Game of Drones: Which industry will claim the throne?

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You don’t have to be interested in drones to know that they are big business. Over the last few years the likes of Google, Apple and Walmart have all invested in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. In fact, just last week retail giant Amazon submitted patent plans for a drone that can recharge electric cars inflight, and earlier this year their plans for a ‘Drone Delivery Tower’ grabbed headlines. However, if you think the future of drones is just package delivery and hobbyist fun think again! UAV technology is making waves in almost every industry from transport and healthcare to security and entertainment.

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A new graphic from RS Components offers a peek into the future by revealing some of the most exciting UAV technology currently being developed in key sectors.

According to the graphic we can expect to be travelling in autonomous taxi drones, be rescued by drone lifeguards and have homes built by concrete excreting UAVs all in the near future. If these examples are anything to go by then it’s no surprise that the drone industry is predicted to boom into a $100bn market within the next few years. Although it won’t just be drone manufacturers financially benefitting from the technology. It’s predicted that the use of UAVs in Construction, Agriculture and Transport alone will be worth a combined $56.5 billion as drones streamline workforces and day-to-day activities.

Despite the corporate appeal of drones there’s far more to their future than making big bucks for business. In recent years UAV technology has proved to be a great tool for life-saving services and have been embraced by search & rescue organisations, fire services and police units around the world. To date drones have saved at least 59 people from life-threatening situations, a number that’s sure to rise as their use increases.

As well as saving lives and providing key services, drones of the future will also play a big role in entertainment. They’re already creeping onto our TV screens with racing events growing all over the world, and now gaming companies like Edgybees and tech giants like Epson are getting in on the action with augmented reality.  

Whether you like it or not  UAV technology seem set to become part of our daily lives, with one billion drones predicted to fill our skies by 2030. So if the thought of drone postmen and UAV taxis fill you with dread be warned, the drones are coming and there’s nowhere to hide!


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