatorship Iron Curtain for more than 40 years! No LIBERTY and No Sovereignty, and No personal freedoms, as we have them now in Eastern Europe liberated nations of Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Chehia, Slovakia, DDR, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and others! Thousands and thousands of us have been thrown in Russian-driven communist dictatorship forced-labor camps, beaten, grossly mistreated and abused, and many killed! We do NOT WANT again another Russian-driven dictatorship invading our dear free nations! That’s why we are glad that America and NATO are with us to protect us from lustful Russian-driven dictatorship and national oppression!

  333. NOOOOPE! Another ignorant fool. Man, both our countries could set off our entire nuclear arsenal, all at once even and not end humanity. It would not be pretty for a few decades and a whole lot of people would die, but that would not end humanity.

    Fun fact, during the cold war, both Russia and our country(the U.S.) set off combined, almost TWO THOUSAND nuclear bombs. We are still here, yeah? Yeah. Just saying.

  334. I unfortunately agree that it’s the perfect storm. But I think the only hope is with Trump or Rand Paul who have been less confrontational in their statements about Russia than Hillary or even Sanders, and they will be harder to push into war by ideologues. Hillary has called Putin “Hitler” and she will badly miscalculate, trying to prove she is strong. If she’s elected, we’re really in trouble.

  335. You idiot, 2 to 3 million? That is nothing. The world would replenish 2 or 3 million people in less than a year. To make any kind of significant impact 4 or 5 BILLION people have to die.

    Fun fact, the human population of our planet has more than DOUBLED since world war II.

    You are not even in line with the conspiracy theorists. You are just ignorant.

  336. That will be never. Russia has never once threatened the US, NOT ONCE! The only thing they have done that is “provocative” is to refuse to take orders from us. We do all the poking, accusing and threatening.

  337. Yeah, if there is war between us and Russia, we are to blame. To put soldiers and weapons platforms on another country’s border?! That is insane, why would we do that? We are clearly the aggressors here, Russia in Syria, at the request of the legitimate government there, is doing what the legitimate government is asking of them, what is our stake in Syria? I will answer that, we don;t have a stake in Syria, we are just there to make everyone mad, to stir the pot and apparently to start a war with Russia.

    If we go to war with Russia, I am not going to fight. Period. I will not fight any kind of war that we ourselves provoked. That is just stupid. If we were to do it in defense, I would be all about fighting. But we are obviously picking this fight. We are the bad guys essentially. And I refuse to be the bad guy because the bad guys always lose. The bad guys always lose because nobody ever wants to throw their life away for the bad guy.

    Screw our government, screw our defense department, screw them all and screw the “defense” contractors. Oh yeah, and screw anyone who cannot tell that they are getting screwed, screw you because you did not see it coming and did not protest.

  338. Don’t see us being stupid? We got 1.5 million people killed in the wars we started in Afghanistan and Iraq, killed 4000 civilians in Pakistan with drone strikes, destroyed two governments that were holding back ISIS, created total chaos in the middle east and armed every terrorist who would promise to kiss American butt. How much more stupid could we be?
    We don’t annex other countries. Our pattern is to destroy the country, wreck the economy, kill a BUNCH of people and install a stooge leader who will take orders from us. Most recently we have done this in Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine. I don’t think the citizens are really grateful that we only destroyed and dominated their countries and didn’t actually annex them.

  339. Every man using weapons are cowards,full of fear and hate those are evildoers.. long live for those who does not participate in wars and love peace .. God promises protection for peacemakers,destruction for troublemakers ..
    Invisible force is commanding with intelligence ..with so many worthless wars in the back, billions of deaths. Man still does nt realize that this is a waste of time.people outhere be smart dont fight for land,or money life is so short to be doing stupid things .goverments instead of using civilian money to produce weapon of massive destruction ,it should be used. To feed humanity ,russia,british,usa,china instead of bombing with explosive ,use yourships and planes to share your trwasureswith those who need it..instead of createa NATO armed. Create and army to defeat starvation. that will be the smartest thing men can do.but today leader s has less brain than a mosquito and less corage than a rat…thats why world is in trouble.

  340. People its the perfect storm ah brewing ! The only thing missing is the next US president who will be a republican and when that happens we will have the next world war. Count on it!

  341. I doubt that you are an intelligent American. Rather than blather, just show us where Putin has actually threatened us, or compare the number of counties that Putin has attacked in the last 20 years to the number we have attacked. Come up with something better than the lame “You’re no American because you don’t agree with me.”

