China Strengthens Stance On Trade With Xi’s UAE-Africa Trip

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Hi there. As U.S. President Donald Trump promotes a broad spectrum trade war and dealt a blow to globalization and the global governance system. Chinese President Xi Jinping stand with the emerging markets and developing nations to promote trade cooperation and multilateralism in the just concluded visits to the United Arab Emirates. And for African countries new impetus has been offered to China. Arab relations China-Africa ties and BRICS members. This also compels China to take a more positive role internationally. So how does seizing the tour contribute to strengthening global multilateral cooperation. Why are more regions welcoming China’s co-operative model. What is China’s new diplomatic philosophy in the context of the rise of unilateralism and protectionism.

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China Strengthens Stance On Globalization Through President Xi's UAE-Africa Trip


To discuss these issues and more and we're happy to be joined in the Beijing stew by suger who is the chairman of the China Pacific Economic Cooperation Council and what her regrew Maddigan director of the camel group we shall also speak to ravisher Bhatia a federation. Nadia Salah and George Mason University in New Delhi and Pavel Felgenhauer a defence analyst in Russia last Hakluyt. That's our topic.

This is dialogue and gallery before we start the discussion let's take a look at this China views the United Arab Emirates as a strategic partner in a revived the Silk Road initiative as a trade gateway. Seventy percent of China's exports to the Gulf Africa and East Asia go through the UAE.

She's visit both China and theU.S. East partnership to new heights. That being tied to a comprehensive strategic partnership presidency said the two sides should get an old round and order national energy cooperation magnetism deeper investment and financial cooperation and promote innovation together. He also urged a strengthening of security cooperation and fighting against all forms of terrorism. President Xi chose Africa as a destination for his first foreign visit though he was first elected Chinese president in 2013. And after his re-election this year Senegal was the first African country on Atlantic coast to sign up for the Belt and Road Initiative Beijing promised it to support the country in areas of development antiterrorism peacekeeping and maintaining social stability. Rwandan President Paul Kagari is currently the rotating chairman of African Union Xi's visit there was all about trade investment mutual cooperation and making contributions to security in Africa in South Africa she attended the tense BRIC summit in Johannesburg which opened up the second golden decade still BRICS cooperation. For during an opening colony and for upholding multilateralism. This year the BRICS summit also invited other emerging market economies and African nations to participate in the BRICS plus dialogue. Heads of state attending the talks defended free trade and the multilateral trading system. Chinese state Conflans foreign minister said the visit opens new prospects for South Saos cooperation and promotes the building of the community with a shared future for mankind.

Welcome to our discussion here gentlemen. This is a five nation tour by President Xi Jinping of both Middle East and Africa has been prolific successful conclusion obviously. But since the founding of the PRC back in 1949 it seems the image and our relationship with Africa have both been kept and they're not alive on the media. The Chinese government. I'd like to know first of all from Ambassador so what is the purpose of this visit that presidency. Do you think he has achieved what the Chinese government.

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