TVMuse Has Become Inaccessible. Has It Been Quietly Shut Down?

TVMuse Has Become Inaccessible. Has It Been Quietly Shut Down?
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Popular TV and movie streaming services (the illegal ones) have been facing some kind of trouble in recent months. MovieBox has been shut down, and ShowBox was down for weeks due to legal troubles before staging a comeback last month. Now another media streaming service called TVMuse has become inaccessible, leaving hundreds of thousands of its users frustrated and disappointed.

What the heck happened to TVMuse?

Piunikaweb reported that users were unable to access as well as since last week. Both the sites were down as of this writing. The sites would make available movies and TV shows immediately after they aired. People behind TVMuse haven’t said anything about the outage, sparking speculations that the service might have been shut down quietly.

A large number of TVMuse users are already convinced that the service has been shut down, even though there is no word from the operators. It’s unclear why the service has been down for over a week. Did the operators run into financial troubles? Were they threatened with legal action unless they shut down? We don’t know for sure. The latter is more likely because content creators including Hollywood studios have been threatening platforms that don’t have the rights to the content they stream or distribute.

TVMuse is more than just a streaming platform. It’s a movie database, a forum, and a video search engine. Its official Facebook and Twitter accounts have been dormant for almost three years.

Even though the service is down, a contributor who used to post links on TVMuse has started posting new links on another web page. It doesn’t mean TVMuse has moved to a new website. It’s just that a single contributor is posting links on a different web page now that the official platform is down. The contributor has shared several dozens of links so far, and is seeking the help of other uploaders to build a bigger library of links.

Here are some TVMuse alternatives

Meanwhile, Piunikaweb has also been looking into the TVMuse alternatives. We have not tried any of them first hand. If you want, you can check them out at your own risk. One Twitter user said they have been using for show tracking and it has worked well. Another user recommended, which allows you to watch, track, and save TV shows.

Some former TVMuse users have switched to for commenting and scheduling. If you have tried any of the TVMuse alternatives out there, let us know your experience in the comments below. If you are looking for alternatives, you should know that some of them might be borderline illegal and using them could land you in legal trouble.

Services that distribute or stream content that they don’t own rights to have faced trouble in the past as well. Flixtor, another similar platform, was shut down in November soon after the operators updated its domain name servers. Another service that used to offer pirated games,, was recently killed. GoodOldDownloads, which also distributed pirated games, was closed due to the fear of legal actions. ShowBox was shut down, but it sprung back to life last month. It would be interesting to see how long it stays alive because ShowBox as well as its distributors could face legal action.

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