  342. lol rw and his beard!!!1
    No, not the one on your face!!!

    rw93003- we could use less peckerwood dna… so please excuse yourself contributing to the genepool :)

  343. lol rodger….
    What is this “we” you talk about…
    I really doubt you are American, especially when considering all your lame talking points

  344. Have you forgotten who our great leader is,,it is Obama,,the day late dollar short leader a weal leader at that. Steve your post was good,but,at the wrong time,we have to wait till we get a good strong American leader in the White House and Congress! And it is not Obama,Clinton,Kerry Sander Bush, and way great post really!!

  345. But remember that the image of just who the USA is has changed as we allow ourselves to be over ran with illegal imigrants etc.

  346. America will Elect Donald Trump as our next President, one that leads, and does not push the Donkey Cart as the last 2 Presidents…….


  348. Did it Russia invaded: Vietnam, Combodia, Panama, Grenada, Iraq, Iran, Lybia, Syria and on and on?
    Did it? The real threat to the world peace is NATO.

  349. Not true….in recent polls the the majority of people in Sweden are in favor of joining NATO just as all of her neighbors have.Finland is fearful of another Russian reprisal if they join ….no country has been abused by Russia more then this honerable nation.They have lost there best lands and thousands of their young men because of Russian aggression ,something that many are still around to remember.

  350. This will be the last war for all of the earth, One nuke will contaminate over time everything. Once a nuke hits, then planet earth is on a timer to the end.

  351. Apparently no sane analysts were available so V W turned to the available supply of lunatic analysts for this piece. 4000 troops are nothing more than a statement to Russia not to invade any NATO country, not any preclude to any aggression by NATO. And just who has been the aggressor, repeatedly, of late? Did Sweden send any subs into Russian waters? No, but Russia has sent subs into Swedish waters. And who has crossed into another country’s airspace– a NATO member into Russia’s or the opposite. Russian warplanes have crossed into Turkish space. Which country has been aggressively approaching other’s airspace? Russia, sending warplanes close to Alaska & the UK.

    Russia is the aggressor. It is not only right that NATO send troops near the Russian border to send a clear message, but it would be a foolish dereliction of duty not to.

  352. I call B.S. Finland and Sweden are operating jointly because they do NOT want to join NATO, in fact the people of both democratic nations OVERWHELMINGLY oppose joining NATO at this time. That doesn’t mean they are appreciative of Russian mischief in their territorial areas, but if Sweden and Finland Do decide to join NATO, it will be because of continued provocations because of Russia’s interest in the Arctic. You are quite the Russian mouthpiece, Paulina!

  353. The Russian Government may be in the throws of the end game for them. Their economy is bleak, they have escalated the oppression of their people, they are thrashing about attacking neighbors and overreaching further. The 2nd attempt to dump communism is approaching.

  354. The article of course paints a picture that Russia is being unfairly treated and the USA is the evil empire.How predictable and how false.This article might just as well have been written by the state funded propaganda from the soviet era.Never mind that Russia is the country guilty of naked aggression ,invading the peacefull people of Ukraine and killing all that stood in its way.Never mind that non of russia’s neighboorhoods trust Russia ,thats why they have all joined NATO.Russia has made her bed by being such a brutal pig to so many for so long.So spare me your pathetic lies.If a war must come then it must come,we here in the USA are not going to coward from Putin’s threats.All one has to do to find out the truth is travel to eastern europe and talk with those that lived through Russian tyrany for decades…..that is why they all have joined Nato .

  355. Yeah everything was great till Putin started stalking Russia’s old girlfriends….. invading sovereign countries and annexing them…… threatening neighboring countries with nukes…… saber rattling by flying nuclear capable bombers along the US coastline…. taking away industries in Russia from those who earned them and gives them to friends and allies….. squanders the Russian peoples resources on inferior military equipment that is only suitable for taking out herds of cows in Iran…. threatening other world leaders with his menacing dogs…. and single handedly both ruins the Russian economy and alienates 95% of the other countries on the planet….. If Putin is such an impudent, paranoid, coward that he cowers at 4000 troops on his border I guess that goes along with the rest of his irrational behavior. No wonder Russian’s are emigrating to Europe and the United States by the millions. Who could live under the leadership of a man with so much power but so little intelligence or integrity?

  356. Peace is better, but if NATO conducted a preempted strike, full resources, Russia would be nearly neutralized in less than an hour. It’s the countries up close to the border that will feel any Russian response. Then what do you do with them, it would be the iraq anarchy on steroids.

  357. this is good/ beautiful news! The US will wipe out China and Russia and rebuild from scratch and make it one nation on Earth. Plus, the Earth needs a break from humans wreak havoc (ing) it. We will rule after math!

  358. #1 ISIS was not specifically created by the US. It arose in the wake of the weak Iraqi military after the Iraq War. And it arose in Syria as a result of the chaos of their civil war. And you can blame the rise of ISIS in Iraq on Bush.

    #2 Leftists starting wars. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    #3 Russia annexed Ukraine. To my knowledge no other nation has done this since WWII.

    #4 Our federal deficit is mostly spent on healthcare (taking care of our seniors) and defense. We don’t spend much on anything else. I, like you, would welcome our commitment to slashing defense spending in half.

  359. it is for the best of both countries to work together and build a peaceful and loving world. war will not benefit any particular country. US and Russia will not ever go to a direct war. they will always fight the proxy war. the US-Rassia conflict will benefit china and the chinese will role the world in the next half of the century

  360. We live in the world we créate ourselves, so if we will live in peace or at war depends solely on us. Yes, I live in lala land (You must be living in HELL). In the lala land you do not judge other human beings, especially those who live on other continentes you’ve never been too, do not know their culture religion, do not speak their langauge

  361. 4000 US troops in Estonia and Latvia isn’t going to be enough to make a strong offensive into Russia. They are there specifically for defensive purposes. And I’m no fan of US hegemony. But let’s be fair. Russia is the nation going around redrawing borders with its neighbors. We haven’t seen anything like it since WWII. They are the nation that was admittedly willing to use nukes over Crimea. The game will be trying to arrange Putin’s successor in the background and make sure that when we go to assassinate Putin that we don’t miss. Because if Putin is willing to fire nukes over Crimea then perhaps he’d be willing to go out in a ball of fire.

  362. what foolish person. Islam is the second biggest religion in the world it is also 1/3 of world population. how can you put an end to such a religion

  363. The U.S. are the provocateurs here. Toppling regimes in the Middle East to spread our own brand of pretend-pseudo-democracy, in which case every deposed leader of each legitimate and sovereign country we remove leaves a power vacuum only to be filled by extremists who WORSEN the conditions on the indigenous prior than prior to our interference. Funny how the leftists criticize the wars in iraq but fall mute when their “dear leader” engages in regime replacement in places like Syria. The U.S. is the problem here, not Russia. Russia has only 2 external military posts in old ex-soviet satellite countries. The U.S. has military bases spread all over the globe. This is why were 18 trillion in debt. this is why the debt level must be perpetually raised, so that the world does not catch on to our waning influence and we can keep the ruse of world superpower going a little longer on the “American Taxpayer Creditcard.” the only way the U.S. can continue to exert the image of global power and domination is to continue to have congress raise the borrowing limit on its credit card. I am surprised that the U.N. has not put the U.S. in its place, but it does appear that at the las U.N. meeting that they seem to be more supportive of Russia’s role in removing from Syria the American backed and funded ISIS extremists, and less supportive of the U.S.’ meddling in the middle east. I, for one, am doing my part by keeping my tax burden at zero so that I do not contribute to this corrupt, impostor, apostate government, so that I am not complicit in its war crimes.

  364. unlike russia the us cant win an unpopular war, the only reason we even beat iraq and afgan was because the war was won before the public lost interest. if war does break out it will be the cause of russia being provocative and threatening.

  365. Those 4000 troops are a trip wire and nothing more. The only threat they are to Russia is it would drag Russia directly into a full out shooting war with NATO should they cross over into of those countries in force and is large enough to neutralize any little green man overthrow attempt of those governments.

  366. What reason do you have to say Russia wants a war? Do you have some secret contact in the Kremlin that we don’t know about?
    They have never, ever, threatened the US, the EU or any NATO country. They have never threatened a nuclear war under any circumstances. Why in the world would they start a war?
    We might start one because we have become an insane power mad country, but Russia doesn’t threaten anyone except middle eastern terrorists.

  367. Exactly, those 4000 troops are a trip wire. The only threat they are to Russia is it would drag Russia directly into war with NATO should they cross over into of those countries in force and is large enough to neutralize any little green man overthrow of those governments.

  368. “Polina holds a Master’s Degree in English Philology from the University
    of Oxford and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the Saint
    Petersburg State University.
    Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers,
    magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe.

    Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.”

    Besides she is very hot. I have a number of Russians living in our community and the young women are all hot.

    Just adding my well nuanced comment.

  369. If there is a war, and that is doubtful, it will because the US started it. We have become a power drunk bully that can’t stand anyone who won’t bend a knee to us. Russia has NEVER made any threats against the US, NATO, or the EU and has no reason to do so, but we can’t abide that they won’t take our orders in Syria and the Middle East.

  370. I’m guessing USA and 36 super power allies are evil too? ,

    Hmmm.. But Russia steals Crimea! Hmmm.. invades estern Ukraine killing 8000 people! Hmmm.. Brings dowm flight MH17 killing 300 pasangers! Hmmm…China builds fake man made islands in the middle of the south China Sea and Proclaims Sovereignty! Hmmm… Iran evil Empire wanting to build an atomic bomb main purposed destroy Israel… who’s Evil?

    People get your heads out off your Asses wake up and smell the coffee…. punks!

  371. “they will come up and into the sun,” NOPE. Search on the Russian doomsday weapon. It is ?number of cobalt-clad fusion bombs. They have been very public about it and the deadman trigger that will set it off. Nothing left alive in 7 years.

  372. comrad vlad needs to be countered. he is too much like hitler in my view so we all might as well stop him now. there isnt a good choice here so it seems to me.

  373. Probably older than you, nevertheless, Russia has a leader that won’t back down and not anything like Kruchev. Apples and Oranges

  374. You’re mistaken on the quality of Russian missiles. That has been the primary source of arms buildup in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, and then the missiles and warheads were very powerful. Don’t mistake the quality of a lot of their technology dumped on the Russian people that is built there – those missiles are a devastating force.

  375. This confrontation with Russia is Aimed at China… America / Nato have to cut off their most important Allie… Then China will see that it must bow to America just like the English… French… Germans… Japs…. The Great Jews of the World will for the first time be aligned…

  376. War Mongering Republicans ? ? ? Thanks for the low-information voter perspective. Indian Wars = Jackson (D), Mexican War = Polk (D), Civil War = Jefferson Davis (D), WW1 = Wilson (D), WW2 = FDR (D), Korean War = Truman (D), Vietnam = JFK (D)/Johnson (D). Operation Desert Fox (first attack against Saddam over WMDs–1998) = Clinton (D), Current Mideast Disaster = Obama (D)

  377. Why should the African black tribes suffer and cease to exists because of the sheer stupidity of NATO the West and the East. We all originated in Africa, whether European, American, Asian, whether Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Africa is the cradle of civilization and no empty brain male bureaucrat or general in Brussels, London or Moscow has a right to destroy it. Throw those rascals from office and replace them with sensible and peace loving intellectuals and real human beings.

  378. Well I tried to respond but apearently Valuewalk didn’t like my comment. Which is interesting because I didn’t use any bad language. I didn’t make any threats whatsoever. Just stated my opinions. Sad times when we can even speak our minds and everyone is being monitored. I thought this was a democratic society and we had freedom of speech.(sarcasm)

  379. It’s in our DNA to win. And it’s in our DNA to win over there instead of over here. There are exceptions of course, there is a growing population of loser DNA in this country.

  380. Good, I look forward to living in a Mad Max-like world. It would be a hell of a lot more exciting than the same boring daily grind we live in now.

  381. don’t worry, we will enjoy taking out Putin and China! we’re still the big bully! we love to bomb people, it’s in our DNA!

  382. You say Russia doesn’t care about ISIS however they took out some of their command centers so I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one. And why is the US in Syria anyhow? Who are we to overthrow Assad? When did America become God and the police of the world? We have no right to be in Syria just like we had no right to invade Iraq or overthrow Gadaffi. One has to ask what are the real reasons why the US are taking out countries in the Middle East. You need to go back and read PNAC’s “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” which was published in 00′. It clearly lays out the plans to take out certain countries(all of which btw we have been at war with other then Iran) in the Middle East. Plain and simple, the US wants their oil and any other profitable resource they may have including afghan’s poppy fields. It’s not a coincidence that since the US invaded Afghan(which produces over 90% of the worlds heroin), heroin use in America has sky rocketed. Not to mention it’s much cheaper now then it was before the invasion.
    My community alone(which isn’t very big) have lost close to 15 people to heroin in the last year and a half.

    Even better yet, read “Confessions Of A Economic Hit Man” and you will know that the US has a long history of overthrowing leaders for personal gain.
    This is nothing new for the US.
    The rest of the world is getting tired of America being the bullies of the world. We need to get the hell out of Syria and the Middle East entirely. Unfortunately the blowback that’s been created since the US has been in the Middle East is unimaginable. Scary

  383. While USA and Russia are in war against each other, China will conquers the South Sea. Russia and USA will destroy everything they worked for.

  384. Actually Ken, you’re the typical dumb one. What country is and has been at war for well over a decade now? Who continues to declare war on countries? What country declared war on Iraq under false pretenses? That’s right, the US. These are war crimes by the very definition and the Bush admin should be held accountable.
    Ask yourself why is the US invading Russia? Because they’re fighting ISIS-the enemy( which the US ultimately created btw). Why are we backing syrian rebels instead of Russia? I mean ISIS is the enemy right? You’re the one that actually needs to get a clue. It’s amazing how many dumb Americans there are. Gullible, faux news watching morons.

  385. You must be a LOT younger than a child as I have seen this before and Russia and USA are too smart to self destroy each other. This threat has been going on since the 50’s

  386. This author Polina Tikhonova Must have missed the cold war and now is making guesses on what will happen. We have done this before and NOBODY wins in these wars they just stage themselfs for agressive responses but know it a losing battle and they end up only nipping each other.

  387. Rob, I’m afraid you got it all wrong. Who is starting a war with whom? Who are sending troops over to another country? That’s right, the US. Why is the US bringing troops into Russia’s borders? Because Russia is fighting ISIS(you know the enemy)? If anything, we should be backing Russia, not Syrian rebels. Not only that, how do you think ISIS was started? The US created them by backing them and sending them weapons. You need to get your facts straight and please for the love of God, stop watching/listening to mainstream media. It’s nothing more then a propagation machine put forth to manipulate your way of thinking.

  388. Russia doesn’t care about ISIS, they are there to insure Assad stays in power because that is their foothold into the middle East, they are killing the rebels who are trying to overthrow Assad, which by the way are our allies. Stupid allies, thinking that president shuck and jive would support and help defend them against Russia. Oh, wait, my mistake, shuck and jive is deploying 50, count them, 50 special forces operators to help out now, must be comforting to the family members of these soldiers to know that criminal in the white house is using them as cannon folder.

  389. Pentagon, NATO, Russia, and China you need realize there are more than
    human differences at stake. We humans are buying into nationalism, when
    we actually should be putting more effort into growing consciously. It
    is very sad that we focus on our differences, increasing risk for
    ourselves and other humans, and it could effect others beyond what we
    know. One problem is we have our scientist saying there is a possibility
    of other dimensions. CERN is currently readying to have some major
    testing of particles, and it has been stated they will be looking for
    gravitational leaks. Leaking into where you might ask? Other dimensions
    is where they are speaking of. Currently many scientist like the String
    Theory, which has ten or eleven dimensions to describe physical reality.
    It is not fully accepted, there are some problems with the theory.
    However there is a good possibility it is correct. Ok, we humans would
    be very upset if we were to have some disaster happen to a large group
    of people, like the twin towers, and nothing was done about it, like
    what happened in Afghanistan. This is the game we are playing with
    nuclear weapons, and the possibility of other dimensions. A nuclear bomb
    could very well effect other dimensions. The question arises is there
    life in other dimensions? We simply at this point do not know. So should
    we be maintaining nuclear weapons, and posturing, like many leaders are
    doing across the world, along with their military? We should look at
    ourselves, our behaviours, and start a change, moving away from such
    choices that effect us all, as humans, and possibly others in a very
    negative way. Ok, repeated offences by humans, would be taken care of
    rapidly, no questions asked. What if another advanced civilization has
    had enough?

    If the below offends you, please contact the Federal Bureau of
    investigation, or the California Highway Patrol, the CIA may be a
    possibility? I really would like to see who has the guts to be honest
    here. The photo mentioned below is very real, I am willing to take a
    polygraph as to the authenticity. However, some high level officials in
    our government are not honest IMO. If nothing is done about this I will
    keep posting here!

    The following is very true, it is not made up. I would have already been
    taken away if it were not true. Initially, I was harassed for a lot
    less than this by the Department of Homeland Security, who together with
    law enforcement have ruined my life. Now they do not know what to do.
    Please read completely, and look at the final link at the end of the
    next paragraph, which is safe, and you can contact me if you have
    questions. The other links are for reference and additional information.
    By the way, I have sent a message to the Department of Homeland
    Security, and they have not even checked me out, the message stated what
    I am stating here, and to get it to the top DHS official, his title is
    of no consequence to me. I do not really buy into titles, so another big
    red flag right? This photo mentioned below, and my negative comment
    posted on the CHP website have been there a while, no one has checked me
    out! Pretty insane is it not? Apparently they should be checking out
    individuals making these types of statements but it is not happening.
    So, are there some truths in what I am saying? Or, is it because they
    simply are not doing a good job? The reader really needs to think about

    Actually all militarism, and their corporate contractors, need to stop.
    We need to move on to a more peaceful existence. The United States
    government is far from the most powerful on Earth, maybe you can say
    they are the most powerful group of humans on Earth if we consider
    nationalism, then nation. The US government is not informing the
    citizens of the existence of extraterrestrials, well no government is,
    although it is very true. The Pentagon made some agreements with a group
    of extraterrestrials, before we were consciously ready. Other ETs have
    intervened, both of these facts are what the United States government
    does not want you to know. Do not stop here, this is very real. Check
    out the ETs on the California Highway Patrol helicopter. It has been
    posted for a while and they have not done anything with it, despite my
    disparaging remarks. They should have me evaluated, they will not.
    Although I do wish they take me to court for the harassment I received
    related to cutting entitlements to California law enforcement, which are
    exorbitant. I am not worried, as I am being protected, and they know
    it. There are people making contact with benevolent ETs all across the
    world it is very organized. There are many military whistle blowers
    coming out about some of it. Also, they will make these ETs the enemy,
    be on the watch for that, simply they did not get their way! What kind
    of ETs would allow a group of humans to keep them secret? I mean
    something like that should never be kept from the people. Would humans
    keep such a secret? You bet they would, which just shows where many are
    at consciously. And many humans believe and accept the government should
    do that, when it is actually all about us growing consciously, and not
    needing this type of over protective government, almost authoritarian
    and totalitarian. Regards the following, do you actually think I would
    post this if I were not being protected? Do you really think the CHP
    would allow this to remain on their site? Don’t you think they should
    have me evaluated, and taken away via the NDAA ruling? It will not
    happen. And if it were to happen, it would have already been done. Here
    is the link to the California Highway Patrol Google+ site look at the
    comment by “Saturn’s Moon Andromedia” which is mine.. :-) Peace and Love
    is what it is all about, not war dear Friends… :-) On the link just
    below, be sure to click on the link in the comment, which will take you
    the the photograph of the CHP helicopter.

    Paul Hellyer, Defence Minister of Canada, retired speaking on the ET subject:

    Here is a link to the witness testimonies:

    Here is a link to David Adair who has actually been in contact with an ET craft and still works in the space industry:

    Here is a link to Charles Hall and his extraterrestrial experiences while in the military:

    Steven Basset of Paradigm Research Group speaking on Obama and ETs:

    Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth – petition

  390. I am so tired of a few sociopaths dictating the future of our planet. These war hungry lunatics. Get these a@#holes out of command. I believe the US can’t stand Russia taking out ISIS because A, it makes the US look bad and B, it goes against their agenda which is to carry out these petty wars for as long possible. Simply Russia is getting in the way of US and they don’t like it. Russia takes out ISIS-US enemy(supposedly) and now the US wants to start war with Russia?? Anyone else see a problem here?

  391. The cold war’s duration was from the Korean War (1950)- 1989 (the tearing down of the Berlin wall. After 25 years of hiatus, till the annexation of the Crimea (2014), we are back to another “war” situation. Whether cold or warm or hot, it appears nobody can tell now.

  392. Yes, there won’t be Russia so does U.S.
    10 Nuclear bombs at every U.S capital cities will resolve this decades old sheet.
    Russia will be destroyed so does United States of America. There won’t be New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami. You know this to be accurate, that for centuries, Russian always take the fight to the enemies homeland. No one wins, perhaps bacteria would win .

  393. Yahoo loves to run these Polina Tikhonova articles because they get a Jerry Springer style reaction from the public. Yahoo has really turned into the National Enquirer of online media. No wonder they can’t keep up with Google.


    And the Sumerians still out there watching our demise….just waiting

    Therefore i have taken up drinking…even wine at night with cheese.. ..a little music from Llewellyn ( Sexual Tranquility ) get the 4 girls here in the mood…yes i having fun here in Thailand before dooms day…Spreading my wings…..Yahoo


    And the Sumerians still out there watching our demise….just waiting

    Therefore i have taken up drinking…even wine at night with cheese.. ..a little music from Llewellyn ( Sexual Tranquility ) get the 4 girls here in the mood…yes i having fun here in Thailand before dooms day…Spreading my wings…..Yahooooooooooooooooo!

  396. False, underlining threats you have no idea what goes behind closed doors. The Russian aggression long ago, provokes our Nation, America to aggressively protect under NATO, it’s boarders. We don’t need to actively protect ours from Hispanics, they are actually welcome.

    Russia then response to Provoke Ukraine and Crimea, under an old law, and any Nation that provokes another Nation will surely FALL.

    Thou Shall not Kill Law….if you study, not just read….
    You have a RIGHT TO KILL two ways.
    Capital Punishment
    When One Nation PROVOKES another Nation to do so.

    America tries to help another country, to see a better way, it is that country the gets pissed off and then provokes their mouths to spew war. Japan Lost. Germany Lost, Provokers. We did not win Iraq….we Provoked in false ways under BUSH lies.

  397. No. It won’t be the end of the human race. No one is so stupid to launch their nukes, as everybody knows that in the end it is the same as shooting oneself.

  398. Would you do the shooting? Unless capital punishment, or a Provoked nation, you have no right to kill, so I ask you now….will YOU do the shooting?

  399. False, you will be lucky to be burnt up…..not even a tree to lite a fire will exists, when they come out, there is nothing to build with, or to mine. That much radiation will last well over 50 years, and the preps only have food for 10/15 years.
    When the nuke falls, let it turn you to dust, you won’t even know the pain.

  400. If the world’s leaders survive a nuclear war they will come out of their caves to much like the one I saw on Adak ALaska only no supply ships for them. How sweet for the idiots

  401. There is no reason for ww3. Assad is a good guy, Ukraine’s mess was created by the Ukrainians themselves. China are good guys too – leave them alone. Forget about N Korea and Cuba. Let them all fix their own problems by themselves. Stop dreaming about RULING THE WORLD. Rule your own country. Move on. Problem solved. And do not vote for idiots.

  402. Russia with Putin has lost all reason at the helm – he is guiding Russia to war with the West, probably betting on China’s alliance. It’s not the people of Russia or the citizens of any nation, but the shaky old men and women who will cause the next war as were all wars in the past. Wise up!

  403. Do you actually listen to yourself?
    U.S is the sources of all evils around the globe, believe that.
    Preaching Democracy with Sword is the same as preaching Religion , U.S is wrong so many ways.

  404. Every citizen of every nation better realize that the ones who start WWIII will also be the ones to survive. The leaders of all nations will be deep underground with years of stores, second to non medical facilities at the ready, SEALS, Rangers or whatever their country produces protecting them, and of course, their families probably including the dog. When the dust settles and the radiation levels from the fallout drops to safe levels they will come up and into the sun, and see what they have done, while the rest of us are dead, almost dead or starving and living under horrifically, brutal conditions. The people in America better get ready, this war will be fought on this soil, and our cities will look like bombed out London, or more recently, the cities of Syria.

  405. There is but one element to this entire problem and it is not the U.S. or NATO. The Russian people need to remove their heads from their asses and rid themselves of Putin and his like minded regime. No one in public office in Russia has ever accumulated the amount of wealth that he has and there is only one way he attained that wealth. That is through pilfering from the Russian Oil and Gas Industry and turning himself into a billionaire one hundred times over. If a head of State can steal from his own country and invade other sovereign countries at will, then what kind of International statesman is he? If a war is ignited in the region it will be Putin’s doing. His “History” speaks for itself. The idea that he is bringing back a proud and powerful Russia to the Russian People is the “Tail wagging the Dog.” Putin would keep a team of Psychiatrists busy for months. The Russian People really need to see where Rasputin is dragging them and it isn’t to a new and vibrant Russia. He is dragging them into the abyss………………

  406. Putin is evil. He wants a war with the USA. Unfortunately we cannot ignore him and we must stand up for ourselves and the world. He has no worries bout committing suicide and will take the world and all humans with him.

  407. How does U.S government think about 10,000 Russian Nuclear weapons? Crap old piece of junks? That Russian missiles can’t even leave Russian territory? That Russia won’t be able to retaliate and hit U.S soil ?
    Think again!

  408. 4000 troops total.. distributed among several countries.. is not an invasion force. Russia has actually invaded Ukraine and it has attacked troops backed by the US. Russia has stationed large numbers of troops at Ukraine’s border. Russia has been flying long range bombers close to the borders of the US and its allies in an increasingly aggressive manner. The addition of 4K troops by the US is purely a defensive measure against Russia’s expansionist behavior.

  409. If I remember correctly, Russia was on Hitler’s side during the war but then Hitler turned on him. If they would have remained allies they could have taken over the world. Russia lost so many because they gambled on the NAZIs being their friends…..and lost.

  410. Knowledge is power. Ignorance leads to fanaticism. Americans don’t have the most basic knowledge about history and as such they are in danger of being easily bamboozled into following some fool in a war with Russia, just as they did in Vietnam and Iraq.

  411. EVERY politician that is behind this foolishness should be shot! Since a war with Russia or China will result in the deployment of nuclear weapons, the end result as portrayed in the movie “War Games”, will be books that will be called bibles in some future where the descendents of any survivor’s try to explain their origins.

  412. We all reap what we sow . Thank you MR Midget . Nuclear war is what you have been threating for 2 yrs now , Looks like you may get what you want ..We’ll see if your still popular when the missiles start flying .

  413. Perfectly stated. We were all allies in the past, and can behave the same now. Islam is the threat to all of us.
    Lets put an end to Islam as we know it, and then move ahead with the civilized world. Together.

  414. America, Russia, Nato, and the rest of the civilized world need to stop their cold war era squabbling, and flicking buggers at each other. They all need to band together, and put an end to Islam as we all know it today, which is the real threat to the civilized world.

  415. What BS. Crimea wasn’t “taken” by Russia, it declared independence and ASKED to be annexed. This is the ONLY example of Russia (and China) “taking” anything. Nobody threatened nuclear war, but if the West *starts* a war thinking to win it conventionally, then it will go nuclear and from that point on till end of civilization is a matter of a single hour.

  416. Ignorant fools! Russia is part of the European civilization. Some of the greatest writers, scientists, poets, composers, inventors came out of Russia. Russia is not the enemy. islam is the real enemy. Russia has historically needed a buffer zone to protect itself from invaders from the East and from the West. Russia lost 40 million in WW II fighting invaders from the West. There is no need for war-mogering NATO, as there is no more a Warsaw Pact. We can deal with Russia as a friend and ally without trying to force her to be morphed into the so-called American democracy. Wise up!

  417. i hope warring nations will fight their war to some other planet hope they can move there and bomb each other until they disintegrate. Earth is too beautiful to destroy.

  418. There’s nothing like beginning your article with a picture of a mushroom cloud to get a bit of fear mongering happening.
    Why not direct your readers to the Bertie the Beatle nuclear threat advertisement on Youtube called “Duck and Cover”? Just don’t tell them it was produced in 1952.

  419. Jehovah’s WItnesses don’t spread doom and gloom. They only preach good news that soon God will remove all suffering and those who cause it and that this earth will be restored to a paradise in which all people will live in peace under a righteous government, the Kingdom of God, ruled by Jesus Christ.

  420. If u analyze the political & economic events it is Western Civilizations ( NATO & USA ) are responsible for military aggression of placing there troops in the Eastern Civilizations ( Russia , China, North Korea ), when they cannot patrol there own borders first.

    I think this looks like World War III ( Nuclear Armageddon ), very similar like the world events shaped prior to the World War II ( Atomic armageddon ) & World War I ( Conventional Armageddon ).

    Irrespective of all of it, I think there will be no life because of it , may be the perfect solution for the planet earth , very similar or the same happened to the civilizations on the solar systems @ Space wars ( For Ex : Mars , Saturn & Pluto ) for it’s own @ Trillions & Bilions of years ago for it’s life business .

  421. Nothing will happen at all if Putin and China stop taking parts of countries and international water that don’t belong to them. Still the only ones talking about using nuclear weapons is Russia, China, Iran, and NK. The West does not threaten nuclear attacks.
    So who is stoking the fires of war. Russia, Iran, China, and Nk “There is a little term called MAD” It stand for Mutually Assured Destruction No one wins in a nuclear War. So Russia, China, Iran, and NK stop threatening to push the button.

  422. Good! End Humanity! Humans are terrible people. We are nothing different then a virus. The earth is a cell and we are the Virus. Tech has changed over the past 10000 thousand years but humans have not.

  423. …. hey I said I’d get us out of Iraq , and ok we’re still in Afghanistan , but I never once said anything about WWIII !!! For once Obama said something like the truth !

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